Thus Saith The Priestess…


The skank-ho above is Nadia Bolz-Weber. She is the founder of “All Sinners and Saints” Church, in Denver, Colorado. I posted her collection of boring videos yesterday. She has a blog here. What surprises me most is the fact that while she’s a very tedious and childish speaker, she’s not a terrible writer.

I come to a number of conclusions through this fact. The most important being that she has the ability to do something far less damaging, and more lucrative, than her present career. Why has she chosen to become a Christian priestess, rather than start a business? My own suspicion is that she has consciously made financial and personal sacrifices in order to sully the aesthetic of the traditional Christian church. By all accounts, she is succeeding.

One third of her congregation is gay, lesbian or transgender. And they celebrate that fact. There is even a “Minister of Fabulousness”, a drag queen called Stuart.

“Here’s why if you don’t have a drag queen in your congregation you should get one,” Bolz Weber says.

“Because when we were talking about what’s called stewardship, which is kind of the financial reality of our church and people giving and stuff, we were trying to figure out ways to encourage people to help fund the community they’re part of, Stuart goes: ‘Oh I know what we’re going to do. We’re going to get a T-Shirt and on the front it will say This Shit Ain’t Free, and then on the back it’s going to say So You Better Tithe, Bitches!’ You see what I’m saying? It just makes church so much better.”

(BBC News)

We should always recognize the pathological wreckers among us. I’m not talking about the average middlebrow hacks, who have no aesthetic sensibility. They aren’t nearly this destructive.

There are people of considerable talent, who are filled with hatred for anything that is beautiful, noteworthy or uplifting. These broken, empty shells are driven by a passion to reduce everyone else to their own level, and spread their own misery around to their neighbors. I believe skank-ho Nadia is one of these.

Note her characteristics well, that you might know the wreckers. Keep them away from you and yours.

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2 thoughts on “Thus Saith The Priestess…”

  1. In the Bible Paul points out how marriage is like Christ and the church…so as such using the church as a metaphor for women I think could be apt.

    So do you want a church full of graffiti on the outside…looking worn down an almost ready to collapse. On the inside full of filth, lies, and sexually confused people. The center being the shifting sands of feminist gobbly gook. Is this attractive to any honest red blooded male?

    Or a church whose center is Christ…looks beautiful on the inside and outside. A warm inviting attractive place.

  2. I get the impression someone is paying for this shiite, just to have a cynical go, or as a joke, or as a CIA mind-control experiment. Those not in on the joke are true believers.

    And that hag reminds me of Hades in that Disney movie.

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