The Redpilling of Saeed Abedini

Happy Father’s Day to all you fathers out there, and Eid Mubarak to all my Muslim brothers.

Last week we examined the Muslim woman in detail, and illustrated the propaganda and hype surrounding the so-called “submissive” and “helpful” Muslim wife. Admittedly, we looked at an extreme example; but, the possibility that the woman you marry might cave in your child’s skull, while living in the house that you’ve been evicted from (but are still forced to pay for — of course) is a real possibility.

It might be argued that Saeed Abedini is also a victim of the bait-and-switch of the Muslim woman.

For those who haven’t heard this sad story, here’s the news: Saeed’s wife, Naghmeh, promised to love, honor and obey him, during a traditional Muslim wedding, in 2004. If we believe the Islamophilic propaganda, we would expect that young Naghmeh was a virgin on her wedding night. Of course, I’m always skeptical; but, ultimately, it doesn’t matter. A professional prostitute has the same obligation as a virginal young religious girl, when she makes a promise. Everyone who says their wedding vows is expected to keep them, from that day forward, until death…

So, did Naghmeh live up to the hype of the Muslim princess? Did she spend the rest of her life being a modest, obedient, helpful wife to her beloved husband? What a laugh! Naghmeh was at best a secular Muslim, and she was already an American citizen when she married Saeed. How she obtained U.S. Citizenship is a murky matter, but it suggests that she was already skankified.

Saeed and Naghmeh began exploring Christianity shortly after they emigrated to the United States in 2005, and Saeed obtained naturalized American citizenship through his marriage to Naghmeh. He subsequently studied for the Christian priesthood, and became ordained around 2009.

In the summer of 2012, Saeed returned to Iran and was arrested after a complaint alleged that he had been proselytizing his Muslim neighbors in the town of Resht. He instantly became a celebrity among Christians in the United States. Christian priests used his name and image to bilk the gullible out of millions of dollars. Naghmeh, who had remained in the U.S.A., became a minor celebrity, and went on speaking tours to protest her husband’s treatment.

Barack Obama eventually paid some ransom money, and twisted some arms, and in 2016, President Obama finally got Saeed deported back to the U.S.A.. Almost immediately after his release, his wife Naghmeh, who had spent years making beaucoup dollaz off her husband’s imprisonment, turned the tables. She denounced her husband, filed for divorce, and swore out a criminal complaint against Saeed for “abuse.”

Naghmeh alleges that Saeed was “abusing” her, from around the world, while he was jailed in the notorious Ervin Prison. His children were naturally taken from him, by the faggots in the divorce courts.

Today, Saeed is still separated from his children. Let’s let him tell it…


It is hard for me to believe that the Iranians would sever the bond of a child with either parent, simply because of unfounded gossip by an attention seeking neurotic like Naghmeh. It might be argued that Saeed is being treated worse by the American divorce courts than he was by the Iranian religious censors. Thus the United States has no standing to criticize any other society for “human rights” violations.

I have sent Saeed a message, inviting him to comment here on his situation, and to correct any details I might have mistaken. I’m aware he is a busy man. If he isn’t inclined to participate, he should know that we’re all in sympathy with him, and that we salute his courage as he speaks out for the millions of fathers and husbands who have been abused and robbed by the divorce industry.

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6 thoughts on “The Redpilling of Saeed Abedini”

  1. I don’t think it would ever be a wrong theory to state that most of the problems we have now is forced fatherlessness of kids.

    Suicide, mental health, sex trafficking, etc.

  2. It has never occurred to me to describe the current state of affairs as a human rights violation, but that’s exactly what it is when fathers are denied their rights.

  3. As one of the formerly gullible, I will tell you that the American Churchian response to Saeed Abedini’s plight was pretty much as you tell it.

    Every time I think about what my church did to Saeed Abedini it grinds my teeth.

    –Saeed is imprisoned, becomes cause celebre for Churchians
    –Naghmeh capitalizes on the situation, attracts celebrity Christian preachers like Franklin Graham, Billy’s son and of Samaritan’s Purse, whose ministry is sending bibles, care packages, and letters to Christians persecuted/imprisoned for practicing their faith
    –Graham and others go to bat for Saeed, soliciting money and gifts in the process
    –News spreads that Saeed will soon be released. Churchians rejoice. Yay! Behold the power of prayer! God is good! We won a battle!
    –Before Saeed is even on the tarmac, Naghmeh makes vague statements about Saeed and porn, and him being “abusive”
    –Saeed lands in the US, is briefly reunited with Naghmeh and the kids. The reunion is short lived; she asks for a legal separation and starts enlisting Churchians’ support while making the first claims of “abuse”
    –Saeed says “Naghmeh, come home now and bring the kids”
    –Naghmeh says “no”
    –Churchians immediately throw Saeed under the bus, saying “serious matter” and “need to find out the facts” and “this is certainly troubling”
    –Saeed says “screw this. Either come home now and bring the kids, or we’re done”
    –No response
    –Saeed files for divorce
    –Naghmeh gets the kids, they’re still in Boise. According to his facebook page, Saeed has his own ministry and is living and working in New York City. His divorce from Naghmeh was final in April 2017.

    And, of course, it has been crickets and big fat nothing from Churchians like Graham and others. Not a word about Saeed has been said since his release. He was brought back here only to have our country and court system shove a Red Pill up his ass. I sincerely hope he is doing well; I would not have blamed him for renouncing Christianity after how poorly we treated him.

  4. I also did a news search in Bing for recent articles and news on Saeed. Nothing. Nothing for at least a year, since his divorce was final in April 2017. It’s like he never existed in Churchian circles.

    We are hypocrites, all of us. We have become the Pharisees Jesus eviscerated on a daily basis. We deserve the judgment that will be brought upon us.

  5. Here is an interview Saeed did with Sheila Zilinsky. Older interview. Dec. 2016

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