They Don’t Care About Us

If you ever suspected that wimminz don’t give a shit about you, you’ll be glad to know that you were correct, all along.

From DOI: 10.1037/0022-3514.87.4.494

Four experiments confirmed that women’s automatic in-group bias is remarkably stronger than men’s and investigated explanations for this sex difference, derived from potential sources of implicit attitudes (L. A. Rudman, 2004). In Experiment 1, only women (not men) showed cognitive balance among in-group bias, identity, and self-esteem (A. G. Greenwald et al., 2002), revealing that men lack a mechanism that bolsters automatic own group preference. Experiments 2 and 3 found pro-female bias to the extent that participants automatically favored their mothers over their fathers or associated male gender with violence, suggesting that maternal bonding and male intimidation influence gender attitudes. Experiment 4 showed that for sexually experienced men, the more positive their attitude was toward sex, the more they implicitly favored women. In concert, the findings help to explain sex differences in automatic in-group bias and underscore the uniqueness of gender for intergroup relations theorists.

Woe to the man who is forced to work or socialize with multiple wimminz. No matter how much they hate one another, they’ll always hate you more ferociously, and will instinctively work together to keep you in your place.

You Have Been Trolled…

…by Herbie Marcuse, bitch!


Twitter has done a passable job of shutting down my low-effort trolling, but Facebook is still good for a few laughs.


Does anyone know who the model is? If she actually authors erotica, I’d like to have her as a guest lecturer sometime.


Tamara and Rachel are both quality wimminz, worthy of your commitment. Wife them up pronto.


Practice your mad skillz here, and tell them Herbie sent you!

Who Can Ya Trust?

vangogh.prostituteAt right: Portrait of A Whore (Vincent van Gogh, 1885)

In light of the ongoing drama surrounding Lori Alexander’s shameless promotion of the truth, I thought we’d look at some of her critics and deconstruct their motivations. In the mean time, if a serious female (aside from Renee) ever does stumble into this hive of misogyny, she might find the following illumination somewhat helpful.

Most of us realize that we live in a deeply troubled society, and most people we run into are “on the make” in some way. Sister Lori has done a fair turn encouraging young women to look out for their own interests, by staying chaste, sober and debt free. Sister Lori’s critics seem to form a diverse panorama, with nothing in common save for a desire to see our young sisters fall into bad behavior. As there is a broad spectrum of different types of people screeching at the existence of good advice, it’s reasonable to assume that there will be diverse motivations behind the promotion of harlotry.

The Priest

I grew up being taught that Christians are scum. Nowhere is this truth more apparent than on twitter, where we find a Christian priest named Jarrid, who laments the fact that Sister Lori is warning the young women in his congregation, and derailing his plans to turn them out as prostitutes.


Why would a Christian priest oppose a decent woman’s warning to young girls? There are multiple possible reasons. In the first place, Christian priests are notorious for their own immoral behavior. A young sister must always beware of them. Christian priests are infamous for raping children, embezzling money from their own congregations, and sexing up the wives and daughters of their own parishioners. I believe that part of the motivation of these Christian leaders is a desire to have strange women on offer to them sexually.

Another motivation is financial. In order to understand this, one must see the difference between types of professions. Some men, like carpenters, take raw materials and add value, through their labor, to make things of beauty and value. Other men, like doctors, provide essential services that make our lives better. And then there are society’s parasites, who live without working. Some of these men buy and sell, while producing nothing. Others beg, act, or entertain. The Christian priest tends to be of this last type.

The Christian priest gravitates to his position because he is inherently shiftless and useless. He wants to live an easy life, without doing any productive work. We can think of other professions which are similarly adaptive, can’t we? The used car salesman, the divorce attorney, the drug dealer, the Hollywood actor, the pimp, and the telephone salesman also make their living by grifting. Our uncle, Karl Marx, made a detailed study of this class, and he called such people the bourgeoisie.

As a man who lives large at the expense of the productive workers in his congregation, the Christian priest doesn’t dare say anything controversial. That might reduce the money in the donation box. Heaven forbid he might have to get a real job, and shift for himself. Thus, his goal is to tell people what they want to hear, and to sell them the idea of salvation for money. His terror at the thought of working makes him too cowardly to do what Sister Lori does. She tells you the brutal truth, and in return, the Christian priest condemns her for it. He would rather you listen to his lies, so that you keep feeding him money. He is corrupt, and can not be trusted.

The Feminist

One might wonder, at this point, about the motivations of the feminists. They tend to be women, and while many of them are bulldykes, most of them seem too damaged to have a sexual desire for anyone – male or female. Moreover, most of them can’t be said to be profiting financially from your descent into immorality.


Kaylyn Whitley is a loud and proud skank-ho feminist, who has spent several days defaming Sister Lori on twitter. Kaylyn earlier claimed to be in a faculty position at a large Christian university, which ought to give context to Sister Lori’s warning about attending such places.

I see two interrelated motivations, for people like Kaylyn, who want you to fail. In the first place, misery loves company. Kaylyn is known only for her ugly demeanor, her embrace of radical feminism, and her garish, skank-ho tattoos. She is a completely useless individual, by anyone’s standards. Such people feel incredibly threatened by a pretty young sister, who is coming into her own, and who will maintain discipline. If you follow Sister Lori’s advice, you will be a visible reminder of Kaylyn’s failures. She hates you simply for existing.

Our uncle, Fred Nietzsche, called this phenomenon ressentiment. The weak hate the strong. The parasites hate the productive. The ugly hate the beautiful. Skank-ho feminists hate chaste, sensible sisters. This is the way of the world, and there is no force on earth that will ever change it.

Even more dangerous than creeps like Kaylyn, are feminists who keep their hatred and their bigotry under-the-radar. These women can often be quite attractive – at least on the surface. They hate you for a similar reason, but it’s distinct enough to mention separately.

To those women, you are competition.

Think about it. If you were a good earner, and you had two choices, which would you choose?

Choice No. 1 is a skank-ho feminist, who was filled with diseases, after years of riding strange dick and doing illegal drugs.

Choice No. 2 is a chaste, quiet, sweet girl who wants to be a good wife and mother.

The choice is obvious, and the feminist knows this. This is her motivation for getting you involved with drugs, alcohol, sex with playaz, and and a misdemeanor conviction for drunk-in-public. She wants your value on the market to be lower than hers.

(Nearly) All The Rest

Sad to say, but pretty much everyone else is on the make too. Here’s a quick rundown of all the other people you shouldn’t trust.

Your uncles and male cousins don’t give a shit about you. Your uncle will be glad if you turn into a tattooed skank, because he hates his brother (your pops) and because he has daughters of his own, and he’s on their side. You’re their competition for good earners.

Your brothers will like you turning into a ho’. They’re looking forward to fucking all your ho’ friends you meet at the frat parties. Make sure to bring them around.

Your neighbors all either want to fuck you or they want to land a better man than you. They’ll be glad you fail.

Your mother wants to live out all her ho’ fantasies through you. She feels “repressed” by your dad, and all. She’ll give you tips on which boys you should chase, and she might fuck some of them herself, when you’re not looking.

Men like me don’t give a shit about you. We might fuck you, but we’ll never commit to you.

So Who Can Ya Trust?

There are a worldwide maximum of three people you might be able to trust. Those include, and are limited to, your father, and your two grandfathers.

You are their direct descendant. You’re their financial liability. Your bad behavior reflects on them. For all these reasons, it is in their interest that you succeed in locking down a good earner, and become a competent wife and mother.

Now you know why the feminists have worked so tirelessly to strip these men from the lives of girls like you, through their punitive divorce laws and their embrace of harlotry.

If you don’t know your father well (and thanks to the skank-ho feminists, this is a common problem) then you should approach him, respectfully, and ask for his help. He is the only man in the world who you can trust.

And Finally…

If you’re reading this close to the publication date, make sure you go to Sister Lori’s blog or her facebook page, and thank her for her good work trolling the lunatics. Truly, she is a master troll, and her handiwork ought to be widely appreciated.

Advice For The Sisters

virginI’m no one to give advice to women, but I know sound advice when I see it. This is a salute to a cool female, who is doing her best to steer her sisters the right way, while providing the rest of us with mirth and laughter.

The meme at left is the work of a woman who calls herself Lori Alexander. Aspiring performance artists are encouraged to study it carefully. Note the photo of the woman, happy and smiling. Check that wide grin out. Is the model willfully mocking her feminist targets? Doesn’t her pose and expression simultaneously indicate both glee and superiority?

Look not only at the caption, but at the font style. What do you boys think about this?

Lori Alexander is clearly a master troll.

Sister Lori has kooky feminists (and their male auxiliary) crazed with rage, right now. The moans and cries of the feminists are, as always, a great pleasure to men such as we.

Example: A goony Christian priest named Jarrid Wilson responds by whining:

Screen Shot 2018-07-19 at 10.28.01

In case you wondered what Father Jarrid looked like, here’s the photo on his web page.


Do any serious women want a nu-male like this? Never mind the mullet, check out the earrings…

Sister Lori penned an article which paints in broad strokes, without nuance. I thought it’d be interesting to review the original work, and will do so now. My purpose here is clarification and disambiguation, rather than rebuttal.

Lori sez:

Do you know how much more attractive debt-free virgins (without tattoos) are to young men? Unfortunately, there are so few of these types of young women anymore because of the high costs of college (debt) and sexual promiscuity even within those in the church. As believers in Jesus Christ, we need to live in a way that is pleasing to Him because His ways are the best. He calls debt a burden and urges us to live lives of sexual purity.

As Earl reminds us, it is only some men who prefer debt free virgins. Ya boy Boxer, for example, shuns virgins wherever he finds them, and for good reason. Fucking them ruins one’s sheets. They get all attached and clingy. Nexting them tends to bring their male relatives out to beat your ass. It’s so much cleaner, nicer, and easier to fuck sluts.

Implicit in Lori’s article are two basic claims, and each is easily substantiated.

  1. Serious women are in very short supply.
  2. Serious women attract serious men.

If a sister cares about the good life, then she needs to make herself attractive to the types of men who will give her a good life. That sister will make an effort to be a good woman. She’ll work on being a competent mother and wife. She’ll also steer well clear of Boxer and his boys.

I suppose such a woman would be allowed to have premarital sex, but only after the man she couples with announces, in public, the date of their wedding. Such a man would already have bought her a ring, and he’d already have impressed her father and grandfathers. Granted, that man won’t “marry a virgin,” but I doubt he’ll complain too much.

Lori also encourages women to not attend college, and while I think it is generally good advice to stay away from the dopey queer-theory class at the state university, I don’t think college ought to be forbidden.

A sister who isn’t married at 20 might want to go to college, but she should always choose to go to a community college, while living at home, under the supervision of her father.

The best things to study at community college are nursing, accounting and pre-engineering. Despite what Lori says, a junior college is entirely doable without debt.

Community college is a sound choice, not only for its affordability, but also for the lack of whorish parties and other time-wasting nonsense on campus. Moreover, at a community college, a serious woman is quite likely to find a good man who will shortly wife her up.

Back to the meta-analysis…

Lori reminds us that as there are two types of men on offer, there are also two types of females. Serious women seek out serious men, and shun those who are just looking for short-term action. The other type of female, which we call skank-ho wimminz, are now so numerous that girls who want the good life have a tremendous advantage.

Where once a nice girl was competing against hundreds of women for a good earner, she’s now in demand, simply by existing. It’s entirely possible for a girl to launch herself into an upper-middle class life, simply by refusing to make the awful choices that the wimminz make. Such things include:

  • tattoos
  • drug use
  • alcohol
  • extramarital sex
  • debt
  • criminal nonsense

These are distinctly low-effort demands. All you really have to do is not offend your parents. Leapfrogging your way into a very good life is much more doable than it used to be.

As they have no salient points, nor any cogent rebuttal, the Christians, kooks and twitter feminists are currently mocking Sister Lori’s appearance. Here she is, in case you were wondering…


To me, she looks like a nice older lady. Her smile radiates modesty and femininity, and she poses proudly with her grandbaby, which suggests she has led a decent and disciplined life. In contrast, the Christian scumbags who are denouncing Lori as unattractive are themselves disgusting. There’s a Christian whore who has shaved her head, another Christian skank who is morbidly obese, and another Christian slut who sports garish skank-ho tattoos. Then there are the nu-males, most of them look more girly than their feminist sisters. Even with my low standards, I wouldn’t associate with any of them.

Young sisters should ask themselves which is the more productive path. If yours is the path of the tattooed Christian skank, who makes herself a laughingstock on the internet, then you have my pity. If you want to grow old with a man who adores you, enjoying grandchildren and a happy life, then you should follow Lori’s advice.

The Superiority of Russian Women

murderessThe fat wimminz at right is one Nataliia Karia, a skank-ho single mom, lately of Minnesota.

Karia is one of those Slavic beauties, who are lauded in places like Dalrock’s comment section, as being superior wife material. A young brother who makes that perilous journey, to bring back a wimminz from the orient, will someday have a boxy, moustachioed old fruitbat like this to come home to. That’s not a worry for Nataliia’s husband. She apparently divorced him years earlier, and gained custody of her son, Denys, thanks to the feminist divorce courts.

Not only is our blubbery Russic queen unattractive for physical and moral reasons, she is also seen above in her criminal trial. It seems that our heroine had some behavioral issues, which led to legal problems.

What did she do? It started out with her opening a daycare center. After aggressively advertising her competence at mothering nice American kids, she had a fairly profitable business underway.

In November of 2016, one of her clients arrived at the daycare to pick up his child. He was shocked and horrified to see that Nataliia had hung a sixteen-month old baby, by the neck, from a noose, and left the rest of the kids unsupervised.

The parent quickly phoned police and cut down the baby. Meanwhile, skank-ho single mom Nataliia drove away in her minivan. She apparently decided to play “carmageddon” as she drove through town. She was finally arrested after driving into at least three pedestrians, and was captured on a bridge, where she was theatrically threatening to kill herself.


As an aside, it’s almost comical to predict the inevitable attempted suicide of a wimminz, which is the feminist go-to tactic, after she is caught doing something heinous. These skanks are nothing if not predictable. In every case, these suicide attempts consist of taking harmless pills (benadryl is a favorite) or shouting from an observation deck.


In a healthier country (like Russia) this bitch would have likely been taken to jail, and after a quick trial, sentenced to life in a labor camp. Not so, in the United States. Here we have the cunt pass, and the cunt pass guarantees a light sentence for wimminz who try to kill folks, be it with a noose or with a car.

Nataliia was taken to the mental hospital, and treated with kid gloves. When she was finally certified to stand trial, over a year after her crimes, she made a big production about how the strangulation and the vehicular bashings were all her ex-husband’s fault. Her husband, who lives in Russia, and hasn’t seen Nataliia in many years, was unavailable for comment. Even so, the press ran with her version of a motive.

From the Minneapolis Star Tribune:

Karia, who fought back tears and low sobs throughout the hearing, read a statement in Russian spelling out in great detail the abuses she alleges her husband inflicted upon her and her children since they arrived to the United States from Ukraine in 2006. She said he hit and threatened to kill her, drove the family into financial ruin, forced her to work despite her psychological struggles and prevented her from getting medical attention.

“I don’t want to push this terrible crime onto my husband. I just want to explain what happened,” she said, her words interpreted to English. “Your Honor, my children need me … Give me a chance to resume a normal life.”

Upon learning she was pregnant with another daughter, she told the court, her husband punched her in the stomach for not giving him a son.

She closed with a promise to follow probation and added, “I thank God nobody died.”

Of course, it’s all her ex-husband’s fault! Thanks to a simp judge named Jay M Quam, our heroine will get no jailtime. It is the cunt pass to the rescue, once again.

Wouldn’t you like to marry a lovely Russian wimminz, boys? I didn’t think so. Look for Nataliia to string up some more babies in the future, and never forget the feminists and their simps, who are responsible for this lunacy.

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