Much Ado About Sheila


Recently, I had the opportunity to go over to twitter and enjoy the insane ramblings of my old friend, Sheila Gregoire. If you haven’t met her, Sheila is an outspoken public figure and Christian priestess. Sheila’s latest tantrum is an annoying game of “let’s you and him fight,” which she started between her husband, Dr. Keith Gregoire, and a Christian priest named Steve Camp.

Sheila boasts of authoring a number of self-important books, including The Good Girl’s Guide To Great Sex, To Love Honor and Vacuum, and Thirty-One Days To Great Sex. The titles alone suggest someone with a deep resentment toward housework. This despite the fact that vacuuming is merely part of being a functional adult. The titles also suggest an inordinate interest in the carnal.

Not that there’s anything wrong with this. I like fucking too, and some of my best friends are pornographers.

Just for fun, I went over to Sheila’s porno blog. I wasn’t too surprised to find that much of the content, in these books that cost ~20 CAD, is available for free there. Moreover, a quick look at her work, thanks to Amazon’s preview and Sheila’s own output, suggests that she’s not really giving very good advice.

I was asked to leave Sheila’s blog many years ago, and I remain committed to respecting her wishes. Because I’m a good feminist, I decided to jump on the team, and review her most recent work, in an attempt to drive traffic to her site, and get her some new customers. Without further ado, let’s study the many truths inherent in her latest articles, the first dated 27 June, entitled When Porn is Stealing His Sex Drive.


Now, I’m as much a marriage expert as Sheila, and unlike her, I don’t pretend to lecture on stuff I know nothing about. That aside, I can think of one reason a man finds his wife untouchable. Many wimminz become nagging bitches after the marriage license is granted. No man wants to touch that shit.

Despite being a major purveyor of both internet and paperback pornography, Sheila loudly moans about porn, describing it as a destroyer of marriages. What she means, of course, is that she finds porn for male audiences to be problematic. Sheila has made a career out of selling porn to the wives of these same men, but that is “O.K.”

In a subsequent article, dated 28 June, entitled Is Erectile Dysfunction Killing Your Husband’s Libido, our heroine continues.


Sheila condemns husbands for not finding their nagging wives attractive enough to fuck. She thinks she’s solving this problem, not by making wimminz more attractive, but by making them less so. She’s setting an example of a skank who complains about cleaning up after her own messes, and one who plays “let’s you and him fight” on social media. Being married to such a creature doesn’t sound particularly enticing.


What have we learned, brothers? I guess we could speculate, based upon her endless complaining, that Sheila’s husband may (or may not) need porn and Viagra to get it up for her. Sheila contends that this is a widespread problem with men, when it’s actually a problem with women. The dick is simply not required to stiffen for a stingy, childish, troublemaking wimminz, and there is no fooling the dick. The dick always knows a good woman.

It is unreasonable to expect any healthy man to get hard for a brick wall, or a farm animal, or a little kid, or a huge fat guy’s smelly anus. It is just as unreasonable for a normal man to get hard for a creature like this. Moreover, it’s not just that she is objectively less attractive than donkey, above. Sheila could make herself more enticing to her husband by shutting down her filthy blog, apologizing to her family, and cleaning up after herself without endlessly whining about it.

Gentlemen, if you find yourself unable to perform, look at the woman involved. Your dick is trying to tell you something, and you ought to listen carefully.


Author: Boxer

Sinister All-Male Dancer. Secret King of all Gamma Males. Member of Frankfurt School. Your Fave Contrarian!

10 thoughts on “Much Ado About Sheila”

  1. “despite the fact that vacuuming is merely part of being a functional adult”


  2. Wimminz are into emasculating because they are insecure about being wimminz and then complain when the fruits of emasculation happen.

    I know, I know…they don’t get cause and effect.

    I think next time a wimminz complains about some guy…should just take the Chuck Sheen approach…the problem is you.

  3. Wait…which one was the donkey again?

    Gotsta listen to your dick bro.

  4. Married women hate porn mostly because it takes away power. Well, almost all men prefer a real woman to the porn, so if their husbands are looking at porn, women should ask themselves why? Its almost certainly because, the wife has made herself repulsive, either physically or spiritually. Or the wife has denied her husband sex.

  5. Porn is just an aid. My Dad kept a pile of ‘dirty’ magazines in his truck. We all started out getting aroused by bra adverts. And of course those National Geographics which I’d take to bed to ‘read’ 50 years ago. Nothing new under the sun.

    Brother Boxer, you write some good stuff, please keep it up.

  6. The picture is both wrong, and funny. Jason’s argument is not thought out, or worded accurately. I think that talking about looks would be okay for him if the woman was hot. If Kate Upton was giving Sheila’s advice, he may not have a problem if you made some fun with pictures. So that made me think his problem is more of a combination of “if you don’t have anything good to say, then don’t say anything at all,” and making fun of someone’s looks is mean spirited and not a tool Jesus wants us to use when confronting an enemy or a wayward family member. I still don’t know what I think of it all, but I do know the picture keeps giving me the smiles when I see it.

  7. ‘Its almost certainly because, the wife has made herself repulsive, either physically or spiritually. Or the wife has denied her husband sex.’

    It takes away their power to use sex as a weapon, be rebellious and henpick their husband. Now while I don’t support men using porn as a substitute because it’s not good for them in the long run…I do know most of the time the reason married men resort to watching strangers fornicate on video is because their wives are unleashing a terrible attitude on them. Porn is a symptom…it’s not the overall problem.

  8. Gentlemen, if you find yourself unable to perform, look at the woman involved. Your dick is trying to tell you something, and you ought to listen carefully.


    Da WIMMINZ are outta dear mindz ..

    A man can make an immediate evaluation of a womminz .. HE applies th’ ole’ boner test(tm) .. to perform that test it requires he know he’ll get a boner if he saw you naked.

    Now what Shelia does is a Insta’ Boner Killerz(tm) .. and for her and her lackies it means a womminz openin’ her mouth and repeating after her.

    Just so she knows .. MEN prefer younger, tighter and fur-tail wimminz .. in short a nub-lee womminz.. but once again .. they to are very much a turn-off these days due to their mouth .. just check out Shelia’s lil devil daughter.

    Dez wimminz are attempting to be menz .. and they’re second rate menz .. and have made themselves 2nd rate slootz & whorez wimminz in the process. The MEN don’t prefer either of those two options.

    Heck .. it’s not like we are askin’ da wimminz to be “debt free virgins without tattoo’s ™” .. I mean .. why would a man prefer such a thing 😉😂

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