The Superiority of Russian Women

murderessThe fat wimminz at right is one Nataliia Karia, a skank-ho single mom, lately of Minnesota.

Karia is one of those Slavic beauties, who are lauded in places like Dalrock’s comment section, as being superior wife material. A young brother who makes that perilous journey, to bring back a wimminz from the orient, will someday have a boxy, moustachioed old fruitbat like this to come home to. That’s not a worry for Nataliia’s husband. She apparently divorced him years earlier, and gained custody of her son, Denys, thanks to the feminist divorce courts.

Not only is our blubbery Russic queen unattractive for physical and moral reasons, she is also seen above in her criminal trial. It seems that our heroine had some behavioral issues, which led to legal problems.

What did she do? It started out with her opening a daycare center. After aggressively advertising her competence at mothering nice American kids, she had a fairly profitable business underway.

In November of 2016, one of her clients arrived at the daycare to pick up his child. He was shocked and horrified to see that Nataliia had hung a sixteen-month old baby, by the neck, from a noose, and left the rest of the kids unsupervised.

The parent quickly phoned police and cut down the baby. Meanwhile, skank-ho single mom Nataliia drove away in her minivan. She apparently decided to play “carmageddon” as she drove through town. She was finally arrested after driving into at least three pedestrians, and was captured on a bridge, where she was theatrically threatening to kill herself.


As an aside, it’s almost comical to predict the inevitable attempted suicide of a wimminz, which is the feminist go-to tactic, after she is caught doing something heinous. These skanks are nothing if not predictable. In every case, these suicide attempts consist of taking harmless pills (benadryl is a favorite) or shouting from an observation deck.


In a healthier country (like Russia) this bitch would have likely been taken to jail, and after a quick trial, sentenced to life in a labor camp. Not so, in the United States. Here we have the cunt pass, and the cunt pass guarantees a light sentence for wimminz who try to kill folks, be it with a noose or with a car.

Nataliia was taken to the mental hospital, and treated with kid gloves. When she was finally certified to stand trial, over a year after her crimes, she made a big production about how the strangulation and the vehicular bashings were all her ex-husband’s fault. Her husband, who lives in Russia, and hasn’t seen Nataliia in many years, was unavailable for comment. Even so, the press ran with her version of a motive.

From the Minneapolis Star Tribune:

Karia, who fought back tears and low sobs throughout the hearing, read a statement in Russian spelling out in great detail the abuses she alleges her husband inflicted upon her and her children since they arrived to the United States from Ukraine in 2006. She said he hit and threatened to kill her, drove the family into financial ruin, forced her to work despite her psychological struggles and prevented her from getting medical attention.

“I don’t want to push this terrible crime onto my husband. I just want to explain what happened,” she said, her words interpreted to English. “Your Honor, my children need me … Give me a chance to resume a normal life.”

Upon learning she was pregnant with another daughter, she told the court, her husband punched her in the stomach for not giving him a son.

She closed with a promise to follow probation and added, “I thank God nobody died.”

Of course, it’s all her ex-husband’s fault! Thanks to a simp judge named Jay M Quam, our heroine will get no jailtime. It is the cunt pass to the rescue, once again.

Wouldn’t you like to marry a lovely Russian wimminz, boys? I didn’t think so. Look for Nataliia to string up some more babies in the future, and never forget the feminists and their simps, who are responsible for this lunacy.

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23 thoughts on “The Superiority of Russian Women”

  1. she’s 43? She’s five years younger than me! The people she ran over? Where’s their justice? What about the toddler? The other children…if this were a man………….oh, at this point I can’t even say it!

  2. No jail time for attempted infanticide not counting the wanton endangerment for the other children and the vehicular assaults , but if a man is late with an alimony payment it’s pound-him-in-the-ass prison until he can cough it up.

    I wonder what the hanged infant’s parents are doing about this?

    Anyway, just more evidence that AWALT is a truism that every man young or old needs to learn sooner rather than later.

  3. Perhaps I’m a little slow…I don’t get how her ex-husband abusing her justifies her trying to kill a toddler and run over people.

    This continues to set the dangerous precedent of the p-pass and a corrupt justice system…just claim your husband was the worst offender of mankind so the white knight can go white knight and you pretty much get away with any crime you please.

  4. Oh come on! All single Christian men (and all men) have to do is “vet” out women…….make sure she is smoking hot, and she has the tingles for you a billion percent and find a NAWALT. Easy. They’re everywhere! Just ask the men who married one.


  5. Where’s Jeff Strand when you need him to tell us how simple it is?

  6. Don’t forget Joe, his wife pursues sex and doesn’t say no.
    You all mentioned the toddler. There is a guy who had a rod in his leg that she broke. No quotes about what he is thinking about the judge’s sentence. I might be okay with probation if the court system broke her leg and an arm for the other people.

  7. And there’s the ultimate man’s man…the Toad. With his bevy of ninja wives.

    I wonder if he’s gained any new wives through intercourse only.

  8. Where’s Jeff Strand when you need him to tell us how simple it is?

    I invited Jeff Strand here personally. He’s always welcome to troll Catholics, Jews, Mormons, incels, and everyone else in this post code. He just has to show up.

  9. How is she not in jail but Jeff skulking is?

    Hell, I dunno. I don’t even know who Jeff Skulking is. One thing I do know… I know I need to hurry up and buy a nice Russian girl. They make the best wives, mothers and daycare center operators.

  10. Jeff Skilling is the Enron fall Enron . Russian women probably make good mob employees. Because they wot never end up going to jail…..

  11. Jeff Skilling is the Enron fall Enron . Russian women probably make good mob employees. Because they wot never end up going to jail…..

    So many women are able to do this, that it’s only surprising when one gets suitably punished.

    Hell, you could probably shoot someone in the middle of 5th avenue, and after crying some tears, be plea-bargained down to jaywalking.

    Not that you should risk it, but it seems distinctly possible.


  12. There’s a little more to it than crying tears.

    She has to make sure to blame a man for causing her to shoot innocent people. Any man will do. Her husband, her father, the patriarchy, the secret king of gamma males.

  13. My admin in my job….her boyfriend is “Russian” and I met him a few days ago. His name is Boris (lol, had to laugh at that) and he showed up to pick her up in an Adidas track suit (more laughs) but he’s a guys guy. Masculine looking. Ruggedly handsome. He saw my last name on my nameplate on my shirt. He pronounced it perfectly. He speaks Polish, but made a backhanded compliment about me being Polish…….

    Looks like a hoodlum that probably is in some sorta-illegal activities. Who knows. My admin…..she’s okay for her age (she is about a year younger than me) but used that body part between her legs to snag this guy for the meantime. I did say on my first day of work here to her “I think we should dress up for work”. She did show up in low (appropriate) heels the next day and the blouse was modest. I am sure she griped to “Boris the boyfriend” and he probably agreed with me, hence the change.

  14. Being half Mennonite, and living among them, I feel it is my tribal duty to stick up for mustachioed mamas.

    Was I the only guy who stood up in the theater after that, turned around and said; “What y’all laughing about? show some respect for the ladies in here!”

  15. Wow I still Wouldn’t do it. As never been arrested is on my bucket list

  16. And what’s with the crying?

    “Is she crying? Are you crying, Nataliia? There’s no crying in attempted infanticide. THERE’S NO CRYING IN ATTEMPTED INFANTICIDE!!!”

  17. Surely her tears prove she is remorseful for trying to hang a kid and run over people…let her go.

  18. Frankly, the “THERE”S NO CRYING IN BASEBALL!!!” should be the default response for all wimmenz when they try to invade male spaces/fields and start crying when no one is just giving them what men have to work for.


    But is guess Feminism is an actual thing so …

  19. …….there still is no crying allowed in baseball. thank goodness for that! Go SF Giants

  20. I’ve worked with Russian dudes in Africa and the A-stan. They didn’t seem to be fond of their country women

    I have seen frogein born wives work out. I know 5 guys who married chicks from the same extended family. All pretty much mail ordered all seem very happy many years later.

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