The Wisdom of Robert Mugabe


I was bored today, so I took a half-hour and made some Robert Mugabe memes. Spread some of these around, if you think they’re poignant or amusing. Just don’t tell anyone where they came from.


Bad women? Bob hasn’t got the memo. There are no such things, just bad husbands, fathers and other rapists.


Whatever else you might say about the man, he enjoyed tweaking the tails of the feminists.


My brother, don’t kill yourself…

Author: Boxer

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5 thoughts on “The Wisdom of Robert Mugabe”

  1. I had to check if this is real; can’t tell satire from reality anymore. Found a couple extra quotes:

    “Girls, learn to take care of yourselves. Some men will use you, use your body, ruin your reputation and then marry a beautiful woman and get born again. And as if that is not enough, use you as testimony in church.”

    “Check your girlfriend’s body, if she has more tattoos or piercings, you can cheat on her. She is already used to pain.”

  2. Too bad he was an African dictator and not a sphere blog writer. The dude shivs it like it is with women.

  3. ROTFLOL!! Some of Mugabe’s quotes are priceless! We can learn a lot about this man lol
    He got it right about women, but unfortunately his murderous psychotic tendencies got the better of him

  4. I needed some humor, thanks. If I was young, then I think those would make some great t-shirts to wear. Much more edgy than a mohawk.

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