Feminist Journalism, Illustrated


Invalidating the cherished images of transcendence by incorporating them into its omnipresent daily reality, this society testifies to the extent to which insoluble conflicts are becoming manageable–to which tragedy and romance, archetypal dreams and anxieties are being made susceptible to technical solution and dissolution. The psychiatrist takes care of the Don Juans, Romeos, Hamlets, Fausts, as he takes care of Oedipus — he cures them. The rulers of the world are losing their metaphysical features. Their appearance on television, at press conferences, in parliament, and at public hearings is hardly suitable for drama, beyond that of the advertisement, while the consequences of their actions surpass the scope of the drama.

(Herbert Marcuse, One Dimensional Man, New York: Routledge, 2002. p. 74)

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  1. Samantha Rears is 19 years old and has reportedly been having sex with the victim for seven years… ugly math. During the incident, the victim’s sister came home and involved herself so it can’t possibly be a case of one woman overpowering one man. Certainly not with a weapon that requires arm strength. The victim was able to videotape Rears naked & waving the machete and she let him call the police when he told her he was calling a friend. I’m trying to imagine a woman forcing herself on a man without tying him up or keeping him away from his smartphone… there are problems.

    Looking at the original article from the Great Fall Tribune, we see this additional info. In April, Mears was charged with felony strangulation of a partner after another argument escalated at the victim’s home. In that case, according to court documents, Mears had grabbed his hair and hit him in the face. The man was able to get the Mears off him, “but was hesitant about physically protecting himself, as he thought he would get into legal trouble if he did.”

    The argument, however, continued, and the man told police Mears began strangling him by pressing her thumbs on his windpipe.

    Normally, one would assume his nervousness about hitting a woman would be based upon fear of VAWA-style retaliation but Montana isn’t a hotbed of feminism and there was definitely some kind of dysfunctional relationship between rapist and victim. Being afraid of legal trouble for defending yourself while being strangled is not normal. I’ve never heard of a man getting VAWA’d with bruises on his throat… okay, one time but that was under military discipline and stupid SOPs. I doubt the victim was thinking about that specific case.

    It’s definitely a rape in the eyes of the law so the journalists should have called it that, but if the victim was an adult when he began boinking Rears when she was 12 then he needs to face hard justice, too.

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