The History of Wimminz’ Hypocrisy

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Wimminz constantly seek to monopolize the role of victim. I suspect that they do this instinctively. The stupid young whore, Emma Watson, gives one example above. This is a particularly ridiculous statement, that we might be tempted to dismiss as one slut’s craziness. In fact, it is not an isolated expression. Another great example is Hillary Clinton’s idiotic 1998 statement, to wit:

Women have always been the primary victims of war…

When our favorite elderly bulldyke said that, most of the men in the audience probably snorted, finding it too ridiculous to even address. That was their mistake, but it is also understandable. I believe that it is a masculine instinct to expect nonsense to vomit forth out of a wimminz’ mouth, and too many men have mistakenly given such trick whores a pass for such stuff. We should learn to override this instinctive response, and always remember to call the feminists out on such big lies.

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As for this big lie, we have already seen one counterexample, in our review of the Triple Alliance War in Paraguay. At the end of that war, there was a female-male ratio of something like 5:1. It is difficult to claim that the wimminz suffered more than the hundreds-of-thousands of men, whose bodies lay all unburied, attracting flies.

We can anticipate the typical feminist response, which would assure us all that the Paraguayan ratio would be corrected once we all embrace feminism. In our future feminist utopia, wimminz will supposedly sprout some national pride, and get into the trenches to defend their countries.

There was, in fact, a nation which conscripted wimminz into its armed forces. That was the U.S.S.R., and we can look at the figures before and after the Great Patriotic War (what we call World War II) to see feminist equality in action.

At the beginning of that war, the female-male ratio was about 1.05:1. At the end of that war, it was 1.5:1.  (Andreev, et. al.). The feminists are partly correct, in that far more wimminz died in combat in the U.S.S.R., than did so in any other society, but they’re still basically full of beans.

Why is it that so many wimminz survived the GPW when their male comrades got slaughtered? We can reconstruct several likely scenarios, based on contemporary knowledge of wimminz behavior in the now-integrated armies of the United States, no?

  • Pregnancy as a strategy to get moved to the rear, or
  • Fake suicide attempts and self-inflicted minor injuries, or
  • Wimminz surrendering immediately, and performing sucky-sucky on thirsty Wehrmacht invaders, in return for not being sent to P.O.W. camp.

The list goes on.


Here is an actual photograph of brave Soviet partisans “resisting” the German invasion of their town. (They resisted with bread and salt, as an old man once told me.) These wimminz’ husbands and fathers have just been slaughtered by the same men they will fuck with abandon, the minute darkness falls.

Remember: These are the primary victims of warfare.

The same general hypocritical trend can be seen in every other aspect of wimminz’ communication. It is very common for so-called red pill wimminz to endlessly whine about how feminism has hurt them also. Take the case of Michele Weiner-Davis, a licensed social worker and renowned marriage counselor. Weiner-Davis is the author of several books on how to keep your spouse interested, and how to evade divorce. In the past, she has claimed to be motivated by a devotion to her religion (I believe she’s Jewish) and a commitment to CONservative political principles. She has also cited personal reasons for making marriage counseling her life’s work, implying that an incompetent marriage counselor encouraged her own mother to divorce her father, when she was a child.

Michele Weiner-Davis is a milder precursor of contemporary characters like Dr. Helen Smith, and while she earns my respect as a critic of feminist excesses, she is still given to making nonsensical statements, just like the wimminz she attempts to talk sense into.

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Weiner-Davis says that:

…women suffer the most after a divorce

Whether she actually believes this nonsense or not is a good question. Either way, it is a fascinating statement to parse. What do the statistics say? About half of all marriages will end in divorce, and an astounding 80 percent of those divorces are initiated by wimminz (CDC).

For this character to make such a claim seems flatly contradictory. If wimminz truly suffered the most after a divorce, would they file for divorce in such staggering numbers? Weiner-Davis doesn’t speculate on the amazing disparity between reality and her opinion. She merely repeats her big lie, and expects all of us dumb men to swallow it.

What is most interesting is the fact that the converse of this process is instinctively rejected, and with similar emotional energy. The fact that wimminz will playact at being victims, expecting sympathy when it is convenient for them, does not mean that any wimminz will allow men to do likewise. A great contemporary example is the incel phenomenon. Here’s a feminist wimminz of privilege, agitating for such men to be forced into poverty.

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It seems like men in the incel community, who suffer with crushing loneliness and social isolation, would be a natural choice for anyone to sympathize with. The fact that they are men opens them up to dehumanization, whatever their problems. This is likewise not an isolated expression. We can go back a while, and replay the video of radical feminist “big red,” who abrasively sneered at male rape victims. Rape is only a crime when it happens to a wimminz. When it happens to a man or a little boy, the feminists find it fodder for lighthearted discussion and comedy.

We are entering an epoch in which men have largely awakened to the existential threat that feminists pose, both to them as individuals, and to their civilization. The instinctual strategy of wimminz is to play the victim. In doing so, the individual wimminz seeks to hold herself out as an exception to the feminist monolith. Such wimminz will claim that feminism harms them also, and will often bombastically join us to curse her sisters, like Emma Watson and Hillary Clinton. In reality, such so-called red-pill wimminz benefit from feminist praxis just like their hardcore sisters do, and the minute such wimminz find it convenient, they will march into the divorce courts to get those papers filed.

If so-called red-pill wimminz want to be taken seriously, they can make themselves an example of decency, by physically resisting the feminist occupation. As it is, they pretend at victimhood, while surrendering at the first opportunity, and proceed to lay down for our enemies.

Author: Boxer

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4 thoughts on “The History of Wimminz’ Hypocrisy”

  1. ‘ If wimminz truly suffered the most after a divorce, would they file for divorce in such staggering numbers?’

    Could be one of two things…

    They are either liars…or they enjoy creating their own suffering in order to earn the victim merit badge for sympathy. I remember reading about a wimminz pouring drain cleaner in her eyes to be blind for sympathy.

    That being said…if it is option 2, that’s why I have little/no sympathy for them initiating it. It’s one thing to truly suffer say from the hand of God or a true accident…it’s another to instigate it upon yourself.

  2. I thought that abortion was a big nothing burger to these types of women and didn’t count as anything more than a simple medical procedure that they wanted to be state subsidized

  3. Welcome Brother.

    I thought that abortion was a big nothing burger to these types of women and didn’t count as anything more than a simple medical procedure that they wanted to be state subsidized

    I thought that was especially relevant, and I’m glad you caught it.

    Dead babies are victims, but only when the babies are potential wimminz, killed for being potential wimminz. I’m not expecting any feminists to cry too many tears about sex-selective abortions of potential men. That’s a wimminz’ right to choose (to slaughter her kids).



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