The Good Woman


I always try to be forthright about what I’m not qualified to write about. For example, I’m not an attorney, who practices in whatever town you live in. Laws vary from city to city. If you have a legal problem, then you need to go see a local pro. I do often comment on general legal trends, but I do so as an outside observer.

Other things I’m not qualified to give advice on include psychoanalysis, furry fandom, and having a happy marriage. I will often mention such stuff, but I have no training or professional experience in these disciplines, and if you need advice on any of it, you can wander off to make an appointment to talk to Jordan Peterson, or Derek, or some other qualified man, who can give you sound advice.

The advice I attempt to leave here is for America’s most underserved demographic: young men. I tell them the truth about the women they are after. One general truth is that women aren’t magic. The pouty-eyed brunette you’ve been obsessing over, who posts high angle selfies to instagram all day… she’s the female equivalent of the fat guy who spends all his free time playing World of Warcraft. Also, me and the boys have all fucked that bitch. She may have appeared sorta charming to me at first, too; but after I had sprayed her full of my cum, she seemed a lot less magical.


The story above is an example of sour grapes, and it’s also a serious epistemology thought experiment. Unlike most of the other shit I’m wont to write about, I actually am familiar with this sort of thing.

The woman in this story married a man without disclosing a couple of important details. The first was her history as a professional prostitute. The second is the fact that she has crushing levels of financial debt. We see our brother approach a wimminz named “Ellie” for advice, in the feminist media. Ellie doles out the typical wimminz’ obfuscation, which turns out to be absolutely true… just not for the reasons “Ellie” thinks.

In the first place, we must note (with some amusement) that our subject rapidly went from being “on cloud nine” (at time t_0) to “angry and troubled” (at time t_1). What happened to make him that way was not any environmental factor. He blames his wife; but, between t_0 and t_1, his wife has not changed in any way. The only difference in the environment was the addition of a couple of pieces of information, in our brother’s head, which were as true at t_0, when he was ignorant of them, as they were at t_1, after he verified their correspondence to facts in the world, as such.

There are plenty of facts in the world which would make us uncomfortable if we knew them. Suppose the hiking trail I like to run up and down on is prone to flash-flooding. Suppose a couple of runners were just randomly killed there a few months back. Maybe I’d still go there every Saturday morning, in my futile attempt to keep from being a fatass, or maybe I wouldn’t. The issue isn’t how I’d respond. The issue is the knowledge of those facts, that would creep into my head. That knowledge allows me to make a rational choice, about what I want to do with my life.

Such is the knowledge of wimminz, that I try to impart here.

Let’s return to the story of our brother, above, who married a prostitute. He seems to feel he has ethical grounds to divorce this woman, despite the fact that nothing has changed about this wimminz, between t_0 and t_1. Does he?

The feminists would never discourage this man from frivolously filing for divorce. Neither would the Mormons, the Jews, or the Protestants. For all of those status groups, divorce is just fine. A serious Catholic might be critical of such a thing, which is why I would take advice from the old priest that I see a couple of times a month, before I’d ever listen to one of my own clergymen. To put it more plainly, the priest might give me good advice, which I don’t want to hear, whereas the typical Mormon bishop would tell me whatever he thinks might make me feel good, at that particular moment, in the hopes that I’ll return to the fold, start paying tithing, and commence obeying his orders.

The brother who is whining in the feminist media, about his choice, has said himself that his wife has not misbehaved during his marriage. It’s true she had debts he didn’t know about. Guess what? He had a responsibility to  due diligence before he entered into a legal and moral contract.

Every time I buy $1000 USD worth of new stock, I spend hours reading the prospectus. This man gambled his entire life’s produce on an investment, which has yet to turn sour for him, so I have a hard time crying tears on his behalf.

Just for fun, I went and looked up some traditional protestant wedding vows. Here’s a typical example:

“In the name of God, I, ______, take you, ______, to be my wife/husband, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and health, to love and to cherish, until we are parted by death. This is my solemn vow.”

There is no possible way that a sane man would argue these vows to be retroactive. That’s what “from this day forward” means. This is why the young brothers need to approach the institution of marriage with a measure of gravity. A sensible, patriarchal society wouldn’t give a shit if your wife was a former prostitute. They wouldn’t care that your wife had bills. All those issues became yours, the minute you stood up and volunteered to be her husband. If he wanted a divorce in the good old days, he’d have to pony up evidence that she pulled that train after the vows were said.

Now, if you want some more painful realtalk about that girl you think is perfect, you can remember that she is part of a pool of women that I have some experience with. I have spent the last ten years on the carousel, and I can estimate some anecdotal figures (with a fairly large sample size) about the wimminz I have cycled through.

By the age of 25, about half of all wimminz have admitted being passed around at least once, in a group-sex orgy.

By the age of 25, about one third of all wimminz have admitted to having public sex.

By the age of 25, about one quarter of all wimminz have admitted to fucking a minor, under the age of consent.

Note that these are the things that wimminz boast about, and I don’t expect all the wimminz I bang to tell me all the details, so the figures are probably much higher. The first figure isn’t technically illegal. The next two would get any man a jail sentence, and a lifetime on the pervert’s registry. Let’s keep going, though…

By the age of 25, about half of all wimminz are on some form of psychiatric medication, either for depression, insomnia, or general craziness.

By the age of 25, over half of all wimminz have very large amounts of debt. This is especially true of wimminz I have fucked who have gone to law/business/medical/dental school. Those wimminz regularly admit to having over 100,000 USD worth of debt.

So, if you’re a young man, and you want to get married, you need to think carefully about the ramifications. It is quite possible that your wife will get you into trouble, break you financially, or otherwise make your life unpleasant. If you’re reading this blog, then it’s a safe assumption that you’re not a feminist. This entails accepting the responsibility of marriage for better and for worse, as the saying goes.

I titled this post The Good Woman for a reason. People have always criticized me for my bitterness and my generalities. It’s important to remember that there are good women in the world. In fact, as Derek has pointed out, despite all the incentives to divorce, over half the women who get married, stay married.

The woman at the top of this post, posing with her husband, is one such woman. Her name was Vivian Liberto. She had the misfortune to fall in love with one Johnny Cash. They married in St. Ann’s Cathedral, right off Fredericksburg Road, in San Antonio Texas, where Johnny was stationed in the U.S. Air Force, and where Vivian grew up.

Vivian was an African-American woman. You wouldn’t know that from the pop-culture portrayals, where she is depicted looking like this:


Vivian is also depicted as being a raging bitch. There is zero historical evidence of that, also. As we have already seen, the feminist state likes to use its media to blacken the character of people who speak out against feminism and degeneracy. Michael Jackson was one. Vivian Liberto is another. Ya boy Boxer isn’t nearly as savvy as he thinks he is, because he swallowed the portrayal of both of these people, without any critical analysis, until just this summer.

Our sister Vivian made the mistake many young men fall into, by marrying someone without doing her own due diligence. Soon after the vows were said, Johnny told Vivian he was going on tour. He told her to keep her mouth shut about the fact that she was his wife. What he told her was that she needed to keep the secret because his fans wouldn’t buy his records if they knew he was married to a black chick.

I find it much more plausible to believe he was motivated by the desire to fuck other women when he was out on the road. Whatever his original reason, that’s exactly what he did.

Despite the fact that he was a drug addict, who fucked hundreds of sluts, his wife stuck by him. She was faithful, obedient, and doting. She gave him four children, and did most of the work of raising them, never saying a bad word about him, even when he was convicted of a string of ridiculous crimes, including starting forest fires, and smuggling drugs.


Imagine how embarrassing this must have been for her. If ever there was a case where a run through the divorce courts was excusable, this has to be it. Yet, there she is, holding her husband’s hand, even as he publicly humiliates her entire family, for the umpteenth time.

Johnny eventually frivolously divorced Vivian, and only in our feminist utopia would such a thing be possible. He filed the papers after he’d run through all their money (how convenient) and she got no payout whatever. Despite this, she has never badmouthed him.

Oh, and this is the horsey wimminz Johnny dumped his good woman to chase…


She’s no Reese Witherspoon. She was also a two time divorcée, who spent her own life “on the road.” As Anton LaVey might say, it’s a case of “water seeking its own level.”

In conclusion, there are a few basics we can learn from all this. The first is to be careful what you agree to. The second is to not pay any heed to the feminists or their media. The most important is to keep your promises, even if they turn out to be inconvenient.

There is a sucker born every minute, and the desire to take advantage of you isn’t restricted to wimminz; but in the current climate, they have the advantage. Ripping you off isn’t a conspiracy of wimminz, it’s a general conspiracy of people. Yes, I think getting married is foolish. No, I won’t tell you not to get married. I just hope you boys go into such a thing with both eyes open.

Author: Boxer

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  1. One of your best, Boxer.

    Although there’s one more little nugget you’ve hinted at before that may be good for the young men since it appears you have some experience with it.

    What is the story with your father, mother, family life, what she did, and how you sought reconcilliation with your father? I know there’s more than enough young men who need that advice.

  2. “The most important is to keep your promises, even if they turn out to be inconvenient…I just hope you boys go into such a thing with both eyes open.”

    This article is a gem. You’ve nailed it.

  3. Boxer,
    man THANK YOU. I needed that today.

    My wife’s ‘past’ that trickle truth’d over the last 15 years has had/does have me wanting to bail, mostly because looking at her makes me feel like a ‘sucker’. But here I am. I said my vows, gave my word, and really can’t/shouldn’t hold her past against her. I didn’t do my research.

    (Now the shit she has pulled during our marriage, that’s a different story)

  4. Now that was a very interesting tale. I’m not a country music fan but I’ve certainly been around a lot of them, to include many Johnny Cash aficionados. That story has never surfaced within my hearing.

  5. I’ve been a Cash fan for years, but I never knew his first wife was black! That’s a well hidden secret.

  6. Pop culture has actually done a fantastic job of writing her out of history, altogether. This despite the fact that she’s Roseanne Cash’s mother.

    Here’s Roseanne — probably singing about some member of her mom’s family.

    Sister Vivian enjoyed her anonymity, and I imagine after the rough treatment she got from her doper husband, she wasn’t really into chasing the spotlight. I’m mostly amazed at how badly she’s depicted, when there’s no fault to be found in her, even according to Johnny.

  7. “By the age of 25, about half of all wimminz have admitted being passed around at least once, in a group-sex orgy.”

    Boxer, where did you get this figure? Is it just an estimation based on your experience? Do you mean to say that half of all the women you’ve “known” have forthrightly told you such facts about their past? If so, then please tell us your “secret” for drawing out confessions like this one, or the others you listed.

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