The Vindication of Lori Alexander


The graph above supports Lori Alexander’s claim, that quality men prefer to marry chaste women.

Alexander has proven herself a very astute and top-quality troll. Her posts elicit various responses from immoral Christians, ranging from insulting her appearance, to denouncing her as a sexist bigot. The one topic her critics seem unable to touch is her original claim repeated here, that high-quality men don’t want to marry a tattooed skank, with five figures of frivolous debt.

What few people do is explain the correlative links between the instinctive choice of men, in favor of chaste women, to the reason such women make better partners. Men more easily trust women who aren’t whores. There are good reasons for this, which feminists dare not address.

Before I continue, I’ll admit that I’m speaking in broad generalities. One of the more interesting manosphere writers married a single mother, and adopted her kid. This is perfectly acceptable, according to old-school rules of healthy patriarchal society. Even so, most of us realize that this is not the ideal. That guy doesn’t like me too well, so he probably won’t show up and explain the circumstances. My assumption is that he makes marriage look easy on his blog, when in reality, he has had to work very hard at building a home and life for his family. A young man can take on such a challenge if he chooses to do so, and I won’t mock him for it; but, I also won’t be surprised when I hear it all collapses around him, a few years later.

While traditional men of the manosphere often go to absurd lengths to fetishize virginity, there is a valid argument that holds virginity as a practical marker for a certain constellation of qualities, which make a woman a good wife and mother. The most notable of these is self-discipline. A skank-ho who fucks anyone, and breeds children for everyone, is not a good choice for a wife. To the point, a man wants to know the biological origin of his children, and that’s going to be more difficult with a wimminz who has a long history of fucking random strangers.

It is perfectly cool to be like Scott, and make a well-informed choice to adopt a child, bringing it de jure into your own family line. What is not cool is allowing a nasty skank to pass off Jeremy Meeks’ offspring as yours, unbeknownst to you. Feminists will shame wary men as being “weak” and “insecure.” In fact, such men are refusing to be swindled, and are actually the opposite of weak and insecure. They know their worth. Moreover, they’re being rational, rather than emotional, in rejecting the ho’. This is a sign of moral strength.

There are inherent risks involved in marriage, and thanks to the endless efforts of feminists, nearly all the costs of failure are offset onto men. When a man marries, he voluntarily walks a tightrope. The quality of his woman is roughly analogous to the height and condition of the tightrope.


You can marry a virgin, who was raised in an intact family, with a decent father-figure. Consider this marriage a well-maintained rope, that’s hung four feet off the ground. You can marry a skank-ho slut, who has fucked hundreds of men, with a history of IV drug use. This rope is frayed, slack, and hangs between hirise office towers downtown. Each of these marriages has a very real chance of dissolution, however, one choice is markedly riskier than the other.

Wise men deliberate at length about such things, and wise women know it. Lori Alexander’s good advice, directed at our sisters, merely acknowledged these realities.

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9 thoughts on “The Vindication of Lori Alexander”

  1. ‘The one topic her critics seem unable to touch is her original claim repeated here, that high-quality men don’t want to marry a tattooed skank, with five figures of frivolous debt.’

    I still find it amazing how women went straight from what men prefer for marriage to ‘How dare you judge women….God loves everyone!’

    It’s the simple case again of…if you can’t refute the point of the argument, you go off road like saying something like that or insulting the person to make people forget the point. The only thing missing in Lori’s case is that she hasn’t been accused of being a homosexual yet.

  2. Also a comment from a fella on Lori’s website…if I ever met a woman who mentioned something she knew would cause a bad marriage, she’d definitely would have my attention as wife material. These are the types of statements from the heart that lessen the risk to a guy who’s considering taking that big plunge.

    Before we were married my wife worked at a top of the line company. One day, in my frustration, I asked her why she would not better herself with graduate school because she could have gone to almost any school she preferred. She responded by pointing out that every woman that she worked with and had a graduate degree also had a bad marriage, and she didn’t want a bad marriage. I was amazed at the depth and wisdom of her answer. I was humbled in a good way by her answer. To this day, now as my wife, the reason we can afford for her to stay home with our kids is because she has no debt.

  3. When we were in our late 20’s both my brother and myself had the experience of being chased by multiple single-moms. All of them were very pretty we both came close to making mistakes, but our MOTHER (our father gave the worst advice ever on any topic you’d care to pick) took us each aside and gave us the straight talk we needed. I have told her thanks on more than more occasion.

    Single-moms seemed to outnumber single-no-kids girls in my social/work circle at one point, as I was hanging out with people usually 5-8 years older than myself. They’d chase you and treat you very well; whereas single girls wanted you to chase and spend money on them.

  4. ‘How dare you judge women….God loves everyone!’
    Yes and no. Because God loves everyone he had to do judge us. According to the word, human beings beings exhibited without sin we were created to exit without sin. At the end of revelations look what the Lord would categorize human beings into two group to go to exist in eternity with sin and those of us that eternity with him. He took trying to get it back to our natural state. He He much judge us so that sin did not continue to corrupt humanity.

  5. I’m glad you recognize that…my point wasn’t that God loves us so that means he doesn’t judge us….my point was these women took any judgement from a man as an insult because they think God doesn’t judge them.

  6. Of course single mothers chase men…they are trying to look for some successful man to bail them out of their mess.

    One tried to hint that to me (even though she had 3 other guys around her orbit)…I said ‘nah’.

  7. My point was a lot of women and hipster Christians of both genders believe that true love comes without judgment. When God said those I love I Chasen

  8. Yes, but the attention they give you can be very agreeable. As a “good guy” in my late teens and early twenties, I got burned several times by girls who dropped me for “exciting jerk-boys”.

    After college, I really only had one single-no-kids girl chase me hard, but she had some medical issues (horrible migraines linked to her period) that were too much for me. She was basically out of working order for 4-5 days every month.

  9. When God said those I love I Chasen

    Exactly. Unfortunately, this, along with much else, has been removed from the churchian Bible because it’s offensive to modern, worldly sensibilities.

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