Wimminz in The Non-Place


A few days ago, I was offered free tickets to another continent. I decided to grab them and go. I just got back home. It was exhausting, thrilling, and all-round just fantastic.

I am able to do such stuff because I am a single man, beholden to no one, with a disposable income and the freedom to do such stuff. Life is good, and love is always over in the morning.

Author: Boxer

Sinister All-Male Dancer. Secret King of all Gamma Males. Member of Frankfurt School. Your Fave Contrarian!

3 thoughts on “Wimminz in The Non-Place”

  1. Where did the free tickets take you?

    Well, I called ’em “free,” but that’s not really accurate. I went to Bogotá. I had to read a paper when I got there.

    It’s winter in South America, and the city is up in the mountains, so despite being located just off the equator, the weather was incredibly pleasant: dry, cool and sunny.

    Colombians have a range of looks from Indian to Southern European. The women tend to be taller and thinner than Mexican chicks, and quite attractive. Unfortunately they also seem to be quite conceited and materialistic. I don’t know if I would encourage young men to visit Colombia for the bitches, but the capital city is a great place.


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