Advice For The Sisters

virginI’m no one to give advice to women, but I know sound advice when I see it. This is a salute to a cool female, who is doing her best to steer her sisters the right way, while providing the rest of us with mirth and laughter.

The meme at left is the work of a woman who calls herself Lori Alexander. Aspiring performance artists are encouraged to study it carefully. Note the photo of the woman, happy and smiling. Check that wide grin out. Is the model willfully mocking her feminist targets? Doesn’t her pose and expression simultaneously indicate both glee and superiority?

Look not only at the caption, but at the font style. What do you boys think about this?

Lori Alexander is clearly a master troll.

Sister Lori has kooky feminists (and their male auxiliary) crazed with rage, right now. The moans and cries of the feminists are, as always, a great pleasure to men such as we.

Example: A goony Christian priest named Jarrid Wilson responds by whining:

Screen Shot 2018-07-19 at 10.28.01

In case you wondered what Father Jarrid looked like, here’s the photo on his web page.


Do any serious women want a nu-male like this? Never mind the mullet, check out the earrings…

Sister Lori penned an article which paints in broad strokes, without nuance. I thought it’d be interesting to review the original work, and will do so now. My purpose here is clarification and disambiguation, rather than rebuttal.

Lori sez:

Do you know how much more attractive debt-free virgins (without tattoos) are to young men? Unfortunately, there are so few of these types of young women anymore because of the high costs of college (debt) and sexual promiscuity even within those in the church. As believers in Jesus Christ, we need to live in a way that is pleasing to Him because His ways are the best. He calls debt a burden and urges us to live lives of sexual purity.

As Earl reminds us, it is only some men who prefer debt free virgins. Ya boy Boxer, for example, shuns virgins wherever he finds them, and for good reason. Fucking them ruins one’s sheets. They get all attached and clingy. Nexting them tends to bring their male relatives out to beat your ass. It’s so much cleaner, nicer, and easier to fuck sluts.

Implicit in Lori’s article are two basic claims, and each is easily substantiated.

  1. Serious women are in very short supply.
  2. Serious women attract serious men.

If a sister cares about the good life, then she needs to make herself attractive to the types of men who will give her a good life. That sister will make an effort to be a good woman. She’ll work on being a competent mother and wife. She’ll also steer well clear of Boxer and his boys.

I suppose such a woman would be allowed to have premarital sex, but only after the man she couples with announces, in public, the date of their wedding. Such a man would already have bought her a ring, and he’d already have impressed her father and grandfathers. Granted, that man won’t “marry a virgin,” but I doubt he’ll complain too much.

Lori also encourages women to not attend college, and while I think it is generally good advice to stay away from the dopey queer-theory class at the state university, I don’t think college ought to be forbidden.

A sister who isn’t married at 20 might want to go to college, but she should always choose to go to a community college, while living at home, under the supervision of her father.

The best things to study at community college are nursing, accounting and pre-engineering. Despite what Lori says, a junior college is entirely doable without debt.

Community college is a sound choice, not only for its affordability, but also for the lack of whorish parties and other time-wasting nonsense on campus. Moreover, at a community college, a serious woman is quite likely to find a good man who will shortly wife her up.

Back to the meta-analysis…

Lori reminds us that as there are two types of men on offer, there are also two types of females. Serious women seek out serious men, and shun those who are just looking for short-term action. The other type of female, which we call skank-ho wimminz, are now so numerous that girls who want the good life have a tremendous advantage.

Where once a nice girl was competing against hundreds of women for a good earner, she’s now in demand, simply by existing. It’s entirely possible for a girl to launch herself into an upper-middle class life, simply by refusing to make the awful choices that the wimminz make. Such things include:

  • tattoos
  • drug use
  • alcohol
  • extramarital sex
  • debt
  • criminal nonsense

These are distinctly low-effort demands. All you really have to do is not offend your parents. Leapfrogging your way into a very good life is much more doable than it used to be.

As they have no salient points, nor any cogent rebuttal, the Christians, kooks and twitter feminists are currently mocking Sister Lori’s appearance. Here she is, in case you were wondering…


To me, she looks like a nice older lady. Her smile radiates modesty and femininity, and she poses proudly with her grandbaby, which suggests she has led a decent and disciplined life. In contrast, the Christian scumbags who are denouncing Lori as unattractive are themselves disgusting. There’s a Christian whore who has shaved her head, another Christian skank who is morbidly obese, and another Christian slut who sports garish skank-ho tattoos. Then there are the nu-males, most of them look more girly than their feminist sisters. Even with my low standards, I wouldn’t associate with any of them.

Young sisters should ask themselves which is the more productive path. If yours is the path of the tattooed Christian skank, who makes herself a laughingstock on the internet, then you have my pity. If you want to grow old with a man who adores you, enjoying grandchildren and a happy life, then you should follow Lori’s advice.

Author: Boxer

Sinister All-Male Dancer. Secret King of all Gamma Males. Member of Frankfurt School. Your Fave Contrarian!

17 thoughts on “Advice For The Sisters”

  1. ‘In case you wondered what Father Jarrid looked like’

    You could make the case with the earrings and gold chain he’s either a chad or a numale trying to look like a chad.

  2. Okay…..I think its a good meme in principle.

    Is that picture of the actual owner / poster of this?

    Look, I have gone to Christian dating sites in my past…..and the ads, pictures in the mastheads…all very good looking men and women. Really nice teeth. Hollywood hair….

    Then the reality.

    Most are average, below average……..and I am not talking about the women who rode the carousel. I am talking about the virginal, no tattoos, God fearing women. Many of these women are very Elenor Roosevelt looking….even at their young age. They like teddy bears at the age 27, are frumpy and are not slender in a field of grass just waiting for a “Christian man” like yourself to come and marry them………..the woman in this picture would not date an average Christian man. She still would want the guy who skydives on weekends, has the Hollywood looks, a really good job in the local church, or is the strapping, young….way above average looking pastor.

    The same goes for Christian webpages about dating…..every man in the pics looks like a Brad Pitt Bible wielding stud. All the women are gorgeous.

    The reality is……..far far different…….

    As much as I do agree in principle with the meme….the reality is still WAY off

  3. Serious women are in short supply. Attractive serious women are in even shorter supply. If you can find an average to moderately unattractive, but serious, woman*, it’s still a win.

    Have you noticed how every husband thinks his wife is the most beautiful, even if she’s the ugliest thing you’ve ever seen? The woman who respects her husband, does his laundry, makes him dinner, and takes him to bed is the most beautiful thing in the world. That’s reality. Go for the serious woman.

    * Women who choose to be unattractive are not the same as serious women who happen to be so by no fault of their own (e.g. genetics).

  4. Understood Derek…but this girl in the meme, is that her the one who wrote n posted it???? Is it a photo from “shuttertock”

    Go type “christian man” in google images…….you would think every Christian man is strapping, walked out of a “Hallmark made for TV movie” is never over the age of 28, always reading his Bible under a tree in a park….

    The reality is WAY different………

    Same goes for the women……… the images of “Christian woman” you would think every beleieving woman under the age of 40 is modest, has no tattoos, is perfectly fit, (cough) virginal and ‘holy’

    The reality is WAY different inside the church. Whenever I see these types of pic on a Christian webpage, blog, article…I always say “Where are and who are the blazes are these people” because this is not the reality at all.

    Kind of like “1984” where ol’ Winston Smith in the propaganda posters showed all these gorgeous tall, healthy, attractive people in “The Party” yet the reality he noticed one day at lunch….short, mole-like, balding, fat men, and angry, harpy, frumpy women

  5. “As if a house that been infested with rats, caught fire and then sank into a swamp is worth less than a house that hasn’t gone through those things…”

  6. If Pastor Chad wants to man up and live in the bombed out, depleted house…nobody is going to stop him. Doesn’t mean I or any other aware man has to.

  7. This country would be way better off if these types of Christians went on permanent third world “mission trips”. They don’t get to come back to they’ve fixed everything in those shit-hole countries they keep importing immi-vaders from, which means they’ll never come back.

  8. If a sister cares about the good life, then she needs to make herself attractive to the types of men who will give her a good life.

    It it obvious. It is simple. But it is not what they want to hear

  9. Also read proverbs 5 and makes sure you are not like her….

  10. Forgot two items, don’t be fat for your country (i.e. less than 160lbs in USA, 115 in Asia) and be courteous to all people. I find the older I am, the more attention I have been getting (even over wall age and obviously taken) simply by following this list. Very odd, as I was quite invisible in my teens/early 20s.

    Also, it is great to throw it in the faces of people proud of being “original” and “true to themselves” that I am far more rare than they are. And more revolutionary! And more rebellious! And truly rejecting of societal norms! And a better Feminist^tm by working in a 90% male industry (stem), being the VP of a small business, and rejecting makeup, hair dye, and piercings!!! It’s one of my favorite games…

  11. And to clarify, the feminist credentials are a load of )*#+. I am suited to my job tempermentally and intellectually. I hate social “collaborative” jobs, so I can restrict social contact to email and our lovely PLM system. Also, no HR, no women beyond vendors, and working remotely… Paradise.

  12. Most would not go…. after all what’s the point of honoring God if you can put it on your Instagram

  13. Christianity and the Boy Scouts have followed very similar trajectories over the last decade or two.

    Used to be you had to put some effort into getting a merit badge, now they have them for video games. Is tweeting hate/snark at grandmas now considered among the “good works” Christians are supposed to do in God’s name?

  14. Take heed, but in the last days men will not be able to stand sound doctrine but will rather follow after Seducing spirits and doctrines of Devils
    Sara we are living in the day of Pharisees. People want their fire insurance and then they don’t want to talk to God again until they need something. People don’t want to read their Bible be they feel like they won’t be responsible for it if they don’t. I was going to ask her for a couple months I said that the church is more important then your family. And that marriage is not for women …. I thought with God for two months about leaving. But it wasn’t until my pastor said that he gave a ridiculous amount of money to missions but he and his wife did not get paid a month that I decided to leave for good. I am so sick of people competing foolish stupidity for Christianity
    Also his oldest daughter was a baby mama. With no husband. And told me that I had to get rid of my cerebral palsy before I could ever get married

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