Tom Schools Dana

NSFW: Tom schools Dana about the calling and vocation she has chosen.

When I was a much younger man, I used to listen to Tom Leykis. This appears to be an old episode, but I had never heard it. It lasts for a half hour, and just gets better and better.

Author: Boxer

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6 thoughts on “Tom Schools Dana”

  1. I won’t spoil the bombshell of the video for the fellas that want to watch…but Leykis does a good job getting to the root of the rebellion.

  2. I spent many hours listening to Tom while living in Los Angeles. I even went to a few of his listener parties a few times and even bumped into him at an LA Kings game one time. He was a pre-Manosphere icon in the red pill philosophy.

  3. Funny video on the tiedown I really would tell the guy

  4. Sidenote not tied down. My microphone is not working correctly

  5. I’m so glad I did not see Any of those happy father day to single mom’s post on Facebook yesterday

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