Police Claim 7-Year Old Boy Traded For Illegal Drugs


The classy lady with the neck tattoo is Esmeralda Garza, age 29. Skank-ho Garza was arrested in Corpus Christi, TX, a week ago, for “sale or purchase of a child,” a felony.

In the early morning hours of 29 June, police served a search warrant at a filthy crack den. All the inhabitants of the flophouse were dragged outside and identified. When they came to the terrified child, officers asked him to identify his parents.

“None of these people are my parents,” he said. He then gave up skank-ho mommy’s address. She was found sleeping peacefully, as though nothing were amiss.

Investigators claim that Skank-ho Garza had traded the boy for illegal drugs, worth 2500.00 USD.

The Nueces County District Attorney’s Office released a statement, suggesting that “there is evidence Garza sold the child for the purpose of trafficking or to perform sexual activities…”

It is truly fortunate that the authorities found this boy. My guess is that after using him sexually, his captors would have fed him to the alligators.

Police say there are also two little girls, ages 2 and 3, that were in the process of being sold. Media reports suggest that all the children have different fathers.

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What can we learn from this pathetic tale? Quite a lot, actually.

Skank-ho Garza fucked three different men, all out of wedlock. She refused any of the 475 different types of contraceptives, all available free to whores like her. She willingly chose to carry all three babies to term. She bore all three children out of wedlock. She defrauded the social services agencies for years, taking every freebie offered to her by our generous society, playing the victim all the while. She was a community ho’, who fucked anyone, and bred with anyone. Then, when it suited her, she decided to sell off her little meal-tickets to degenerate perverts, in return for illegal narcotics. She was fine with the fact that her own kids would be raped and probably murdered.

No doubt she spent the past seven years loudly blaming men for her plight. I’m sure she had the unfortunate fathers of her kids harassed by child-support collectors, and she probably had one or more of them thrown in jail.

Certainly we can assess blame, and we should. Let’s do a bit of a thought experiment, and see if we can make some sense of all this.

Who is more responsible for a workplace accident? Is it the drunken co-worker, who drove the forklift into the ditch, or is it the fault of the guy on the loading dock?

The drunk has made all the choices. He chose to get drunk. He chose to drive recklessly. The drunk’s negligence has caused the accident. The dock-worker just happened to be nearby. Any sensible observer would find him blameless.

For some odd reason, in the sphere of reproduction, this simple ethical scenario is inverted. The woman who has made all the choices, from fucking random men out of wedlock, to bearing bastard children, is held harmless. It is all of us — law abiding, responsible citizens — who are punished, while she is rewarded with money and freebies at our expense. Eventually, a few of these filthy wimminz will get caught harming their children. Then we have to pay for the foster-care, the therapy, and feeding skank-ho mommy in the jailhouse too.

Single motherhood, and single mothers themselves, are truly the most destructive force to be unleashed on our civilization. They have already caused far more damage than Hitler and Stalin combined.

Remember boys: Say “no” to the ho’, and reject single mothers. They are nothing but trouble, and always up to no good.

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3 thoughts on “Police Claim 7-Year Old Boy Traded For Illegal Drugs”

  1. Women like this make the handmaids tale seem like a good idea. (Please forgive me) Round up hos Let them work at a brothel and keep them away from respectable society.

  2. Sister Renee sez:

    Round up hos Let them work at a brothel and keep them away from respectable society.

    I’d be very pleased if we simply quit rewarding them. Children of single mothers ought to be sent to live with normal relatives, and multiple babymammas can go to jail for a few weeks.

    We really ought to ask ourselves why we are required to subsidize these layabouts and their bad decisions. It makes no sense, and hurts everyone.

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