9 thoughts on “Perils of The Elderly Playa”

      1. How and what ways Marxist Feminism was used to take down the Patriarchy.

      2. There’s no such thing as “Marxist Feminism.” It’s a fake term used by 1960s era feminists to try and give their insane delusions some sort of serious philosophical base. Women (as a whole) don’t understand Marx, for the same reasons they don’t understand St. Paul. It’s not that they’re stupid. It’s just that they’re evolved to do things other than philosophy.

      3. They may not understand Marx…but they understand what they need to use to bring down men.

        I’m not sure Karl ever thought about using prostitution or promiscuity to bring down capitalism.

  1. Dear Earl:

    Apparently “Catholic Feminism” is a thing, too.

    Welcome to the Catholic Feminist, a podcast for Jesus-loving women who want to be inspired, involved, and intentional. Each week, we speak with women who are living out their faith in a radical, real way.


    Wimminz must know that their movement is base instinct, entirely stripped of any theoretical trappings, given their endless pursuit of riding the coattails of intellectual and social movements (all of which were founded by men).


    1. @Boxer…

      Yes I knew Catholic Feminism existed…both from the book ‘Ungodly Rage’ and talking to some of them via Twitter. These feminists would flat out reject the word of God in order to live this Satanic ethos.


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