Hollywood Skank Fakes Suicide Attempt

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Just yesterday we learned that Heather Locklear, a washed up Hollywood phony, had been arrested for the second time after violently assaulting those she was closest to. Exactly as I and others predicted, she is in the news yet again. She has just been ambulanced off to hospital, after reportedly “overdosing” on unknown substances.

Police have released more details about Sunday’s incident. Whereas in February, Locklear was arrested for felony domestic battery for attacking her live-in boyfriend, she was arrested last night on suspicion of attacking her parents. I had assumed (though I didn’t report as much) that the same poor simp who got his face chewed on, earlier this year, was the target of this latest attack. I hope that dumbass finally got the sense to hit the bricks.

I honestly don’t know what’s more pathetic than physically attacking one’s own mother and father, but that is what police contend happened, at Casa Locklear, on Sunday evening.

Given that Locklear has boasted a history of using very powerful narcotics, her “suicide attempt” is reasonably interpreted as an attention-seeking gesture. Young brothers should ponder the fate of a man who entangles himself with such a woman. No man wants to spend his fifties dealing with this sort of lunacy.


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  1. ‘Young brothers should ponder the fate of a man who entangles himself with such a woman.’

    She’s an adulterous woman. There’s no need to ponder what happens because it’s right there in Scripture (Proverbs, Ben Sira) what happens when a simp gets into her snare.

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