The Skank-Ho Princess

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Unlike many on the alt-right, I do not LARP as a monarchist, and I make no secret of my apathy toward the royal family. I think Canadians should have dumped this dysfunctional crew of layabouts long ago. And so, it is with subdued glee that I welcome my new skank-ho overlord, Meghan Markle, into the scroungy bunch who signs off on my travel documents. The chaos she will bring to our masters will be a great source of personal amusement to me.

Meghan Markle is already a divorcée. She was, unknown to many, married to a man named Trevor Engelson. They tied the knot in a traditional Jewish wedding in Jamaica, in 2011. Less than two years later, young Meghan ran her husband face-first through the divorce courts. I guess all those religious vows and promises went out the window, when the skank realized she could get a big payday.

A Portrait of The Con-Artist as A Young Prostitute


Meghan Markle in 2010, with her first husband, Trevor Engelson.

Skank-ho Meghan in traditional religious “chair dance” at her first wedding.

To recap: Markle promised, in a traditional Jewish wedding, to love, respect, honor and obey her husband, Trevor Engelson. She divorced him two years later, getting an undisclosed payout as reward for breaking her most important promises. Scumbag biographer of the rich and idle, Andrew Morton, describes skank-ho filing the divorce papers as a shocking surprise to Engelson, who said it came “out of the blue.” Markle sent back her wedding and engagement rings to her husband through the mail, from Canada, in the same week she filed the papers. I can only assume that she had already started making eyes at another series of men.

Fast forward to the present: Harry, a man who volunteered to serve in Afghanistan (where he further fought in the field – which he didn’t have to do) somehow sees skanky Meghan as wife material. Harry has now married Meghan in another traditional religious wedding, where Meghan made a big to-do about refusing to promise to obey her husband.

Harry, of course, has the money to send Meghan packing, and he almost certainly will. At best we can hope that he doesn’t let this dysfunctional feminist have any of his children to hold hostage. If we condemn him, it is for inflating the egos of skank-ho wimminz everywhere, who will now see the normalization of slutty divorcées trading up to a bona-fide prince, after demonstrating the inability to keep their most important promises.

Read more about this trashy ho at The Sun and NY Times.

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8 thoughts on “The Skank-Ho Princess”

  1. ‘where Meghan made a big to-do about refusing to promise to obey her husband.’

    On top of her past…I mean what more does Harry need to get to see where this is going? Once again I’ll give a man the benefit of the doubt if the woman he marries didn’t have this type of past putting men into the grinder…but the past she had which Harry had to know about (and probably deluded himself)…the onus is on him when she does what she does.

    I also read a story where her half-brother supposedly wrote a letter to Harry urging him to not marry this Hollywood actress. If this is true I’m glad to see there are at least some men out there looking out for their fellow man.

  2. I read that this morning. Not surprised to see it strangely absent from major media headlines. Not at all surprised to see the father isn’t being interviewed anywhere, either. Jayzus Christ.

  3. I suppose one advantage to having a royal family is a “canary in the coal mine” indicator of patriarchy in the government.

    But damn, who dropped LSD in the male gene pool? “Dude, she’s a gold-digging frivorce expert with crazy eyes who’s about to hit menopause!” “But I wuvs her!”

  4. Mark my words, that skank go slut will divorce Harry within 5 years
    It was a fucking bullshit fake wedding, too preachy, too impersonal, too churchy and too “Americanized”
    I hate the Royals, I really do, but even I was disgusted at how the crass Americans had to wreck that wedding with their garbage and feminist garbage

  5. ‘Dude, she’s a feminist soical justice warrior who won’t even obey you as your wife and a Hollywood actress who you know had to go through the Weinstein initiation to even sniff a role.’

    ‘But I wuvs here!’

  6. Yeah, I agree. Harry has deliberately lodged his own head up his ass where this skank-ho is concerned. The ugly future that awaits him will be entirely self-inflicted.

    I’m convinced, looking back on the last 35-plus years, that the Windsor men have no sense whatsoever when it comes to women.

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