Wimminz: Not Too Big To Fail

Obsidian directs this monologue specifically to black men; but in my experience, the bailing out of irresponsible wimminz is a general problem.

Mormon wimminz are the whitest wimminz in the world. Mormon men are routinely called upon to cut the yards and take out the trash for these skank-ho bitches. We need to take a lesson from our black brothers, and just say “no” to the ho’.

Author: Boxer

Secret King of all Gamma Males, Member of Frankfurt School, Your Fave Contrarian!

2 thoughts on “Wimminz: Not Too Big To Fail”

  1. He’s right about women and the welfare mind state. It’s not just gubmint handouts…it’s about basically everything in society giving wimminz a bailout for their destructive behaviors…so they are going to often engage and prefer destructive behaviors. They’ll choose men like that too.

  2. I found a local church up in here in Santa Rosa that does have a unique mens ministry. Its a very small group of men that volunteer to help old men living alone with laundry, shopping, bathing, helping with paperwork for Medi-Cal / MediCaid……keeping their house / apartment clean. Meal prep. I submitted my background check to them, and I will have to take a training on safety (abuse and care) which won’t be a problem. It’s an Assembly of God church. It is volunteer and they work for a bit with the volunteer and the man who will be getting the care to make sure its a match. It’s not a daily thing, usually three to five hours once a week.

    The brother that runs it is devout in prayer and is a retired RN nurse. I went to the church service this past Sunday and didn’t like the “we can’t judge anyone, ever, ever, ever message” but this ministry I do like, so I will get involved here.

    My Gifts of service through Christ now only go to help old men and young boys.


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