You Have Been Trolled…

…by Herbie Marcuse, bitch!


Twitter has done a passable job of shutting down my low-effort trolling, but Facebook is still good for a few laughs.


Does anyone know who the model is? If she actually authors erotica, I’d like to have her as a guest lecturer sometime.


Tamara and Rachel are both quality wimminz, worthy of your commitment. Wife them up pronto.


Practice your mad skillz here, and tell them Herbie sent you!

Author: Boxer

Sinister All-Male Dancer. Secret King of all Gamma Males. Member of Frankfurt School. Your Fave Contrarian!

7 thoughts on “You Have Been Trolled…”

  1. This lady is a whack job. [for having common sense]
    The truth hurts, doesn’t it Tamara?
    And what “truth” might that be?
    That marriageable women exist, and you’re not one of them.

    Inspiring trolling! I must say; I don’t think I could do better. That one was pure gold. It was almost like she was duped into helping you by setting you up for your punchline. Silly girls. She probably had to eat half a gallon of chocolate ice-cream, with her cats, to recover from that truth bomb. Silly girls. Fierce, Independent, and stinking of litter box!

  2. ‘Tamara and Rachel are both quality wimminz, worthy of your commitment. Wife them up pronto.’

    I’ll hook them up with Pastor Whitney and Pastor Jarrid. They are better Christians than I.

  3. Herbie trolls well and what you should do for both men and women.

    If women are wailing and gnashing teeth…she’s not the marriagable type. She wants her pill, thrill, and shrill.

    If simps are lamenting about how unChristian everyone is…his gf/wife is the pill, thrill, shrill type who had a few secret king of the gammas in her body.

  4. ‘Does anyone know who the model is?’

    I don’t but I would ask Leah how she knows (trolling). It would be like a guy announcing proudly to the world he knows that obscure woman is a porn star…how do you know, buddy?

  5. Good work by that guy. Facebook has been expunged of most red-pill thought in my experience. Now it’s just beta males circle jerking on the faces of fat feminazis.

  6. Matt Scheffer aka “The Human Tampon” aka “Jesus Without The Toxic Masculinity”, is disappointed that a nice grandma is advocating for a chaste, debt-free, tattoo-free type of womanhood, because why? Because he married a skank-ho, debt-ridden, painted “lady”.

  7. I second Sharkly, those are inspiring!
    So sharp, and yet pregnant with opportunities to repent for the recipients. That’s key to me, just not anger or snark, but a tough but loving engagement.!

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