Education: Part 2


This post is about getting what you can out of your local community college. If you haven’t already read Part 1, then you should do so here.

Above we see a list if things you can study at this particular community college. What you will study is based upon the honest self-assessment you did, with the help of various disinterested professionals, your parents, and the school’s guidance counselor.

One thing that is notable is the “VAPA Academy.” A visit to the linked page tells me that this is “Visual and Performing Arts.” If you have a specific talent in this area, then Julliard, Columbia and U.S.C. would already be making you offers. For the rest of us, who need a job, enrolling in this program would be a waste of time. Your goal is to be self-sufficient, and that means a focus on some subject that you (hopefully) find tolerable, and which you can market to employers in return for a livable wage.

ccIf you have below-average scores on standardized tests, or if you just hate the idea of being in school, then you’re at the right place. Picking a trade program can get you into the workforce in as little as nine months.

Welding and Fabrication Technology is a degree which will likely lead to a good career, and an AAS degree in that field will take less than two years.

If you have decent or above-average scores, then you should also consider a technical degree. You can get your Master of Arts in Theoretical Physics after you’re established, at the same time Jethro is getting his MFA in Interpretive Dance. There are tons of interesting things to learn, which aren’t particularly marketable, and we all have things we’d love to know about. Our first duty, as men, is making a living.

If you think you want a 4-year degree (called a Bachelor’s Degree) then you want to study at the Liberal Arts Academy, or the STEM academy. Don’t be too concerned about what you want to concentrate on at university. Your present goal is to get the general prerequisites, that every student needs. With any luck, you’ll have a bunch of cheap hours that will transfer to the big university with you, and it’s there you can concentrate on something specific.

As far as transfer, there are legal agreements between most community colleges and larger schools nearby. Check these agreements out with the help of your guidance counselor and parents.


One of the many benefits of matriculation at community college is the lack of distraction. When you go to college, your goal is not to party, fuck random girls, play drinking games, or smoke dope. All of those indulgences will arise naturally, after you are independent, and making a good wage. Your only aim is getting to the point where you can afford to have a decent life. Most community colleges are full of serious, focused young brothers. The big universities, in contrast, have fraternities and nightclubs which compete for your attention.

When you go to community college, you should prepare to study through the summers. This will get you out of the system more rapidly, and given the impossibility of finding a decent summer job without a degree, there’s no reason not to do so. Full disclosure: Boxer taught at a community college earlier in his career. The summer courses at my school were abbreviated, had a much better teacher-to-student ratio, and were actually discounted to encourage kids to sign up. On the down side, fewer instructors meant a narrower variety of classes, which leads me to my next paragraph.

Once you enroll in a specific program, you will be faced with a list of requirements for completion. It is important to remember that once you are accepted to the program, the requirements will not change. In academic-speak, this is called a “catalog year.” If you agree to enroll in a specific program, and the school tries to change the requirements on you, then you can call the attorney general’s office. I have heard of this happening, but it’s not very common, and usually it’s the result of some moron in administration who makes a mistake with your records.


This is the 2018 catalog for an incoming freshman who is seeking a pre-engineering degree at a Florida community college. Once you matriculate, you want to stick to the program, down to the letter. Your goal is to take all the classes you need, to do as well as possible in every one, and never to take any course that’s not required.

In my experience, it is very common for schools to tier their registration dates. This allows more developed students to register for classes before new arrivals, and it may mean that the class you want is full, by the time you are able to request this. What many students don’t know is that professors generally have the ability to waive you into the course. I always did this when I knew the student was a solid guy, by previous experience. I also always did this when the student was referred by another colleague in the faculty. I never did this for burnouts, slackers, or time-wasters. It is imperative that you cultivate good relationships with your professors, in order that you can get such favors when you need them. You don’t need to be an ass kisser. You simply need to show up on time, be respectful, and hand in high quality work.

The degree above is called an “Associate of Sciences.” There is also an “Associate of Arts” degree, on offer, which is identical, except for an added requirement to take a full year of a foreign language. I highly recommend that you take a foreign language at community college. If you decide to do this, there are finer points to consider.

Screen Shot 2018-07-02 at 12.42.05

Armenian is probably an interesting language, and it will satisfy the liberal arts requirement of your degree. But how useful will it be to a potential employer?

If you make the (wise) decision to complete your language requirement at community college, you should study a language that customers and co-workers are likely to speak. In North America, there are two such languages. One of these is Spanish. The other one is French.

If you have a burning desire to learn Armenian, or Ancient Greek, or Coast Salish, then you can return to community college, after you’re established in a job, and study them in your free time.

A selling point of junior college is its affordability. While school will probably not cost much, it will cost something. How should a man pay for his time in the academy?


At every school, there are people who are begging to give you their money. All you have to do is take it. Do not feel badly about applying for scholarships. Guys like me donate to scholarship funds, and we do it so that you can get an easy ride. I had an easy ride myself, so every month when I kick them my pittance, I’m just paying it back.

If you have a lackluster history in high school, and you don’t get funding, don’t be discouraged. Get the Pell Grant, and be motivated to do as well as possible during your freshman year. An application before your second year of school, showing a dramatic improvement in your GPA, will open up new opportunities.

The next article in this series describes navigating the transfer process, employment, and thriving at the big four year university you might decide to attend. Read that here.

Education: Part 1


Around his sixteenth birthday, every North American man begins to be hounded by the admissions/outreach departments of all the local universities. The con-artists who work therein are master liars, whose job it is to fill your cute little head up with big ideas about the future.

Competing with these liars are their internet counterparts. Big names in the so-called manosphere, who think they know something about the world, will encourage you to abandon your quest for self-sufficiency. Subsequently, they’ll encourage you to drop out of society and get on welfare. If you like the lifestyle of the author of these stupid books (hint: he doesn’t live well) then you’ll want to stop here.

Ya boy Boxer has been on both sides of this process. I have been all the way through graduate school as a student. I have also been employed in both faculty and administration jobs. While the best thing for you is based upon some specifics I can’t know, I am qualified to give you some general advice that nobody in the sphere has yet divulged. If you’re curious about how best to navigate the academic process, read on.

The first thing a high-school boy needs is an honest appraisal of his abilities. Do you have a specific, definable talent? Make an appointment, today, to speak to your guidance counselor, and have him review the results of those standardized tests with you. They aren’t nearly as worthless as the internet poseurs tell it.

Part of the challenge is being honest with yourself. Even as the admissions people lie to you, in order to part you from your money, you’ll be tempted to lie to yourself. Caught up in this echo chamber, you’ll be tempted to brush off your own mediocrity. A healthy masculine attitude is embracing one’s own faults, and this is the first step toward overcoming them.

It may be that you scored in the 98th percentile on the language part of the test, or on the math part. It may also be that you scored in the 50th percentile on everything. It may also be that you scored in the 30th percentile in everything. Whatever your results, your destination will be the same place.

The biggest mistake I made, in my own youth, was matriculating at a big private university. This wasn’t catastrophic, because I had funding to go to this big university, but it was still a dumb thing to do. If I’m honest, I’ll cop to the fact that I was motivated by a need to get away from my dysfunctional mother and hyper-religious stepfather, as quickly as possible.

Wherever you live, there is either a community college, or a satellite mini-campus for a public university. In almost every case, this needs to be your immediate destination after high school. Why, Boxer? It’s because of a number of different reasons…

  1. A High School diploma is worthless.
  2. The junior college is cheaper than the big university.
  3. The junior college offers a much wider variety of options than the big university.
  4. The junior college is more convenient than the big university.

Even if you’re made of money, you should still matriculate at the community college. A junior college degree (called an “associates”) or certificate is the minimum accomplishment of a self-sufficient man.

Suppose a young brother reviews his standardized test scores, and finds them all to be sub-par. He should go to community college anyway, because they have programs in things like drafting, nursing, firefighting, and auto repair. You don’t have to score well on a standardized test to get such a job, and these jobs will help him become self-sufficient.

True story: An old friend, in my cohort at graduate school, got all her documents changed, to reflect her degree. For some reason, I was with her when she needed new windshield wiper blades for her beat up old Volkswagen. We went down to an auto parts retailer, and she whipped out her checkbook to pay, with her fancy checks that read…

Doctor Jenny Michelle McDougal Ph.D.

“What’s your Ph.D. in?” The greasemonkey behind the counter asked her, with a smirk.

“Pure Mathematics!” She shouted, all proud of herself and shit.

“I’ll come and install them for you,” he laughed.

Now, I don’t know what sort of car that guy drove, but I bet there’s a real theorem someplace that suggests he drove a much nicer car than she did, and a nicer car than I did. I’m absolutely positive that he made more money than we did. He probably also has a longer and thicker penis than I have, and I’m sure he’s fucking a much hotter woman than “Doctor Jenny.” I don’t know what his standardized test scores look like, but I suspect that guy went to community college. If you’re smart enough to read standard English, you can do the same thing.

If you’re interested in getting the most bang for your buck at junior college, read part two here.

A Most Dangerous Role


I tell you boys that the calling of simp is a very dangerous one. Here’s an example to drive the point home.

The skanky trick ho above is one Isabel Martinez. A year ago, skanky Isabel decided to murder her family with a butcher’s knife. On the evening of 6 July, 2017, she sliced and diced her husband. She then moved on to her children, all of whom are also seen above. Police in Gwinnett County, Georgia (US) described the slaughter as “horrendous,” and accounts say that first responders found blood and body parts strewn around the house.

Screen Shot 2018-07-01 at 17.38.58

We now note the wording, in the official police statement, released to twitter. This is important. Isabel-ho is described as “mom/wife,” while the husband and father (who was ground into dog food) is merely “adult male.”

Such fantastic journalists and cops we have, no?

Skanky Isabel became famous for her initial court appearance, in which she openly celebrated the mass murder, laughing and dancing as her charges were being read. Here is the empowered feminist, aping for the cameras, in case you didn’t catch it the first time…


Skanky Isabel had five children, and murdered four of them. A daughter, then 9-years old, survived the attack, by going limp and playing dead. The little girl describes her mother shaking her awake, and then asking her “Do you want to meet Jesus?” before beginning the stabbing. Her siblings got similar treatment.

While the feminist media has done a stellar job erasing the memory of the victims, we can reconstruct a rough biography, and learn some important lessons from the life — and death — of our brother who is gone.


A look at the surnames suggests that our brother Martin, now dead as dirt, met Isabel after she had given birth to her eldest child, Isabela.

Martin took pity on a skank-ho single mom. He married her, took care of her daughter, as though she was his own, and started a family with her. This is his reward.

Murderous Isabel was back in the news, just a few weeks ago. Would you like to know why?


It looks like she’s getting the cunt pass.

Wimminz constitute a new “noble” class, and their status provides them a number of legal benefits which are unavailable to you common males. Wimminz have designed this system and are playing it to maximum effect. Don’t volunteer to be the next human sacrifice.


Canada Day Roundup


Happy National Holiday, to all my brothers imprisoned behind the 49th parallel. In case you don’t know how bad Canadian sluts are, let the homies tell you…


There’s much more over here.

Moving right along, there’s lots of shit in the news, and here’s a bit of what I’ve been reading…


There’s an interesting movie review over on the (long neglected) EIMG blog. If you’ve ever seen the old Brad Pitt / Morgan Freeman film Se7en, it might be interesting.

Gunner Q also has a funny article on his local cops, who are now doling out hate crime charges for talking back to them.


This is a headline from the largest newspaper in East Africa, Nairobi’s Daily Nation. There’s apparently a story about false rape and abuse claims against African schoolteachers, which have become so numerous and absurd that teachers are dropping out, and children are starting to go without instruction.

Sorry kids. This is what happens when your parents pay attention to feminist cunts. We tried to warn you.

Over on Men Factor, there’s some realtalk pointed at our incel brethren. Wear it if the shoe fits.


My brothers, don’t give these whores your money. Back to the subject at hand…

Sigma Frame is hosting a detailed article on the phenomenology of the autistic, which might be worth a read, if you’re smarter than I am.

There’s also an old article on free speech which you might have missed. Anarchist Notebook is approaching dormancy; but it’s a very valuable stash of political philosophy that I don’t mention enough.


Take it from the old geezer in the turban here. He’s telling it straight.