When The Post-Wall White Wimminz Attacks!


Spirit Airlines flight 346 left Houston (IAH) this morning, headed to Minneapolis. During the flight, an elderly man had a medical issue, and as a result, the pilot wisely decided to divert to get him to hospital.

What happened, after the plane landed in Rochester MN., was a shocking display of feminist entitlement. A single fat wimminz successfully delayed the departure for over an hour, as she ran up and down through the aisles, screaming and cursing. She can be seen here, alternately threatening to murder a (male) flight attendant, and ranting about how she’s connected to snipers who can take out the passengers who have annoyed her.

Author: Boxer

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8 thoughts on “When The Post-Wall White Wimminz Attacks!”

  1. How ironic that “Wimminz” can get away with this shit…..just imagine if a guy was ranting and raving like that

  2. Dear Kryptonian:

    You’ve got it. People ask me why I speak up for black kids, and am not a white nationalist. This is the basic reason.

    just imagine if a guy was ranting and raving like that

    Further, imagine if it was a black man kooking out, and a female (of any race) flight attendant who was on the receiving end of his screaming and cursing.

    He’d be chained up, with his mouth taped up, and waiting for the cops to take him away. He’d also likely get a months-long jail sentence. That is a fact.

    When a fat old nasty white wimminz does it to a black male flight attendant, society says it’s all good. The cops came, but this bitch apparently turned on the tears, and they didn’t even write her a ticket. Scuttlebutt says the cops actually badgered the pilot about taking her back on the plane, so that she could cause more trouble. I haven’t confirmed this, but don’t doubt it at all.

    The reality is that wimminz constitute a sort of “nobility” that is above the law. This makes black and Asian males my allies, as men of all races occupy the same class.



  3. This as Ton would say is when a female needs a “Pimp Hand” and a NO.

    If a MAN had actually stood up to her and told her NO, I bet she would have sat her fat azz down. – Though more likely she would have hit the MAN, which would have resulted in the “Pimp Hand” and it all would have been recorded and uploaded. It’s coming soon, somewhere.

  4. This is white trash, low class, prole behavior.

    This is what happens when white trash, low class, prole women are allowed to get away with, and never called out on, their white trash, low class, prole behaviors.

    Note how everyone else on the plane is quietly, docilely, just sitting there while this skank makes a scene for which, 40 years ago, if this had happened on a street corner, a policeman would have told her to either shut the fuck up and move along, or put her hands behind her back as she’s placed in the back of a squad car.

    40 years ago, most men on that plane would have stood up and in no uncertain terms told her to shut the fuck up and sit the fuck down, or about 5 of them would MAKE her shut the fuck up and sit the fuck down.

  5. It’s coming – some woman is going to pop off like this in public, and some man or group of men are going to forcibly make her sit down and shut up.

    Remember that “lets you and him fight” video on a public highway ? Couple of guys fighting, she’s egging them on. One of the guys hits HER. She collapses into a puddle of wailing and whining and screaming. But you know what? She was not the least bit aggressive after that….

  6. @Boxer…

    I’ve seen hints from watching black men in videos, they know or are aware the crazy wimminz turning from instigator to victim are the most dangerous thing on the planet to them.

  7. ‘Though more likely she would have hit the MAN, which would have resulted in the “Pimp Hand” and it all would have been recorded and uploaded. It’s coming soon, somewhere.’

    I only hope to God the legions of white knights are starting to get less and less…they are the ones who never take into account the context of the fight and think hitting a woman for any reason (even self defense) is cause for jail, ridicule, and loss of employment.

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