7 Ways To Vet A Potential Wife

snakesSo, you’ve met some sweet thing a couple months back. You’ve gone out with her a few times, maybe fucked. On the surface, your girl seems almost perfect. She cooks for you, she’s sweet and respectful, she’s fun to be around. You’ve done your due-diligence. She’s not too much of a ho’, and she seems to have decent relationships with her family.

Maybe you like the idea of having kids, or are just a traditional-leaning brother who doesn’t want to shack-up long term. Is this woman wife material? In order to judge, we’ll have to ferret out some answers to some very serious questions.

Some of these questions may seem intrusive, even outrageous, but every young brother who reads this site had best believe you need to get straight answers before buying that ring. Lets get to the bottom of a few character traits which will spell danger for a long-term coupling.

1. How much debt do you have?

Has your belle taken out massive student loans? Has she financed the illusion of solvency with credit cards? Does she own a home? Every financial liability immediately becomes your worry, the minute you sign that marriage contract.

2. Have you ever had an abortion?

This is tricky, because most legal structures feature confidentiality laws which prohibit prospective spouses from seeing the medical records of their affianced. Women are also excellent liars. Even so, it’s a crucial piece of information. If she had one abortion, she’ll have no problem having a few more. You don’t want the next baby she hacks to death to be yours.

3. Have you ever had an STD?

According to the American Sexual Health Association, most American women are filled with diseases at an early age, thanks to promiscuity and illegal drugs. Getting married and having children entails unprotected sex. It shouldn’t include a life of unsightly warts and herpes sores. Paying for a full panel STD test is a wise investment; but, again, you might have to be clever if you want the unvarnished truth. The medical community is in league with feminists, in keeping this data from you.

4. Have you ever had a problem with drugs or alcohol?

You down for bailing this bitch out of jail? I didn’t think so. Any signs of this, and you need to cut ties immediately.

5. How do you feel about your dad?

Her father is more than just a man. He’s a psychological archetype, that she either submits to or rebels against. Guess who will embody that archetype, the minute you set up house together? That’s right. If she says anything crude or disrespectful about her dad, you dump her dumb ass and move on.

6. How do you feel about my family?

Marriage is about more than just giving some dumb bitch a wedding. It’s about the creation of a bridge between two families. A bit of angst about one’s mother-in-law is natural; but bad feelings will fester, eventually erupting into total chaos. If there’s someone she doesn’t want to deal with now, then she needs to hit the bricks.

7. How do you feel about DNA testing our kids?

Chances are she’s not a virgin; but, even if she is, it doesn’t matter. Rings don’t plug any holes. Don’t be blamed for a child that’s not yours, dummy.

Thanks to anonymous_ng over on Dalrock and John Eliot over on Intellectual Takeout for inspiring this gem. If anyone else has ideas as to how to keep a marriage minded brother from disaster, shout it out.

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6 thoughts on “7 Ways To Vet A Potential Wife”

  1. I’d inquire about religion or faith too (sort out the daughters of God from the feminist witches)…but other than that I think you’ve covered everything I could think of.

  2. Perhaps we could reduce it to…’does she produce a hostile womb environment’.

  3. Many suggestions on my divorce-avoidance list apply here also:

    1) Ask her if she is a virgin or a widow. Must be ‘yes’.
    2) Ask her what her income is. Yours should be higher.
    3) Ask her if she wants kids. The answer should be ‘yes’.
    4) Ask her about her career priorities. Avoid a career-oriented women who would put kids in daycare.
    5) Ask her if her parents are divorced. Avoid if ‘yes’.

    I’ll add a few more:

    6) Ask her if she thinks lying is acceptable. A good relationship is based on trust. Don’t tolerate lies and make this clear. If you catch her in a lie, give her an ultimatum or end it.
    7) Ask her what her opinion on divorce is. Don’t tolerate anything other than being fervently anti-divorce. If she wants to discuss a pre-nuptial agreements because “you never know”, run.
    8) Ask her for her expectations for religious observance, political expression, finances, extended family relationships, child issues (number of children, child discipline styles, public vs. private school), etc. Only marry her if she is willing to acknowledge and plan for hard times.

  4. If asked all those pertinent questions, I believe 99% of Western women would fail the test
    If we add Derek Ramse y’s list on top of that, we would all be lonely and single forever lol
    The sad truth is that feminism has corrupted women too much to make Western women viable…. But who knows, maybe there’s some decent woman out there who ticks all the right boxes

  5. Considering average female virginity is 12% to 5% from ages 20 to 29 and declines rapidly thereafter, the best you can hope for is one in ten women. You’re probably pretty close to that 99% figure in some populations. Must you compromise your standards or remain unmarried?

    “But who knows, maybe there’s some decent woman out there who ticks all the right boxes”

    Lists like these help you weed out the bad candidates. They don’t help you find the good ones.

    One (the only?) possible solution is to physically move to a population and environment that contains a higher percentage of quality marriageable candidates and to do it ASAP. Some states and counties are significantly better than others. Join and fully participate in a church (or two or three at the same time) that teaches and practices traditional biblical sexuality. They do exist. If possible, try to find jobs and volunteer opportunities in similar environments.

    If you are older, marrying a widow is a possibility. I don’t know many who have done this, successfully or not, so I can’t speak to its effectiveness. If she has kids and a sensible social network (like the environments listed above), she might be a good catch.

    Lastly, it’s worth considering a single-sexual-partner divorced woman if you can verify that the husband was the problem. Trying to rehabilitate a wayward woman is a risky proposition, but not all divorces are the fault of the woman. Better this than a woman ‘finished’ riding the carousel.

    “The sad truth is that feminism has corrupted women too much to make Western women viable….”

    Hmm… so find a non-Western country with sensible women (if there is one), learn the language, and move there?

  6. Homeschool groups and conventions are a great place to look.

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