Spinning On A Dime

Down below, Earl says:

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A few years ago, a skank fucked a random man named Muhammad. That is nothing new. She then — out of the blue — solicited him to murder her husband.

Muhammad beat feet into the local police station. In his initial interview, he expressed two different emotions. First came amazement, both that this whore was married, and that she had so easily convinced him she was single. At first, police didn’t believe him. Cops admit that this man started crying as he begged them to take him seriously. He told them that he knew someone was going to be killed otherwise.

Cops finally bought into the story, and found that it was all true. Dalia Dippolito was searching for a hit man to kill her husband, a man that she had only married six months before. Muhammad hooked the bitch up with a professional murderer, and the deal was on.

Someone else started crying tears a couple of months later…

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Skank-ho Dalia certainly put on a convincing performance as the distraught and grieving widow, as police broke the news that her husband had been killed.

Of course, her husband was still alive. The hit-man she hired looked like a scroungy street thug. In fact, he was an undercover officer for the state police, who usually worked narcotics cases, and needed to act the part of a skeezy doper.

When confronted with the obvious facts, the bitch did not apologize or express remorse. The opposite happened. She doubled down, blaming everyone from the man she was fucking (Muhammad) to the city’s police chief, for her shit behavior. Watch it here:

Skip to about 13:00 to see the bitch realize that she’s been had.

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7 thoughts on “Spinning On A Dime”

  1. Oh…dude!!!!

    ‘Michael Dippolito, the one-time husband whom Dalia wanted killed, takes the stand.

    He starts by saying he met her when she was an escort.

    “It was very exciting,” he said of their sex life. “It was part of the reason I was into her and I thought she was into me.”

    Now I’m not saying a virgin couldn’t have concocted this plan…but I am saying an escort would have been more likely to do this.

  2. I remember this one well, and even more chilling to me is her conversation with her husband after she is arrested.

    He knows exactly what she did, and yet she is totally confident that she will be able convince him that she didn’t do it.

    This phone call between them is an amazing example of how a psycho woman works on a man. She pulls out all the emotional stops in this phone call from jail.

    She just needs time (lol) with him, she says. She can’t trust him, she says.

    Thanks for reminding me of this one.

  3. Women are the most dangerous thing most men will even deal with and frankly I have seen women fuck up just as many dudes as booze, bikes, combat, gambling etc etc.

  4. This should be required reading for every officer after the bs VAWA training.

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