The Disgusting Life of Rachel Dolezal…

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Nkechi a/k/a Dolezal, first became a race huckster after being accepted to study at Howard University. Howard is a predominantly and historically black university, which has particularly high standards. (Imagine something on the order of Stanford or Cornell – only started and run by Black intellectuals.)

Dolezal, a totally unqualified White slut, was given an affirmative action scholarship, lavished with all sorts of help (unavailable to her more intelligent Black colleagues), and showered with free money for rent and books. Despite all these advantages, she failed, time and again, to achieve anything noteworthy. To repay this generosity, she filed a series of frivolous lawsuits against her alma mater. One of the things she accused the university of was “racial discrimination.” My understanding is that most of these were dismissed, and the one that eventually went to trial was easily won by Howard.

So, what’s an aspiring race huckster to do? She had a race-change operation… Not serious plastic surgery, the likes of which Michael Jackson accomplished. I mean something closer to getting out the shoe polish, Al Jolson style. She moved back to her home – Cascadia, where there are almost no actual Black people to compare, and became the head of the Spokane NAACP. In a series of embarrassing public interviews, it was established in mid 2015 that Dolezal was actually the White ho’ who had sued Howard, maintaining that the school had discriminated against her for being a White bitch.

A number of unconfirmed reports began to circulate all those years ago. It was alleged that in her classroom, at Eastern Washington University’s black studies department, she referred (at least once) to a student she disliked as “that nigger.” Another student came forward alleging that Dolezal had (at least once) gone on looney, shouting tirades in class, berating light-skinned black kids for their “light skin privilege.” (Fuck’n lol – I guess she wanted everyone else to join her in picking up the spray tan.) True or not, EWU dismissed her immediately.

Another story alleged that she would abuse her husband (an actual black dude) because she felt he “did not act black enough…” The caricature of blackness is much more important to this White cunt than, ya know, actually being an African-American. In any case, it is confirmed that she ran at least one man through the anti-male divorce courts, before settling on her career as a racial grievance hustler.

Fast forward to today, the bitch has book and movie deals, and has gone on extensive world speaking tours. Despite pulling in six-figures, she continued to milk America’s social welfare system.

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Dolezal is truly a sad case of what’s wrong with this society. She is a complete embarrassment to her family, her people, her colleagues, and herself. Until we check these corrosive wimminz, we’ll surely have more of this sort of destruction.

Much more at: NYT

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3 thoughts on “The Disgusting Life of Rachel Dolezal…”

  1. I’ve long since tried to figure out what ‘acting black’ means.

    As far as I can tell what it means is being rebellious to any authority when you are the one breaking the law, bragging about what little acheivement you have, a fashion style you know was created by homosexuals , hating white people, and abusing/killing black people.

  2. Dolezal is truly a sad case of what’s wrong with this society. She is a complete embarrassment to her family, her people, her colleagues, and herself.

    The first sentence is all the more true because she does not appear to be embarrassed by herself at all. We’re embarrassed for her, and disgusted by her, but she remains defiant and unashamed.

    My guess:
    1. Investigators at the Department of Social and Health Services tell her “on numerous occasions” that she could be criminally prosecuted for…
    2. What they already knew she was doing, I’ll wager. The investigators were of course uncertain or afraid as to how to proceed given all the murky special categories that might apply to a woman like that, so they tried to warn her off instead of running her in, because they didn’t know how much trouble it might be for them to uphold the law in her case.
    3. But she ignores all that and does them a big favor by not only ignoring the warning but making it egregious, tallying $84,000 in welfare fraud. She made it safe for the investigators to charge her. Had she quit at a lower level of profit when they first warned her, she could have skated.

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