Clownworld News: 22 May 2018


Starting that magic countdown until Harry hit with frivolous criminal accusation of rape or sexual harassment.


Eagerly awaiting the new merit badges for fisting and anal sex.

BTW: For those who don’t believe this, you aren’t alone. I had to go get the source. It’s legit. It has also been policy for two years, so I’m not sure why it is only now getting airplay.

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Author: Boxer

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7 thoughts on “Clownworld News: 22 May 2018”

  1. Our the magical countdown when someone in the Scouts is hit with a frivolous criminal accusation of sexual assault.

  2. Forget about false rape accusations, I’m waiting for the first Boy Scout pedophile ring to be exposed.

  3. We’re going to need a new descriptive term. Clowns for all their shenanigans are more dignified than what we’re seeing these days. Backtracking to clown world would be an improvement.

  4. Soon, after the first sexual harassment suits in the Scouts….the boys will all be kicked out

  5. Boxer

    The world scout jamboree is different from the BSA and run by different organizations. The world scout jamboree is usually held outside the US; it’s many times been held in Canada and one was held in Calgary in the mid 80s when I was a scout (I didn’t attend).

    The reason the condoms policy for the world jamboree is getting play in the US is because the Boy Scouts of America (now known as Scouts BSA) is admitting girls for the first time, and in doing so joining pretty much the rest of the World Scouting Movement in having coed scouting. People (like me) occasionally raise the issue of boys and girls having sex at campouts especially during summer camps; but we’re pooh poohed and shooed away with the argument that “we trust scouts, boys and girls, to have enough character not to do that”. When I point out the strength of teen sex drives (I know, because I was one once) and that they’re human, it’s “AAAARRRRGGGH!!! SEXIST!! RACIST!!”

    It’s going to happen. On some summer camp, some girls troop will be in their campsite and the boys troops (that will outnumber the girls troops like 10 to 1) will be chasing girls. Instead of hanging out with their fellow male scouts and doing advancement and shooting guns and shooting bows and arrows and earning merit badges and tying knots and climbing and running; some will be chasing pussy. A few will catch that pussy. There will be some sex happening on those campouts. And some girl will get knocked up. And it will happen that some 15 year old Star or Life Scout and some 15 or 16 year old First Class (girl) scout got jiggy with it at summer camp.

    Or some girl will have sex, and accuse that male scout of rape. Or some girl will get REALLY raped.

    The BSA is just buying trouble with this.

  6. ‘ When I point out the strength of teen sex drives (I know, because I was one once) and that they’re human, it’s “AAAARRRRGGGH!!! SEXIST!! RACIST!!”

    Telling the truth is racist and sexist to those who’d rather listen to their petty lies.

  7. The summer camp I was “sent” to every from summer 1979-1983….nine weeks (a YMCA camp), I don’t believe most camps do this anymore btw…………my last summer there in 1983 when I was 13…………two teenage counselors “mysteriously” got pregnant…….this spread like wildfire through the campers. Also that same summer…….two female campers (age 16) got pregnant as well. The letter that the camp sent “parents” explaining the situation that happened with the campers was absconding blame, explaining they had “no idea” how this could have happened because the campers are supervised 24 / 7 while at camp (which caused me to laugh at the time……there was so much unsupervised time at that place).

    When I worked at a summer camp in 1994……the same trend we see now…………….the deemed top 10-20% of guys working at this camp looks-wise pretty much nailed every female counselor at this camp……..starting with the female lifeguard (the hottest girl at the camp) and then downward from there.

    The BSA will turn a blind eye to this and give the “kids will be kids” kind of excuse, and then play the “we’re shocked! shocked!” card when a real rape or unplanned pregnancy happens and the girls’ parents are going to “sue” the BSA for not protecting the girl from her bad choices.

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