Another Death by Single Mom


Scharron Dingledine: Murdering Cunt

At noon on Friday, 3 August 2018, emergency crews responded to a vehicle submerged in the Kansas River. Divers saw skank-ho bitch Scharron Dingledine, pictured above, bobbing around in the current, so they pulled her dumb ass to shore. They also pulled the limp bodies of her two kids, Amiyah Bradley (female, 5) and Unknown (male, 1) from the current. Little Amiyah was dead at the scene. The unnamed son of this whore has been revived, and is now on life-support in hospital.

So, what differentiates this stupid bitch from the thousands of other irresponsible, unfit, skank-ho mothers we read about on a daily basis?

Not much, really.

We can learn something about journalistic integrity, from studying the story, as it is reported.

The fact that one child is named, and another one is not, suggests that both these children have different fathers. Who are the fathers? Almost no one wanted to admit that there were any men that existed at all. Only one station, the local FOX affiliate, admitted that there was at least one man, someplace, that had anything at all to do with this bitch.

An interview with the whore’s “boyfriend” and “high-school sweetheart” is very curious.


My man is described, in the first place, as the cause of the problem. The headline states that he “lives with regret.” In fact, the story fails to list any faults at all. FOX just decided to smear another father.

Next, the interviewer describes the little boy as “his son” but the girl as “the daughter.” Did the whore fool this good man, cucking him, and then allowing him to put his name on the birth certificate? No one knows, but it wouldn’t be the first time…

The story goes on to state that this poor sucker “had not seen his children for over a year, despite supporting them financially.”

scharronSo, here’s the real story. My man met a good-looking but nuts wimminz in childhood. She probably cucked him.

I gotta tellya, she’s not bad looking in the photo at right. She almost looks normal. She’s the type of woman who probably would have chumped me, when I was a younger man.

He did all the things he was supposed to do. He “put the interests of his children first — up to and including paying big money for these kids, who he never got to see, and which probably weren’t his anyway.

Whether he adopted this girl into his household or not is really beside the point. He loved her, he worried about her. He lived to support her. He probably had dreams of seeing her go off to prom, graduate from High School, and find some corn-fed farmer to wife her up. He probably assumed that he’d give her away at her wedding, and push his grandchildren on the swings some day.

He was doing what he could to that effect, despite being deprived of the court-ordered visits he was entitled to.

The bitch took these kids, who he loved dearly, and snuffed them.

Why did she kill the children? Let the bitch tell you herself…

Screen Shot 2018-08-17 at 09.27.49

So, what can we learn from this farce?

If you do not vet your woman well, you will end up in this man’s place. The bitch who murders your kids will get off with the cunt pass (and this is in the works now.) Your sentence, for doing everything right, will be to have your name dragged through the mud, in the feminist press, to be blamed for your kids’ deaths, which you had nothing to do with, and to be left with nothing.

Cruel To Be Kind


Lori Alexander has dedicated her free time to educating young people — particularly females. I don’t agree with everything Sister Lori advises, but I know that it all comes from a good place. Lori is an authentic individual, who sacrifices her time and energy, in an effort to reproduce civilized mores and values across time.

The following film is before our time (for most of us, anyway). It depicts a group of teenagers, swaggering into a New Jersey prison, where they will shortly be told some unpleasant truths from the inmates.

In our liberal society, young people often get a pass for bad behavior. The adults around them will usually blame their parents, their teachers, and everyone else, up to the President of The United States, for their latest lapse in judgment. These adults think that they’re being “kind”or “compassionate,” but they aren’t. They are furthering bad behavior, and allowing petty crime to metastasize into hard-coded habit. The men in the video have dispensed with all this touchy-feely bullshit, and the kids they advised ended up thanking them for it.

Skank-ho feminists like Katie Emmerson will whine about how cruel Lori is. In fact, sometimes the truth is unkind. The truth will out regardless.

Katie Is Still A Ho’


Typical Skankface

It has been a very big summer for my fave radical feminist, Sheila Gregoire. First she was curb-stomped after attempting a pathetic game of Let’s You and Him Fight, between her henpecked husband, and a Christian priest. Shortly thereafter, she published some essays that I believe to be flagrant examples of plagiarism. We all had a good conversation over here, about the problem with stealing the work of others, and passing it off as our own. It is a mark of intellectual laziness and dishonesty, and should never be tolerated.

Then, as immoral wimminz always will, Sheila got very upset about Lori Alexander’s good advice to young girls. Sister Lori wrote a quick essay, warning young women away from the stripper’s pole, and encouraging them to get married.

Why would a supposed Christian priestess be filled with white-hot rage, simply at the prospect of other people reading a few bible verses? The answer is simple. Hate-filled feminist lunatics, like Sheila, can not abide the possibility that females may grow up exercising the self-discipline she lacks, and as such, the filthy wimminz must react.

In the process of lambasting our Sister Lori, Sheila ordered her lackwit daughter to publish a “rebuttal” on her youtube channel. What followed was twelve minutes of horsey fake-tears, as the poor damsel pretended to be triggered into a laughable mental breakdown.

Screen Shot 2018-08-15 at 18.39.46

Skank-ho Katie “…just read the most horrifying thing…” 

The reaction to skank-ho Katie’s stupid hack video was less than acceptable to mama, and so Sheila had yet another embarrassing public meltdown on twitter. This garnered lots of laughs from our end of the spectrum. In the interim, she did bring up something interesting. Brother Earl picked it up


According to Sheila, Katie was a virgin until her wedding night. Sheila is shocked and horrified that the rest of us still call her a slut, and because she’s such an empowered feminist heroine, she’d like to get some men to shut us up.

The fact is, Katie is a slut. She is a skank-ho wimminz, just like her mother, and her own behavior (or lack thereof) doesn’t factor into the reality of the label she wears with pride.

I should probably explain.

As a secular Mormon, I don’t really pay much attention to most of the rules of my folk-religion; but, one of the things I have always done is to refuse alcohol or any recreational drug. We call this “the word of wisdom,” and it’s actually pretty good advice.

Now, suppose clean-cut Boxer was approached by couriers for one of the Mexican drug cartels, and offered a sweet gig as a dope mule. “You’re perfect,” they tell me. “You’re a soft spoken white dude who speaks English, and you travel for work occasionally.” They wear down all my knee-jerk refusals. “You don’t have to join up officially, or use the stuff yourself,” they assure me. “You just stick some baggies of crack up your asshole, and walk across the border…”

My day job is boring, and I have wanted to make some extra dough. They pay well enough to make it sound like a pretty great deal, so I accept the job.

Now, suppose, five years hence, the IRS and Revenue Canada start wondering why I have an eight-figure bank account, and they start poking around, and learn the truth. Naturally, I’m arrested, and my mansions and Ferraris are seized by court order. The newspaper headlines describe me as a DRUGGIE.

“But,” whines Boxer, “that’s not fair! I’m not a DRUGGIE — and I can prove it. I’ve never indulged in drugs before! I would never allow anyone I care about to be a DRUGGIE, either. just made extra money smuggling the drugs that were sold to your kids, and I lived large on a cut of the profits…”


Is She Hot, Or Not?

I trust this simple thought experiment is sufficient to illustrate my point. Not only would I be a DRUGGIE thanks to my career choices, but I would be an especially loathsome example of a DRUGGIE. It’s easy to make an argument that the garden variety junkie is (at least partly) a victim, but I couldn’t be a victim, since I made all my bad choices with a clear head and a sober mind. I took the filthy money and enjoyed the benefits of it, even as I spread around misery to others.

Katie is still a ho’. Katie is an especially loathsome example of a ho’, in fact, because she runs interference for hoez, and attacks the people who are constructing a critical theory of our immoral society. She makes money spreading her immorality thanks to her youtube channel, which generates ad revenue, and garners donations from thirsty simps.

The Women’s Auxiliary


If this summer has proven anything, it is that fragile feminists can not hack being laughed at by solid sisters. I’ll cop to the fact that I’m becoming a huge fan of Lori Alexander’s blog. I’ve also followed and read Renee’s blog for a year.

If you know of a female-authored blog with quality content then shout out the URL in the comments below. Serious women bloggers will end up here.

Bullet Dodged

Screen Shot 2018-08-13 at 19.08.15

The luckiest man in California…

Quoth skank-ho Jenny Erickson, on her trashy instagram page

We were supposed to get married today, but because we’re us, it ended up being a comedy of errors and we decided last week to postpone.

I guess Smiley succeeded in escaping your next “transformation,” huh? Good for him.

Since we already had the time scheduled off work, we went to the water park instead

Who are you fooling, mommy blogger? You’ve never done a single day’s work in your life.

and splurged on Quick Queue bracelets for the big girls (hence why they’re not in the pic … they’re off having the water slide time of their lives).

You mean Leif’s two girls. My guess is that they have a much better relationship with their father now, than they would have sans divorce. It’s true they only see him on the weekends, but now he gets to do fun shit with them, rather than what would have been.

Married sluts like Jenny are masters at destroying the relationships between their kids and husbands. What would have been happening, right now, was a long list of demands, by Jenny, that Leif yell at those girls, beat them, berate them, and follow them around cleaning up for them. I have seen this play out too many times to count.

Why is divorce so expensive? Because it’s worth every penny.

From now on, we’ve decided to celebrate August 9 as our “Un-iversary.”

That’s a nice spin on failing to lock down a new sucker. The truth is now beginning to descend upon you. You will never be a good man’s honorable wife again.

We’ll get married someday. Maybe next month. Or next year.

A quick look at the relief in that guy’s face, suggests that this prediction is overly optimistic.

But for now we have each other and this ridiculously beautiful family and life, and our hearts are full. ❤️❤️

Get real, bitch. You have a brood of children by different fathers. You’re a ho’, who fucks anyone, and breeds children for everyone. I know this, and all the boys know it, and you know it better than anyone.

The lucky groom playa responds:

You are an amazing unstoppable force. Words like “inevitable” and “life in crescendo” come to mind. I am so blessed and so delighted. Happy un-iversary!

You’re blessed, all right. Credit for being smart enough to evade the set-up. You nearly became Jenny’s next victim. Even so, she’s planning her comeback as we chuckle.

You are set to be the next lucky participant who sits down in the docks of the divorce courts, where your fortune will be harvested, for her to enjoy. Don’t you ever forget this, either.

Troll Them Wherever You Find Them

ass2assMost of us realize, by now, that we live in a deeply troubled society. Human beings, meant to be producers, not only of goods via labor, but of their own historical way of life in toto, have been channeled into makework jobs, vacuous leisure activities, and thereby condemned to a meaningless existence. This is nowhere more evident than in the sphere of domestic life. Where our grandfathers had the ability to find a wife, to build a family, and to watch their children grow up, we now have to make do with a choice, consisting of banging skank-ho sluts on one hand, and marrying skank-ho sluts who soon will run us, face first, through the divorce courts, on the other.

Most of us see the problem, but we’re paralyzed when attempting to theorize a solution. We clearly need some help with tactical advice. Great old-time religions, like Christianity and Judaism, have proven to be completely worthless in the fight against feminism. Where, then, can we turn?

One obvious answer is post-marxist philosophy, specifically, critical theory. Most dudez in the manosphere don’t have any idea as to what critical theory is. Basically, it consists of applying philosophical and historical data to a materialist analysis of the world, in an attempt to solve contemporary social problems.

If natural deduction, and past experience, suggest that tactic α is ineffective, then it makes sense to abandon that tactic, and go with β instead.

Down below, Jason notes, about Sheila Gregoire, and her skank-ho daughter, Katie:

She’s not phased at all. Neither is her daughter. She pretends “shock” and “horror” but only to garner sympathy from men, pastors, publishing companies, podcasts…………

The best thing to do at this point? Is ignore her.

Jason is mostly correct. Even so, the “ignore the idiots and they will go away” tactic has been proven, over the course of 50 years, to be counterproductive. Skank-ho feminists and their dyke mothers have only grown emboldened with our silence. Good men feel dejected when they are alone in calling out the sluts. What, then, shall we do?

Jason is mostly correct, I repeat. One will note that I do not advocate going to Sheila’s blog, to try and win her over. As we all know by now, Sheila is a (loud ‘n’ proud) member of Set A. She will never (never, never) come over to our side. She will be a bitter, bulldyking, skank-ho feminist until her dying breath.

As our uncle Max will remind us, Sheila and Katie don’t really matter too much, anyhow. They are only relevant as symbols of the destructive forces they embody.

Thus Sheila is useful in the recruitment of normies, those members of Set C who do not agree with her, but who also don’t want to stick their necks out with criticism. By criticizing Sheila indirectly, such men are emboldened, and our ranks swell.

The fact that we don’t waste our time in direct confrontations with Sheila, does not mean that we ought to pretend she does not exist, or playact as though the sociocultural problems that she works so hard to further are not a big deal. As our Uncle Herb teaches us, playing the ostrich game deprives us of our own inherent subversive power, as well as depriving others of the knowledge that there are sane men and women in the world, who care about healthy families.

Karl Marx (1818-1883), philosopher and German poli

Your Uncle Karl trolled the hoez. Go and do likewise, gentlemen!

The effectiveness of trolling feminists is evident in the widespread censorship which is now taking place. First they banned guys like Boxer, Milo, Nigga Tyreese, Menaquinone and Ricky Vaughan. Guys like us tormented the feminists wherever we found them. Now they’re banning inoffensive people who merely express the most mild disagreement with feminism.

Seek out the Sheilas and Katies of the world, brothers. Troll them wherever you find them. Don’t do it for them. Do it for the children of the next generation, who will otherwise be condemned to grow up in a monolithic culture, where feminism is the only arbiter of good and evil.

Shocked Sheila

Because I know my readers can’t get enough posts from a fat, horsey dyke named Sheila Gregoire, here’s some more…

Screen Shot 2018-08-11 at 22.12.28

An army of middle-aged men, sez the postmenopausal old sow with the 20-something thot offspring.

Interesting to note that the “sexual assault survivor” rhetoric is the typical empty appeal whores make to excuse their lack of self-control. Given that Sheila may be a career plagiarist, a lack of integrity on this front is not entirely surprising… though that’s her husband’s and father’s problem, and not ours.

Screen Shot 2018-08-11 at 22.13.03

Stop the presses! Someone is telling a wimminz “no”! The lèse majesté is shocking! Arrest these men!

Special thanks to Emperor Constantine for the link. If you have a twitter account, you can back your brother’s play here. Tell that faggot @jack that @herbiemarcuse sent you.