Bang British Columbia

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This is Christina Lake, in the West Kootenays. The photo is low-res, because it’s a blown-up shot which (mostly) excludes one of the bitches mentioned here.

Down below, Caspar writes…

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Caspar is making fun of me. The title of this article is also a joke, at Roosh V.’s expense.

Caveat: The young playa who reads this crap is advised to steer clear of B.C.’s boxy looking feminists. They’re overwhelmingly shapeless, and whether they’re the white or asiatic variety, they’re incredible bitches. The one thing the province did give me was confidence. Those of us who were stuck there, a decade ago, had to hustle to get our needs met. Sadly, even a seasoned pro wouldn’t tour B.C. to get cunt. The quality of the wimminz on offer there is so dismal that it makes the effort wasted. The beauty of British Columbia is truly offset by the inelegance of its wimminz.

Caspar alludes to scripts. People aren’t computers, and the memorization of a script isn’t useful, outside of telephone sales or the theatre. If you want to learn to be more socially fluent, then the script is only a guidepost. It works if it is internalized, and tweaked, so that it is only a prop, and the words you say are authentic to you.


What I’m about to talk about in this poast may approach the phenomenon known as “day game.” Day game is an industry. There are plenty of scripts and scenarios which are available, for a fee, from men like Roosh and Heartiste. I have never bought any of the books, and I won’t ever write one, because (as Cane Caldo will tell you) I’m a Marxist-Leninist bolshevik, and I don’t believe this sort of knowledge ought to be commercialized. If you’re desperate enough to pay big dollaz for a seminar and texts and personal consulting, then you’re throwing your money away. Moreover, “game” implies meeting immoral sluts for no-strings sex, and the knowledge I’m about to impart is much more general. This is a poast about being a man without Aspergers or social anxiety, and it will work just as well for shy Christian dudes as it will for aspiring playaz.


Many men operate under the delusion that women only seek after the top 20 percent, in looks, height, character, wealth… and these men believe this despite counterexamples, which constantly pop up on the horizon. Walk down any street and you’ll see a decent looking woman holding hands with a guy with missing teeth, with acne scars, and with pants that sag down to his ass. Read the paper, and you’ll find wimminz writing unsolicited love letters to prisoners. Violent neo-nazis, crips gang members, men arrested for mass murder — these scum can get wimminz to pay attention to them.  If these losers can find a girl to like them, then it’s really no great accomplishment for you to do so.

Women are not magic, and they’re not royalty, and they’re not goddesses, and the more women you meet personally, the more obvious this becomes. Women fart. Women fuck. Women suck dick. Women curse. Women shoplift. All the shameful things men do, are done by women. Many is the young brother I see, who averts his eyes from women, who mumbles when approached by them, and who scurries off like a rat when an attractive woman enters the room. This not only debases our brother, but it gives the sluts he’s afraid of an unearned ego boost.


Don’t be afraid. I believe, in most cases, the fear of women is actually a fear of rejection by attractive women. The young brother who is so timid around hot girls is never that cowed around his little sister, or the fat girl behind the counter at the taco shack, or the old lady down the street, because these women aren’t potential mates.

Once we appreciate that potential mates are animals, even as we are, we can begin to overcome our fear of them. How do we do this? I am not a psychologist, and don’t pretend to be one, but there’s a lot of material available. One way of overcoming irrational fear is systematic desensitization. A man will have to be honest about the steps he takes to overcome his irrational fear, but we can reconstruct a general pattern to look something like:

Spend week one, for at least half an hour per day, on the street. Hold eye contact with every woman you find attractive.

Spend week two, for at least half an hour per day, speaking to women you find attractive. You don’t need to talk the bitches ears off. Just say “hello,” as you pass them. You’re already comfortable smiling at them, so this shouldn’t be an issue.


Incorporation is your goal, and once a man practices these tricks for a while, he’ll naturally find the confidence to switch things up. I almost never say “hello,” to women. I always open with “how are you…” This puts the onus on her to respond, rather than just smile and walk away. Of course, that’s what works for me. What works best for you will likely be different — suited to your unique style. That’s as it should be.

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  1. ‘I believe, in most cases, the fear of women is actually a fear of rejection by attractive women. ‘

    Quite often coming from the idea they’ve turned women into goddesses…and being rejected by one is like being rejected by God.

    I always thought one of the best representations of why game isn’t a salesman script actually came from this scene in Gran Torino where Clint Eastwood was teaching the Asian boy how to talk like a man.

  2. Dear Boxer,

    You give me more credit than I deserve. I asked quite sincerely, but “script” was not the best term to use. I’m interested in what actually happened, a transcript, as it were, rather than a prescription. But I like this answer, the reminders of basic realities.

    Best regards,

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