When The Cunt Pass Fails


The whining trick ho’ seen above is Diana Lovejoy, age 45. Skanky Diana was married to an unfortunate man named Greg, and together they had a little boy in San Diego, California.

About a year ago, Skank-ho Diana decided she “wasn’t happy” as a wife and mother, and started fucking random strangers. One of these men was Weldon McDavid, a weak-minded 50-year old shooting instructor.

Diana convinced Weldon that he ought to murder her husband, Greg. For some reason, Weldon thought this was a passable idea, provided Skank-ho Diana paid him the princely sum of two thousand dollars. She went and withdrew the money and the deal was done.


Diana Lovejoy (Skank) and Weldon McDavid Jr. (Simp)

Despite a career in the United States Marine Corps, a job teaching pistol marksmanship, and a financial incentive that equalled about a week’s pay at a paper-shuffler job, Weldon was completely incompetent as a hired killer. Greg lived to finger his attacker, and the simp subsequently spilled his guts to the cops at his first opportunity.

What Diana probably intended to do was to lure a weak-minded man into committing this crime, and then dispose of him after-the-fact. I believe that Weldon’s arrest probably saved his life. Take a look at this bitch, and ask yourself if she’d have any moral problem sticking an icepick into the back of ol’ Weldon’s skull…

Once jailed, Diana fell back on the tired strategy of all good feminist wimminz: pretending that she was an innocent victim, and claiming that Weldon had thought the whole thing up himself.

Unfortunately, Diana couldn’t provide any motive for Weldon to want her husband dead. The two had never met, and I assume that Diana seduced Weldon by pretending to be single. The motive for Skank-ho Diana was obvious. She’d save 200,000 dollars in property and legal fees during the divorce she initiated, and she’d get to keep primary custody of her son.

The jury didn’t buy her weepy excuses, and a few months ago, she was duly convicted. She clearly thought that as a wimminz, the American justice system would give her a pass on trying to kill her husband. This was not to be.

As a typical feminist, she decided to put on some theatrics as the verdict was read out. Laughable and pathetic, this looney spectacle is Skanky Diana’s most notable achievement. I doubt Greg found it worth the trouble, but I found it funny.

I tell boys not to fuck married wimminz, and this is the reason. These bitches simply aren’t worth your time, dick or consideration.

Author: Boxer

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6 thoughts on “When The Cunt Pass Fails”

  1. ‘I tell boys not to fuck married wimminz, and this is the reason. The bitches simply aren’t worth your time, dick or consideration.’

    Plus it’s adultery. The fatherly advice in Bible is clear that type of woman leads to a man’s death.

    Hope her defiance from the Patriarchy was worth it…she became an adulterous and created a cuck and a simp.

  2. The evidence must have been truly overwhelming to run a guilty verdict past the feminine primary social construct of the US court system.

    Completing the theme of the post somehow, is the exclamation by an unseen woman (a relative?) as the would-be death merchant is gently lowered to the floor. “Help her!”

  3. The evidence must have been truly overwhelming to run a guilty verdict past the feminine primary social construct of the US court system.

    After Skank-ho wife began fucking random strangers, she filed false charges, that husband was a drug addled pervert, who beat her to the point of death, and fucked their little boy in the ass.


    Naturally, none of this was true.

    This is the type of filthy “abuse victim” / single mom that one meets on Tinder and PoF. Those men who do such wimminz favors always end up regretting it.

  4. 1) Love the schadenfreude. I love the smell of a criminal woman getting what she deserves.

    2) At least in my neck of the woods, these courtroom theatrics are not allowed. Ever. You don’t scream, yell, shout, or even cry loudly. You don’t emote. You feel a need to do that, you leave the courtroom.

    You’re a criminal defendant, and you feel the need to do that, too f’in bad. You will sit or stand, quietly, and you will give full attention to the jury who will pass on your guilt or innocence and to the judge who will pass sentence upon you. You will receive the jury’s verdict and the judge’s sentence, in public, in the courtroom, and you will do so quietly and with at least feigned respect.

    The bailiffs were right in saying “at this point we need to get her out of the courtroom”. The judge should have said immediately “stop doing that; if you don’t stop immediately I will have you removed. Do not disrupt these proceedings.”

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