The Wimminz and Their Hatred of Women

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Recently, an opinion piece appeared on (that bastion of cucked-out faggotry) The Huffington Post. I’m going to excerpt a good bit, and under fair use, I have to comment on the text. My comments will be outside the blockquote. The essay is actually very funny, and an excellent example of the derangement of feminist wimminz. I encourage you all to go read it, if only to celebrate these losers and their desperation, now that they realize peak feminism happened around ten years ago. There’s a link at the bottom.

The monsters are always men. They menace from the highest positions of power; they lurk in the shadows of our subconscious. At this time of reckoning ― thanks to movements like Me Too and Time’s Up ― some of our cultural monsters are being revealed.

Of course, the monsters are always men. Like the man who caved in his daughter’s skull, and the man who cooked his children in the oven, and the American man who took his kids into war-ravaged Syria, to betray his country and kill Americans.

Except those weren’t men. They were all garden variety women.

But there is a reckoning that hasn’t yet happened and that’s with women, who use their bodies and social positions as wives and mothers to mediate how we handle the monsters of our society.

You cunts would really be better served shutting up, but like all wimminz, you never will.

These intermediaries are all too often women ― white women ― of privilege, who are doing quite well under the patriarchy. It’s a neat trick ― enforcing a system that affords you an amount of privilege but also oppresses others just like you. And it’s one white women have been playing for years.

Counterexamples include the black chick who cooked her little babies to death, and the Arab bitch who caved in her daughter’s skull, and left her to bleed out, and the mystery-meat slut from the trailer park who divorced her man, and took her kids to Syria, against their father’s wishes.

Not that we really care about race in this post-code. A wimminz is a wimminz. You’re all the same, regardless of what shade your skin might be. The boys know this, and I know it, and you know that we know it. That isn’t all that bothers you, however…

It was 53 percent of white women after all who voted for Donald Trump, a president who has publicly admitted to assaulting women.

Really irks you to contemplate the fact that your haggard old bulldyke was defeated (not once, but twice!) by men who appear to have just woke up one morning and said: “Fuck it, maybe I’ll run for president.”

Cool. Glad it bothers you. Get used to it.

Women are in positions of power in his cabinet and it is his daughter Ivanka who provided much of the cover for his policies during the campaign. Her presence, for many Trump supporters, continues to soften his most aggressive and erratic positions.

The feminist gripe against Ivanka is that she is 1. attractive, 2. able to keep a high-quality man interested, 3. devoted to religious discipline. Feminists are failures at all such endeavors, and as such, they seek to spread their own misery and sickness around to others.

Read the rest at the craptacular clickbait site HP(V).

Author: Boxer

Sinister All-Male Dancer. Secret King of all Gamma Males. Member of Frankfurt School. Your Fave Contrarian!

2 thoughts on “The Wimminz and Their Hatred of Women”

  1. ‘These intermediaries are all too often women ― white women ― of privilege, who are doing quite well under the patriarchy.’

    Sorry their little fantasy of smashing the patriarchy isn’t working too well for them. The women who understand obedience to their lawful male authority get farther ahead in life…even in a feminist paradise.

  2. defeated by men who appear to have just woke up one morning and said: “Fuck it, maybe I’ll run for president.”

    Had to LOL there.

    But there is a reckoning that hasn’t yet happened

    I very much hope the author is right about that. I’m confident she doesn’t understand what that will mean, or what that word really means…


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