The Historical Implications of Witchcraft

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Attempts have always been made to blame wimminz’ misbehavior on the devil, demons, and other unnatural concepts. This is a contemporary example, pulled from Dalrock:

The film referred to is a Quentin Tarantino feature, which was released in 2015. I saw it, and found it to be typical of a Tarantino film. It is overly reliant on shock value, with constant use of racial slurs, and unrealistic amounts of blood and gore. It also goes on for about an hour longer than it ought to. As such, I can’t really recommend it to anyone over the mental age of fifteen.

More interesting than the cinematic narrative is the example of a bunch of supposedly woke men, on a blog like Dalrock, reverting to the feminist tactic of shifting the blame for wimminz onto imaginary agents. The female antagonist in The Hateful Eight isn’t possessed by a demon. She’s depicted as just a typical wimminz, who bears false witness against men, attempts to poison her enemies, and alternates between crying tears and showing her tits in a vain attempt to manipulate everyone around her.

Let’s put that aside for a moment. For the sake of argument, let’s suppose that the devil, demons, ghosts and other spooks exist. Now, even as we make this ontological commitment, let’s also assume that these spooks are so numerous, and so bored, that they regularly meddle in the lives of regular people. Even if this imaginary state-of-affairs were true, in order to lay culpability at the feet of the devil, we would have to go even further, and posit that these spooks had the power to control people.

Even the most superstitious Christian, who has an ontological commitment to these devils, and who believes that these supernatural spooks have nothing better to do than to follow him around, will generally not hold the proposition that the devils can force him to do anything. If he ventures that far, then he’s immediately forced to confront the possibility that these spooks are more powerful than his God. If that’s the case, then one really should cut out the middleman, and start praying to the devils and demons, since they seem to be in charge of things.

If the devil, demons, ghosts and spooks can not make an individual behave badly, but can only tempt such an individual, then the individual retains the moral responsibility to resist the temptation. As such, it remains the fault of the individual when s/he behaves badly. The existence of the devil may give an individual more opportunity to behave badly. Perhaps the devil might give an individual tips on how to be as malicious as possible; but, the actual agent in the misbehavior is the individual, who acts on this advice.

If some asshole at work tells me about stacks of cash that are left in an unlocked office, and I stay late and steal the money, then it’s me who will be indicted for burglary or embezzlement. I can try to lay some of the blame at the feet of the asshole who tickled my ear with the knowledge, but ultimately, I’ll be the guy sitting in the prison cell.

The University of Virginia has transcribed the court records for the Salem Witch Trials and made the raw facts available for public examination. No doubt they were partly motivated by a desire to spread sympathy for the wimminz involved; but, what they accomplished is precisely the opposite. I invite all the brothers who read my site to go check it out. What you read is nothing like the “Fanny clasped her hands together and made the Smythe family fall down dead” caricature that looney wiccans will insist took place. Instead, you read stories of wimminz doing all the same shit that wimminz do today. For example:

  • The wimminz who self-inflicted injuries, then blamed someone else,
  • The wimminz who fucked various married men,
  • The wimminz who poisoned children in her care,
  • The wimminz who lied under oath, merely to spread community chaos,

and on, and on, and on.

A large number of men were also tried for witchcraft, and they’re depicted as being the typical enabling simps, which we now know (and hate) as male-feminists. Occasionally, a man was convicted because he abandoned his wife and family for one of these troublemaking whores. On other occasions, a man would be convicted for sharing in the profits of whatever scam the wimminz were running.

A witch is not a poor victim, who has been led astray by the devil. A witch is a wimminz, who behaves like a typical wimminz.

In a healthier era, we put wimminz (and their simp enablers) in the stocks, or occasionally executed them, in order to maintain civilization. Today, we let them run around unchecked, and we pay the natural consequences for this, every single day.

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  1. Yes, you’re right Boxer…the devil only tempts people into rebellion. It’s up to the person’s free will whether or not to go through with the temptation.

    Jesus was tempted three times in the desert by the devil and showed how to resist the temptation (namely quoting Scripture and following God). I don’t know if the wimminz and maginas know about this strategy but it’s certainly possible to not go witch-simp.

  2. The problem with the women’s and male feminist is that they don’t know or respect word of God. Jesus knew the word of God unfair because he was the word of God but still…
    There is a verse in scripture Which states that women have to have authority a mail either the word of God their father or their husbands to check what “the Lord is telling them” All falls religions religion that or not Bhs on the Yawaih through to his son Jesus ChristWere created by women. The new world order was created by a woman.
    (Joke) And if you don’t agree with the comment then the double made me read it I take no responsibility for it (joke)😜👎🏾😜

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