I ran across the following interesting story, in some other place. My comments are inline. Credit to the original author, who will remain anonymous for privacy reasons, at least for the moment.

Prior to marriage I had saved myself a virgin for 33 years out of respect for God and for my future wife.

Very few brothers, outside a monastery, can make such a statement with a straight face. Most men who say such stuff are doing so as an attempt at ego defense. Being untouchable for that length of time is generally due to a combination of factors, including the poor quality of wimminz around them, combined with the stratospheric expectations of such wimminz.

She had confessed to me, after I was in love with her, that she had rode the cock carousel fucking and sucking many cocks until she had “gotten saved” a couple years earlier.

Queue the old song: Jesus is just all right with me…

She cried and begged my forgiveness, saying how she “wished she had saved all that for me” and saying how truly regretful she was.

My (gone-not-forgotten) brother AfOR used to call this “wallet-seeking mode.” When a bitch sees her spending money drying up, she suddenly becomes incredibly sweet and submissive. Once she latches onto a man with those parasite claws, and gains access to his bank account, all that good behavior goes right down the toilet.

She deserved an Oscar, because she really had me convinced that she was a changed woman. I forgave her, and expected that none of that would ever come up again, because she had “repented” of it. (pretty foolish in hindsight)

Earl brought up an interesting phenomenon, worthy of its own separate article.

Skank-ho wimminz will always reveal their flaws. One has to be especially astute to pick up on such things, as they’re usually couched in plausible deniability: usually humor, but sometimes whiny pleas for forgiveness. Young brothers need to pay special attention to catch such admissions.

In the wimminz’ mind, these revelations absolve her not only of her past, but of treating you just as shabbily as all the men that came before. After all, you were given all the information up front, and you signed on to be her next meal-ticket, when you forgave her shortcomings.

I bet the original author of this story imagined that his whore of a wife would appreciate his love, and his ability to forgive. In reality, he marked himself as a chump, the minute he overlooked such stuff.

I also was very Alpha, and am hung like a pornstar, so I didn’t figure I should not be jealous, seeing how it is a near statistical improbability that she had ever met many, much less fucked a man of my off the charts abnormal phallic girth.(being this big isn’t always ideal FWIW) Anyhoo…

Men who are unmarried and sexually inexperienced at 33 are the opposite of “alpha,” by any objective measure. Your dick size is irrelevant, and only of interest to homosexuals and skank-ho wimminz, though given the place this was originally posted, it seems apropos.

About a week into our honeymoon, after having sex 3-4 times a day, my wife announces that her period has showed up, and that we will not be having sex for 10-14 days, until it is gone.

Given that female menstruation lasts only 3-4 days, I wonder what species of non-human animal this guy is married to.

I said, that’s cool, I’ve been wanting to get the first blowjob of my life. To which she responded, Well I’m not doing that. For me to do that as your wife, would be demeaning to me as a woman.

I’ve been flamed for this before, but in theory, I could be on the woman’s side here, had she put the matter a bit more reasonably.

Imagine you got married, as this guy did, as a man who was formerly completely untouchable. Now suppose on your wedding night, your new wife told you she expected you to suck her toes, or lick her smelly anus, or let her fuck you in the ass with a strap-on dildo. After all, that’s what really excites her…

Sex is where you put your dick in your woman’s cunt. There’s no requirement that your spouse get anal fissures or stretch-marks around her mouth, just because you want to get freaky. This other weird shit, that you people are into, is fine, but only if your partner approves.

I said, that’s not fair, what about all the other dudes you sucked? To which she responded that she respected them all more than me.(an intentional distancing behavior) I was just floored, insulted, suddenly I felt cucked by her newfound respect for all her past lovers, and felt trapped by my Christianity.

If it’s any consolation, she never had any respect for me or my friends, either. She’s just saying as much, to fuck with you. That aside, I did hit all her holes, multiple times, and I remember when your ho’ wife was down on her knees, breathlessly begging me to choke her with my abnormally small, ugly, pinky-sized peen.

Nietzsche said it was a slave’s religion, and given the behavior I see here, I’d say he wasn’t far off.

The proper response to such declarations is simple. You look at the bitch and say, with a totally flat affect:

“Cool. I’m already bored of fucking you, anway.”

At which point you hop in the car, and get the fuck out of the area. The next person you talk to is a qualified divorce attorney. If you’re lucky, you might get out cheaply because of the brevity of the whole affair, but don’t count on it.

Her, “I wish I had saved that all for you” was just an unrepentant lie. I’m still hesitant to share it even today. For many years I was even too ashamed to share that in counselling.

From all the horror stories I’ve heard, this is not as unusual as anyone imagines. Remember the old AfORism about wallet-seeking mode? A wimminz will do anything, say anything, play any role, to get access to your resources. Once that wealth is locked down, you become completely superfluous.

I submitted. I felt I had to, to preserve our marriage.

“Our marriage…” What a laugh!

I can remember her saying it, initially even with a bit of an evil smirk on her face. I didn’t feel it would be right to divorce her one week into our marriage, or even to threaten that, but in hindsight, What she did was godless and inexcusable, and I should have corrected her immediately.

This man made a huge mistake on that day, and he is still paying for it. Young brothers, you had best read and understand.

I tried to reason with her, but she knew she had me by my Christian balls. In hindsight I wish I had thrown the bitch and her suitcases out of the honeymoon suite. It would have been far better to have made her choose to respect me then and there, or to leave me then and there, than to be a cuck for the next 16 years, hoping and praying that she would change, taking her to pastor after pastor, trying to get a fucking cuck pastor to tell her to do right to no avail.(which we were going to often, as she was constantly bitching at me, and having online affairs ‘to console herself’)

Christianity is completely feminized, because Christian priests recognize and respect the status-quo. The wimminz controls the resources. You are merely a slave. He will always err on the side of the wimminz, because he wants the collection plate to be filled on Sunday morning.

Read up to “wallet-seeking mode” if you somehow missed the underlying lesson.

Try getting a Feminist pastor to tell your wife to suck your dick.

She doesn’t have to give you digestive-tract sex. She just has to be sweet, offer to let you fuck her stinking, bleeding hole if that’s what you really need to do, and make you breakfast.

I haven’t met one man-of-God-enough to say that to her yet. Fuck them all to Hell, those worthless hirelings! I’ll praise the holiness of God when those false teachers burn, sizzling like bacon, their smoke rising up eternally.

Where does your God say you get to sodomize your spouse during menstruation? Probably in the same verse He allows her to bang other men, while you’re on your business trip.

They all let that root of bitterness fester and grow never lifting a finger even after divorce, destroying my kids home, and instead they bashed me for wanting the same respect she showed other guys, something my wife claims might have made her unhaaaaaapy. In short I, perhaps wrongly, felt It was not Christian to do the things I should have done, to use the game techniques I should have used. And so I was a f**king church-cuck instead.

Seeking a scapegoat in your Christian priest is something a weak man would fall upon. You did this to yourself. Don’t forget it.

Now, I was still Alpha with other women, but, even there, I didn’t do that in front of my wife, and I probably should have. So I have been stuck in a situation where a lot of women have been interested in me, just not my wife.(Our sex life quickly slowed to a trickle, before she eventually cut that off entirely) And I believe if I was not as Alpha as I am, my situation would only have been worse.

More ego-defense. Keep telling yourself this. You’re well on your way to repeating all the same mistakes you made the first time, learning nothing in the process.

Her mom is much worse to her father, and they’re from an older generation, which makes that all the more shocking to me. That was Probably TMI. But, hopefully you can see that I didn’t practice what I now preach in my own marriage, and it has been truly without intimacy, just how my wife wants it, the entire time, until she decided to further punish me for becoming a cuck. She didn’t like what I let her turn me into. Foolish women will tear their own homes down with their own hands, I’ve seen that before. The church needs to stand up against that foolishness, not aid and abet them.

Blaming outside institutions is pathetic. It’s not the church’s job to demand respect from your wife — though they clearly do a better job than you did, given that she managed to get the church to support her while she made you a cuckold.

Why didn’t you address these issues before you put your own neck in the noose?

Whether this guy learns from his mistakes or not, it is incumbent upon every young man who stumbles in here to read and understand this scenario.

Today I am being divorce raped and stand falsely accused of being a Sex/Porn addict, and a danger to my kids which I consequently did not get to see this weekend. Exactly 8 months later I have still not had a day in court to even address the charges. Be thankful you’re on your own, some of you, without a government attached disrespectful soul-sucking leach. I briefly got to talk with my kids on monitored speakerphone tonight, but I was warned by my wife, before being allowed to talk to them, that my oldest son had been asking why he hadn’t seen me, and that if I told him anything, I would not get to talk to them or see them again. That’s my life today. I’ve still got a bunch of “sex addict” questionnaire to fill out and turn in tomorrow, before going to work so that my wife Who is off work for the summer form her part-time job, can afford to live in a sperate house with my kids and tell them “daddy doesn’t want to see you”, like she did the last time she ran off with them.

Your kids don’t belong to you. They never did. They belong to the feminist state.

It’s a sad story, but an instructive one. He who has ears, let him hear the consequences of signing that marriage certificate…

Author: Boxer

Sinister All-Male Dancer. Secret King of all Gamma Males. Member of Frankfurt School. Your Fave Contrarian!

10 thoughts on “Meta-Convergence”

  1. The only ALPHA this guy has ever known is in his imagination.

    Men rarely stay Alpha once they get married.

    If you conform to so-sigh-uh-tee’s demands you are not Alpha either.

    If you don’t challenge your pastor for his mis-steps regarding a fem-men-eyes-ed church / message you are once again not an Alpha.

    If you can’t lead a womminz in marriage .. as stated above .. you have no chance of being an Alpha.

    In short if you want to lead an Alpha or a Sigma life .. stay single my friends.

    This guy should’ve cut bait immediately after she lost her co-meal-yun ways.

    Vet your bishes accordingly gentlemen.

  2. I’ve said many-a-times where I wouldn’t mix the reproductive with the digestive.

    That’s not just the exit, that also includes the entrance. The definition of sodomy includes both.

    And much like the signalling I mentioned with skank-hos about their past a lot of people at that other place do some signalling of their own if you get my drift.

  3. I remember one Jeff Strand informing me in no uncertain terms about chastity in marriage only being sex with your wife in the way sex was meant to be…and that includes no sodomy of the oral persuasion.

    I was fine with it, I don’t see what the problem is…I wondered why he was bringing that point up about it.

  4. I’ll elaborate more on what I was talking about women revealing their flaws to a potential wallet. I’ll start with a verse from St. Paul:

    ‘Do you not know that your bodies are members of Christ? Shall I then take the members of Christ and unite them with a prostitute? Never! Or don’t you know that he who unites himself with a prostitute is one with her in body? For it is said, “The two will become one flesh.” But he who unites himself with the Lord is one with Him in spirit. Flee from sexual immorality. Every other sin a man can commit is outside his body, but he who sins sexually sins against his own body. 1 Cor 6:15-18

    I’ll take him at his word that he did not experience sex before marriage…that means there are certain things he didn’t do to his body which would significantly weaken (if not seperate) his uniting with the Lord in spirit (assuming of course, he is). Much like why I like listening to Fulton Sheen is how it’s not only a body we have, but an intellect, a will, and a soul…the sexual act is a carnal uniting of flesh but a corruption of spirit. When you listen to these women tell you their tales from the carousel…they are revealing something about them spiritually as well. They were one flesh with these men and who knows what else they let in. Now as a man who would prefer to stay united to the Lord through the Holy Spirit and not become one with a potentially demon infested woman either in marriage or the marital act…that’s grounds for ‘get out’ in fact St. Paul says ‘flee’. Flee the sexually immoral woman, don’t become one with her in flesh, marital contract, or spirit. Much like his offer for sodomy it seems she corrupted his spirit too.

  5. Oh and one more thing…only God forgives sin. A potential husband forgiving her sin doesn’t mean the sin is gone or she actually ‘repented’.

    I’d tell her to hit a confessional…as I’m entering my car and leaving.

  6. The greek letter system is obviously flawed.

    Depending on what criteria you use…I could be anywhere from an Alpha to an Omega. Although I hope I’m not the Gamma of the Vox variety.

  7. I’ll be the “french contrarian” here…..

    With this post, the reason for this coming out was probably more on me.

    I accept blame for that. You see, I disagree with this posted about ‘game’ and I am accepting (hard that it is) that it obviously works for some men, and I guess could have some merit. I’ll leave the hairsplitting about it for another time. I know many posters on this and other blogs are pretty tired of it…

    Well, I drew something out of him. He does have a sad story. We all have something in life that is indeed painful, wasn’t “fair” or might have been different if we had been born at another time or been in a situation. We all have something that has scarred our hearts. Something that was just not right.

    As a man who does have humility, empathy, and man….understands……not his situation exactly……but understands raw nerve rubbing emotional pain. Now before all you “manly men” tell me that real men don’t have that, or you just “give it to Jesus” and its gone. Be careful…..”lest the Lord rebuke you and call you a lair”

    To the writer of this story:

    I love you. You know Christ loves you. I am sorry for your pain, and I will take my share of forgetting to “walk in another mans shoes” concerning what you have gone through. Hey, I get caught up too…..sometimes I deal well with my situation. Sometimes I go to bed, lay there and wonder for hours and sleep won’t come and I just think “what might have been”

    Your story moved my heart, and it made me realize that we both are *very* different in our situations. You being an alpha. Me being some fifth wheel that just never fit properly anywhere…think putting a model-T Ford rear wheel on a 1965 Dodge Dart and expecting it to perform……..I wasn’t made for these times. I would have been better in a world that perpetually stayed in 1966.

    You are I are ships sailing in different directions……and no, we’re never gonna see eye-to-eye on game and its nuances. We won’t. I won’t try to convince you otherwise.

    Let me say as well……..we are similar for that fact we do share a belief in Jesus Christ, and we both acknowledge by word of mouth that we “believe” and we both believe His Word, The Bible.

    In the bigger picture, Christ has used two very different men……and yet…they both acknowledge Him as Lord. Both have not had it easy. Both situations with bumps and scrapes still understand that there is only one who will really understand. Him. Only Him.

    Let me again say, as a fellow ‘brother in Christ’ that I am sorry in my part for dragging this out of you……I know, I know you made the choice to publish it…..but my role in this is not beyond reproach.

    I don’t know if you will read this…but I love you. If there is anything I can do to help, let me know……and know too if you are in California, my home is always open to you……as any brother from the respected forums who indeed knows Him.

    Be safe. Be well. Know you are cared about by a fellow man.

  8. I like the write up. I should have had this kind of advice a long time ago. Yes, I do probably need to take more responsibility for my own stupidity. And yes I may be prone to repeat it. LOL I did it once already.

    Is that a Jackson Pollock? That’s pretty funny if you were thinking what I think you meant by it. My sick sense of humor even got used against me in the divorce filing. Yeah kids, don’t try this at home! I hope I can help others avoid the mess I got myself into.

    Not Alpha, LOL I wasn’t with a lot of that pussy-whipped crap for sure, but trust me, I can be, and am most of the time. The Peanut Gallery’s voting just got vetoed. I felt I had a vow before God to uphold with my wife, that trapped me. And I’m still battling with what is my responsibility there. But, I don’t owe anybody else in this world, and I live accordingly with them.

    Hey Boxer, I was also wondering about getting your input on my upcoming “head-covering” post, If I could send you some of the text ideas to review and get your ideas on. Let me know if you’re interested, and how to get the stuff to you privately if you are.

    I guess I’ll have to use my “Christian liberty” with regard to the blowjobs, if I ever get one. I don’t see the problem. Although calling it sodomy gives it a bad association, but I bet that was intentional. LOL FWIW she did once about halfway through our marriage start to try to give me a BJ, but she couldn’t get her mouth open far enough that her teeth weren’t dragging on both top and bottom, and she could only get part of it in, I was afraid she might end up having to go to the emergency room , like the dude in your earlier post. I think she quit, because she realized she couldn’t, and her teeth were hurting me, but she had to immediately claim she couldn’t do it because of a lack of respect again. That’s how her distancing behavior works. There is no way she would ever pay me a compliment.

    Anyhow, Y’all learn from that stuff, Boxer is giving out good advice for free. As we all know, I’m probably the least likely to be able to learn from my own situation, as I’m enveloped in it and ego-defense and all that. Let me know if you have any questions, I can maybe answer them tomorrow in the wee hours. My work blocks this site. So it will be a while before I can check in again, if anybody wants more detail, or to know how to become a sniveling Beta, since I learned that lesson quite well. LOL I always wanted to be internet famous. ;^) Thanks for helping me spread my cautionary tale, and for the feedback.

  9. Hey man:

    It’s neither here nor there, but I dug this out of the spam folder. This has happened with your messages more than once. I have no idea why it is happening, and definitely don’t like it. Apologies for the delay.

    As for the O.P., I like him, but he needs to quit fronting and accept the fact that he fucked up. You can love him all you want. I want him not to do it again. I also want to impress on any readers the natural reaction of men who see this sort of cucked out faggotry.

    Bottom line: If a wimminz tells her husband that she has more respect for the playaz who fucked and chucked her, than she has for the man who gave her the honorable title of “wife,” then that man needs to resign the position of “husband,” pay the bitch off, and never speak to her again. All the romance-novel inspired fairy tales about winning a bitch heart by begging and supplicating are nonsense. Understand this point well. You do not come back from something like this.

  10. Hey Boxer, I was also wondering about getting your input on my upcoming “head-covering” post, If I could send you some of the text ideas to review and get your ideas on. Let me know if you’re interested, and how to get the stuff to you privately if you are.

    Anyone can contact me at boxer at v5k2c2 dot com … I don’t know how much help I can be with that, but I’ll certainly read what you send.

    I hope you’ve learned from this horrible experience; but, like many men, I won’t be entirely surprised if you repeat it. I’ll cross my fingers that you don’t end up in the docks of the divorce courts a second time.

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