Chaos: Mother of Order

Rothko: UntitledBeing the slacker that I am, I didn’t get around to the mailbox until today, and I found a month’s worth of messages. Ya boy Boxer loves each and every one of you, and if he doesn’t reply, it’s not that he was busy, it’s that he was lazy.

Last month, a reader was good enough to write in and warn us all about the dangers of dating a single mother. I figured it was worth discussing, long after receipt.

besser spät als nie

Our brother, we’ll call him Jim, hails from an American town on the southern border with Mexico. Jim’s kin are native to the area, and the troublemaking skank-ho is a recent arrival, from way out east. Here’s the story, in all its gruesome glory.


So, what are the high points of Jim’s interaction with this wimminz? Here’s how I see it…

  1. Jim did not beg or cry when the slut ghosted out.
  2. Jim did not take the wandering slut back when she reappeared.
  3. Jim must have called the slut out for disappearing, since…
  4. Jim correctly deconstructed the slut’s flimsy excuse for disappearing.

These are the hallmarks of excellent gamesmanship. It’s not absolutely imperative that a brother reject a returning ho’, but allowing a skank to re-enter orbit without penalty will mark him as a chump. The wimminz will correctly perceive him as someone she can cat around on without consequence.

If you do decide to resume banging a wayward slut, always make sure she knows that her potential for commitment went from low to zero, the minute she decided to chase another man’s dick.

Now, lets go through the mistakes Jim clearly made, that we might all become better playaz.

In the first place, Brother Jim admits he met this ho’ online, and that he set up a date with her in his dusty little border town, where everyone knows everyone, and nobody can keep her mouth shut. This is a recipe for disaster.

Within a day’s ride of my grandfather’s little Mormon town, out in the middle of nowhere, there was, way back in the day, a house of prostitution. None of the old boys in Mormonville would ever admit to having gone there, but the cathouse seemed to prosper nonetheless, and the wimminz inside seemed to magically produce an income that kept them in fine clothes and accoutrements.

My grandfather may have had occasion to sample the wares there, but if he did so, no one ever talked about it. Distance, discretion, and the gentleman’s pact kept such visits secret.

Your online dating app is the contemporary equivalent of the low-price whorehouse of yesteryear. If you are going to patronize the hoez therein, do so out of sight of those friends and neighbors, upon whom your reputation depends.

In the next place, Jim caught feelings for this skank, after banging her a couple of times. He also bought her dinner on the first date.

None of this is inexcusable, but all of it is dangerous.

Feelings of affection are a mark of commitment, and they are properly meted out to the deserving. Your mother, grandmother, sister, daughter and wife deserve such feelings, provided they are not overtly unworthy. Skank-ho sluts you meet on Tinder merit nothing.

You can buy a skank dinner if you want; but doing so tends to place you in the role of worshipful supplicant, and gives her an unearned ego-boost.

I would argue that single mothers are especially undeserving of any sort of gift. Free meals, flowers, and favors are misspent on such wimminz.

The typical single mom is a wimminz who is not to be trusted. She ran a man through the divorce courts, and stole all his money. In reality, she should be buying you dinner.

Third is the issue of her leeching off her daughter and son-in-law, who is depicted as being in some sort of military or law-enforcement job. That is the man to whom this woman rightly belongs. Under the old rules of patriarchy, you should probably approach her son-in-law for permission to date her.

Under those old rules, her being in his house would necessitate her doing something to earn her keep. She’d be required to mend his socks, make his bed, and cook his meals. The fact that she’s skanking around on Tinder, when she should be supporting the man’s house, shows you just how serious a woman she is.

Fourth and most serious is the fact that this wimminz has been asked to leave her son-in-law’s house. We can easily come up with a plausible reason, given what we already know. She was on Tinder, when she should have been tending house. She probably brought some strange men to her son-in-law’s home to fuck. Even if she didn’t, it sounds like she now has a reputation. No doubt the mechanics of the small-town gossip machine suitably embarrassed this man, and he no longer feels like paying her way, while she lives without working.

Given what we know, I’d say that skanky ought to be thanking her son-in-law for his hospitality, rather than whining and playing the victim to strangers like Jim. Moreover, Jim should be grateful that he didn’t get entangled with this filthy wimminz. The mother-in-law joke is not for nothing. It’s not inconceivable for her to be such a meddlesome cunt that a career soldier wouldn’t go out to the garage, get his AK-47, and solve the troublemaker’s problem in a permanent fashion. Anyone connected to her might also vanish.


While I’m the whitest mofo you’ve ever seen, this blog is not directed at people of any race, religion or ethnicity. This is a survival guide for men, and all men are welcome here.

On this same topic, one can detect an air of worship of the white wimminz, emanating from our brother’s darkly visage. There is an inversion of this in white dudes who idealize Latinas and Asian chicks.

I have fucked plenty of bronze colored Latina chicks, of Jim’s basic hue, and I can attest to the fact that white wimminz are not any better than his own. The brutal truth is that all wimminz are the same. The black wimminz might want fancy weave and nails, while the white wimminz will likely want Gucci and Prada clothes. The common denominator is that they want you to open up your wallet, and foot the bill for all this shit. They want you to pay, despite the fact that they have endlessly agitated for rights to vote, rights to social services that are unavailable to men, and preferences in employment. They want you to pay despite the fact that they do nothing to earn such rewards.

After living as a parasite on the back of her son-in-law, this wimminz wants to move in with Jim, and make his life hell. Jim is right in declining this wimminz’ generous offer. We should follow his lead, and remember to always say “no” to the ho’.

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9 thoughts on “Chaos: Mother of Order”

  1. ‘The common denominator is that they want you to open up your wallet, and foot the bill for all this shit.’

    Close…I think the common denominator is that they want men to worship them because they think they are god(desses). And I saw this in real time with a woman of Jim’s hue as well. Doesn’t matter the skin, creed, or track of land they come from…they have this flaw.

  2. Dear Earl:

    From the article you linked to…

    The sultry song lyrics suggest it’s Grande’s sex that will make the man she’s with believe God is a woman. And, fun fact, it’s apparently her 92-year-old nonna’s favorite song.

    This ought to put to rest the stupid idea of Latinas being more reliable, faithful and traditional than any other color of wimminz.

    The fact that skank’s grandmother approves is simultaneously funny and depressing. Jesus Christ.


  3. Boxer,

    I live in a town that is more Hispanic than Anglo. Wimminz are wimminz. They have their bad attitudes, obesity, tats, and crazy eyes…just like the white women.

  4. Any thoughts on, “They’re (wimmenz) all the same in the dark!”

    Recently heard it in the movie, A Summer Place, which is a semi-hilarious 50’s melodrama with Troy Donahue and Sandra Dee.

  5. Dear Kentucky Headhunter:

    Any thoughts on, “They’re (wimmenz) all the same in the dark!”

    I understand that sentiment. I’ll cop to being a racist bigot, who doesn’t really find Asian wimminz attractive. They don’t generally have enough tits or ass for me. Given the fanatic obsession of many “yellow fever” men, I realize that’s a personal hangup.

    I find them all equally worthless in daylight also. It’s like some sort of witchcraft, how all wimminz manage to go quiet and invisible when there’s some productive work to be done.

    Recently heard it in the movie, A Summer Place, which is a semi-hilarious 50’s melodrama with Troy Donahue and Sandra Dee.

    Thanks for this. I’ve never seen it.


  6. You can tell the dye father the girls probably with in her life. She’s 19 and married already. Her mother did not help her make that decision. It must’ve been a recent divorce

  7. And also he’s 41 why is he dating someone 40. Thats work for a woman it doesn’t make sense for man…

  8. Dear Renee:

    You can tell the dye father the girls probably with in her life. She’s 19 and married already. Her mother did not help her make that decision. It must’ve been a recent divorce

    I don’t know the sender, and the only details I haven’t published were personally identifiable stuff (names, locations). Even so, that’s a very astute point that I didn’t catch.

    Girls who lose contact with their fathers in their teenage years may try to recreate a healthy marriage, to replace the sudden loss of stability.

    And also he’s 41 why is he dating someone 40. Thats work for a woman it doesn’t make sense for man…

    Well, he said he was 48. I think it’s typical for a sentimental, traditional guy of that age (i.e. what people call “blue pill” in the manosphere) to catch feelings for a 40-year old divorcée, especially after banging.


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