A Most Dangerous Role


I tell you boys that the calling of simp is a very dangerous one. Here’s an example to drive the point home.

The skanky trick ho above is one Isabel Martinez. A year ago, skanky Isabel decided to murder her family with a butcher’s knife. On the evening of 6 July, 2017, she sliced and diced her husband. She then moved on to her children, all of whom are also seen above. Police in Gwinnett County, Georgia (US) described the slaughter as “horrendous,” and accounts say that first responders found blood and body parts strewn around the house.

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We now note the wording, in the official police statement, released to twitter. This is important. Isabel-ho is described as “mom/wife,” while the husband and father (who was ground into dog food) is merely “adult male.”

Such fantastic journalists and cops we have, no?

Skanky Isabel became famous for her initial court appearance, in which she openly celebrated the mass murder, laughing and dancing as her charges were being read. Here is the empowered feminist, aping for the cameras, in case you didn’t catch it the first time…


Skanky Isabel had five children, and murdered four of them. A daughter, then 9-years old, survived the attack, by going limp and playing dead. The little girl describes her mother shaking her awake, and then asking her “Do you want to meet Jesus?” before beginning the stabbing. Her siblings got similar treatment.

While the feminist media has done a stellar job erasing the memory of the victims, we can reconstruct a rough biography, and learn some important lessons from the life — and death — of our brother who is gone.


A look at the surnames suggests that our brother Martin, now dead as dirt, met Isabel after she had given birth to her eldest child, Isabela.

Martin took pity on a skank-ho single mom. He married her, took care of her daughter, as though she was his own, and started a family with her. This is his reward.

Murderous Isabel was back in the news, just a few weeks ago. Would you like to know why?


It looks like she’s getting the cunt pass.

Wimminz constitute a new “noble” class, and their status provides them a number of legal benefits which are unavailable to you common males. Wimminz have designed this system and are playing it to maximum effect. Don’t volunteer to be the next human sacrifice.


Author: Boxer

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7 thoughts on “A Most Dangerous Role”

  1. I just read a couple of articles. They’re excellent, if you can get through the Bindi English. Thanks for posting it.

  2. Disgusting. Plain and simple. Disgusting.

    I get a feeling that incidents like this will help pop the misandry bubble.

  3. Boxer,
    Language is your thing, but it is still a good catch of yours noticing the different and slanted words used for her and the husband.
    Atrocious of course and yet I still have some sympathy for her because she is a balding woman. No matter how empowered or butch they are, their hair matters, to me, and almost always to them.

  4. Dear Fellas:

    Yeah, she’s a real peach. We should never forget the judges and politicians, who help her evade punishment for her crimes.

    I still have some sympathy for her because she is a balding woman. No matter how empowered or butch they are, their hair matters, to me, and almost always to them.

    I suspect she got that top-spot from wear and tear, as she was working under the warden’s desk, if you know what I mean. Compare top and bottom photos and note the difference.



  5. Jesus Christ – this guy is the worst podcaster I’ve ever been exposed to. Listening to him is painful.

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