Identity Politics and You

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The scroungy simp above is one of my cousins, and his dumb mug is a perfect illustration for a frank discussion about race and identity in contemporary America.

Over on some comment section, my insufficient loyalty to my fellow white people has just been pointed out, and for that crime, I am guilty. More than that: I will come right out and tell you that I give a shit about very few people. This is the case because my loyalty and allegiance is a very valuable commodity, and I don’t intend to waste it on ingrates or free-riders. I encourage all young men to adopt this posture, because it is the safest consistent pose one can take, when swimming in the hostile seas of the present.

My loyalty is not only selective. It is tiered as well, in what might be described as nested sets. I can tell you who I do care about, in descending order.

  1. Myself, and any future children (bio or adopted) I might have.
  2. My father, my sister, and my grandparents. If I ever have a wife, she’ll go here.
  3. Some of my cousins, my nieces and nephews, and close personal friends.
  4. My co-workers, my barber, my gardener, and the guy who shines my shoes.
  5. Members of my community. This means people who live in my neighborhood.

Some of you young brothers, who are less the asshole that I am, probably have different levels of charity, and different people occupying those levels. That’s O.K.. The point is that you are selectively loyal to solid people you can count on.

One will probably note that my mother isn’t included in any of these levels. That’s by design.

Biological relatives can be disowned for grievous misbehavior. My mother has been disowned because she divorced my father, and spent years alienating me from him. Some of my cousins are also not listed. Murderers, car thieves, feminists and troublemakers get cut out. That’s what that fag at the top of this post represents.

The threshold for ostracizing a biological/adopted relative might be higher than the one that’s applied to a stranger, but it still ought to exist. A man’s time is valuable, and he shouldn’t waste his energy on the undeserving.

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One will note that in my list, there is no national category. If a random Canadian came to my neighborhood, in the United States, and started stealing cars, I’d rat him out to the cops. If he stole my gardener’s truck, I’d help my gardener hunt him down and join in the ass kicking. Like most lawn-cutters, mine is a Mexican mestizo. That’s peripheral to the real issue. My loyalty is to the solid people I know and trust, and not to troublemaking strangers.

The world is full of scam artists, who prey upon the naïve and the unsuspecting. People who promote identity politics are among them. What these types want you to do is to leapfrog a bunch of strangers over the people you know and trust, and give them your allegiance, simply based on physical characteristics. It really doesn’t matter if the identity is “white” or “black” or “la raza,” because the scam is precisely similar at the level of structure.

White nationalists are, right now, claiming that they deserve to be in tier one or tier two on my list, when they’ve done nothing at all to earn my trust and loyalty. Not only this, but they claim that the bitch above ought to be catapulted ahead of the people in tier three, because she is of my particular ethnic group, and some of the people in tier three are not.

The people who belong in tier three are quite diverse. They’re people I’ve known and worked with for years. Some are white, and some are not. Some are Christians, and some are Mormons, and some are atheists. There are a couple of Jews in there. They’ve all earned their places in tier three, because at some point, I was in need, and for no discernible reason, they all helped me out, when there was nothing in it for them to do so (and sometimes, at considerable risk to themselves.)

Not only have the people pictured in this post never helped me out; but they’ve made destroying my society their life’s work. Everyone in the set of all the people I care about suffers, whether they know it or not, because that simp and that stupid bitch have helped promote corrosive ideas that make the world an uglier place. It’s true they’re related to me. It’s also true that they’re my deadly enemies. I look forward to the day when they’re properly brought to heel.

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  1. At first glance I thought that sign read: I am a feminist because I am a Moron.

    Over the years many people have tried to manipulate my future to serve their own ends (“sell me down the river”). Most of them looked like me, ethnically speaking.

  2. ‘At first glance I thought that sign read: I am a feminist because I am a Moron.’

    No lie…I thought the same thing the first time I saw it.

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