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Someone told me in email that my habit of screenshotting text was annoying. Apparently you can’t read this crap on your gay electronic toy, designed by Steve Jobs. No, I don’t do it to evade copyright laws (that doesn’t work, and I always comment enough to meet fair use standards anyway.) I do it because I’m lazy.

Anyway, here is a heartwarming story about a poor old boy who busted ass his whole life to give his wife the little extras. They bought a house, raised a family, saw good times and bad go by, and generally contributed to civilization.

Once he got into his golden years, Mr. Alzheimer came to call. I’ll let his grandson pick it up from here…

During the last year of my grandfather’s life he had dementia, and was having trouble keeping track of reality.

His troubles were relayed to you through grandma, I’ll bet.

Before he was placed into hospice, he kept complaining about a man that was in his house. He would say that the man would come around at night, and that the man was taking his things, and using his stuff.

Grandma, of course, kept reassuring him (and everyone else) that she was the only one there. His doctor increased his medications, because he was losing touch with reality so badly.

Trust grandma. She knows what’s what. Trust the doctors, too. Take your Haldol like a good little old geezer, and fall off and go to sleep.

Fast forward to my grandfather’s funeral. A man showed up that wasn’t known by the family. It turns out that he was an old friend of my grandmother’s, who showed up to give his support.

Well, isn’t that nice? I’ve always wanted to crash funerals, to game grieving old widows while grazing on the free cake and casserole.

Well, about a year later, my grandmother lets slip that she is seeing someone. It’s the guy who crashed the funeral. At this point, it didn’t seem too odd. We all assumed that they had met at church. We thought it was sweet.

Yeah, that’s real sweet, all right.

Then a bit later, sweet, innocent ol’ grandma mentions that it’s their 3rd anniversary.

Grandpa died two years prior. Grandma’s new boyfriend was the person that grandpa saw in his house every night. This swinging dick was the reason that everyone thought grandpa was going crazy. This bushwhacking granny-gamer was the reason that grandpa was forcibly medicated into vegetation, for the last horrible year of his life.

O.K., I’m creatively editing for emphasis, but the story’s all here.

So, your grandpa complains about burglary and cuckoldry in his house, you should take him seriously. It might just be a perv with a fetish for old ladies.

And thus we see the fate of all us cowardly MGTOW misogynists, who don’t want to kill ourselves for years to give some filthy wimminz everything she wants, only to be slowly euthanized by the same woman, who will tell our communities that we’re crazy, while she’s cucking us with all and sundry.

I suppose I’ll accept my destiny, and die cold and lonely, using my money on myself.


Author: Boxer

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18 thoughts on “Small Text on Smart Phones”

  1. Heartbreaking.

    I certainly hope everyone, in that family, gives granny & sunny the natural justice they so richly deserve.

    I know da wimminz won’t. So .. MAN-da-Fawk-Up and make it happen .. for GrandPa.

  2. Stories like these help me out everytime I start slipping back into the thirsting over wimminz phase.

  3. True justice for Granny Slut would be if her new dick turned abusive on her and eventually kicked her to the curb. Or better yet, if she came down with same case of Alzheimer’s as her first husband and wound up spending her last days ALONE in a piss and shit-scented nursing home.

  4. The dude who created the make-up remover app should get free drinks for the rest of his life.

    Seems like granny committed some criminal acts to me. If you called APS and reported that as a current event they’d be sending someone to investigate, and possibly a cop or two along side. Then again, a man was the victim, so maybe not.

  5. ‘The dude who created the make-up remover app should get free drinks for the rest of his life.’

    Between makeup, the wonderbra for the butt (yoga pants), and other various mind altering apparel women wear…if there was some app to show what they really look like when the mask is off…we’d be coming more to earth on our assement of beauty.

  6. I occasionally fuck a nurse in a nearby town, and I gave a (much abbreviated, and not so emotionally laden) version of this story to her, last night. She told me that it’s not at all unusual for older women to dump their husbands in her emergency room, and refuse to pick them up. No swinging-dick needs to be involved, either.

    The women will often relent, temporarily, when the hospital staff (i.e. her, when she’s on duty) tell her that she’s responsible for the charges of his stay. These men almost always go to a nearby nursing home, within days, to live out the end of their lives while their wives find new freedom “with no one underfoot…”

  7. Perhaps that ‘in sickness and health’ part just slipped their mind.

  8. It would on average probably take 2 points off if not more. Hence if women actually had a realistic, humble view of themseselves they wouldn’t fall far when some black knight invents apps like this.

  9. related topic:

    Retired husband syndrome (主人在宅ストレス症候群 Shujin Zaitaku Sutoresu Shoukougun, literally One’s Husband Being at Home Stress Syndrome)[1] (RHS) is a psychosomatic stress-related illness which has been estimated to occur in 60% of Japan’s older female population.[2] It is a condition where a woman begins to exhibit signs of physical illness and depression as their husband reaches, or approaches, retirement.[2]

  10. If that’s a thing with retired husbands…makes you wonder what happens when a wife has a house husband.

  11. Perhaps that ‘in sickness and health’ part just slipped their mind.

    Women don’t play any attention to any other, less onerous part of the wedding vows, so why would anyone believe they’d pay any attention to this part?

  12. Boxer,
    A nurse (supportive and feminine job) who is loyal to you, likes you, and agrees about the awfulness of dumping a husband instead of making excuses for granny.
    What’s preventing that from going further?

    My parents had over 65 years together and I saw a different aspect for wives not wanting to be at the hospital- she didn’t want to see him die. She was at the hospital all the time, but she felt relief when Dad went to the nursing home, lots of that relief came from the effort it took to take care of him, but also not worrying about waking up and seeing her hisbamd dead. Obviuosly different than the original post and I am not disagreeing with the comments but am saying, my Mom made several irrational decisions at my Dad’s end, so it’s really hard to know what’s going on in many cases.

  13. I think women believeIt’s like that old I love Lucy Groucho Marx joke: in my sickness in your health : for your richer for my poorer

  14. There is one point about the pole that had nothing to do with the cheating slut grandma. What is the difference between plagiarism and paraphrasing. How much does it have to be changed so that your death giving the idea or drawing upon a story to make your own logical point

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