Roundup: 05 August 2018


We all know that wimminz are inherently moral beings, natural caregivers, and guardians of civilization. We also hear, around various parts of the manosphere, that Latina wimminz are much more traditional and reserved than white and black sluts. Thus the following story comes as something of a shock. Apparently a filthy wimminz in Colombia was running a prostitution ring, composed entirely of little girls. The kids were branded, beaten, and punished with boiling water.


I’ve read some fucked-up shit, and this is revolting as anything I’ve come across before.

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Everyone’s fave skank-ho princess is back in the news, after she skipped out on her own father’s birthday. We met this filthy divorcĂ©e earlier, when Prince Harry (already a fuckup of incredible proportions) gave a pass to billions of more suitable females, in order to wed this disgusting radical feminist, who spits on her own dad.

Marrying someone who hates her own father is incredibly stupid. Jesus can afford to forgive this piece of shit, and Prince Harry can afford to pay her off and get rid of her. The young brothers reading this blog are neither Jesus nor Prince Harry, so you’re all strongly advised to leave the forgiveness and the whore-marriage to more audacious men.


Full disclosure: Upon marrying this royal halfwit, Meghan Markle became a government official that I’m compelled to bow and scrape to.


I live in the revolutionary U.S. now, so I think I’ll piss in her face, instead.

Markle’s father’s birthday was 18 July. You can find his ass on twitter, and belatedly wish him well. His daughter won’t.

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Sugar Shane Mosley is one of my favorite fighters. He’s an incredible athlete, a perfect gentleman, and very well-spoken. Tyson is more entertaining, in and out of the ring, but Mosley is more dignified, and generally a more interesting man.

Unfortunately, Mosley fell for a woman who turned out to be a former stripper and escort — and ended up marrying her. In his defense, she very shrewdly hid her past and changed her identity. This is just one more example of a brother failing to do his own due diligence, and getting the shaft down the road. After squeezing out a couple of kids, and living as a parasite on this decent man’s back, skank-ho wimminz decided she “wasn’t happy,” and rolled on down to the courthouse, to get those papers filed.

Screen Shot 2018-08-05 at 21.20.01

The belt of a champion is an incredible piece of art, which is just as meaningful to the individual as a diploma or a professional award. No matter, though. Some fag judge down at the divorce courts decided Mosley’s belts belonged to this cunning whore, rather than the man who earned them with countless hours of training and practice.

This has been an ongoing story for a year, and for whatever reason, I’ve lost track of it. It’s truly the most insane divorce horrorshow I’ve ever heard of.

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  1. Sigh .. 9 jurors voted for Jin while she refused to provide the necessary documents (re: 2002 & 2006). And there were 9 wimminz on the jury .. co-wink-kee-dink .. I think not.

    Those kids will never see those belts .. she’ll pawn’em before they’re 18.

    Sugar Shane needs a better cut man (re: vetting his bishes).

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