Krista Sings The Blues

krista.hoThe whore at left is one Krista Conley Glover, age 36. Krista grew up in Methville (f/k/a Portland) OR; though the booking photo attached came from St. John’s County, FL. She looks to me little better than the typical drug-addled white feminist, who has graduated from a life of coddling to crime. The 1990s chic big-hairdo, the hideous, wall-hitting face, and the vacuous stare ahead, all combine to portray this bitch in the most realistic possible light.

At first glance, a brother could be forgiven for assuming that she had been busted for peddling crack. Before we get to the real story, let’s fill in some background. Krista is married to a multimillionaire pro-golfer named Lucas Hendley Glover, age 38. Lucas and Krista were married in 2012. By anyone’s standards, he has done a passable job as a provider — busting ass to give his whore of a wife a Florida mansion and spending sprees abroad. Here’s a tweet from last month, in which she is boasting about her ability to waste her husband’s money on fucking other men “girls night out” [sic]…


Now, maybe I’m showing my lack of experience with rough trade, but in this photo, with her plunging neckline and visible nips, Krista looks little better than an aging street hooker. Her minimal boobs and bony elbows give her an Auschwitz aesthetic, and her collapsed cheeks suggest that she might be toothless. The stretch marks around her mouth are also illustrative. She’s anything but attractive, and if she were approaching me in that getup, I’d assume that she was an anorexic prostitute coming to hit me up for some spare change.

For some odd reason Lucas found her worthy of marriage, and the couple now have two children. It ought to be noted that Lucas married Krista a couple of years after he had famously won the U.S. Open, and immediately after he had won the Wells Fargo Championship. She had already crested thirty-one years, and was well on her way to sexual marketplace irrelevance when she walked down the aisle. Krista ought to down on her knees, alternately satisfying her husband’s sexual needs and thanking whatever god or gods she worships, for this man who saved her from a sad fate.


Last weekend was Mother’s Day. Like any dutiful son, Lucas wanted to spend time both with his mother and his wife. He invited them both to the The Player’s Championship 2018, to watch him on the links, where he hoped they would enjoy themselves in private seats, while he earned the family bread. Unfortunately for everyone, Lucas didn’t happen to prevail, and washed out of the tournament without placing. This is where the fun apparently began.

And thus, Krista decided that she’d celebrate Mother’s Day, this year, by beating the hell out of her husband, in front of his mom and their two terrified children. The reason for all this? Because Lucas had not performed up to her expectations.


“You’d better win, or I will take the kids, and you will never see them again!”

When granny was forced to intervene, she turned her foul attentions on Lucas’ mother. By the time the police arrived, granny was reportedly ambulanced off to hospital to get stitches in her arm. This whole story is particularly disturbing, given the fact that Lucas and his mother are both actively covering for this abusive whore in the media, right now. Lucas refused to sign the affidavit, but the cops took Krista’s spoiled ass down to the station anyhow. She caused such a fuss, they gave her an extra “resisting arrest” charge. She is quoted as saying:

“This is why cops get shot in the face!”

Like a good male-feminist, Lucas has decided to “stand by his woman,” even as she has been a complete embarrassment to him, his family, and his profession. Here is his latest profession of solidarity with this trashy ho’ on twitter dot com:


Husband and granny have since bailed Krista out of jail, and have welcomed her back into the mansion, where she will surely cause more trouble. To thank her husband and mother-in-law, Krista has begun giving interviews to national media, accusing Lucas and his mother of torturing her. This ought to be appreciated by Lucas as a prelude to having him thrown out of the house, on trumped up charges. He doesn’t seem phased.

At this point, we ought to start that magic countdown to more mayhem. Stay tuned to this channel, and we’ll report further when the cops have to come back to the mansion. Will it be to serve Lucas with a protective order, and pack him into a hotel room? Or, will it be a murder investigation, after drug-addled slut Krista hacks up her husband and kids with a butcher knife? Only time will tell.

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4 thoughts on “Krista Sings The Blues”

  1. One must wonder what goes on in the brains of such men. “She loves me! These stitches are only love bites! I hope she didn’t kill my mother…”

  2. Lucas deserves no more sympathy than his bitch-cunt wife. Each truly deserves the other. I do, however, feel extremely sorry for their kids. Piss-poor choice of parents.

  3. People with addicted parents often marry addicts. You don’t have to feel sorry for Glover, but I do. I dated a mean drunk a few decades ago and to add kids to it? Hate sin, and pray for deliverance from the evil one, because crazy and pain are all over.
    Another red flag I’ll add to Boxer’s list from the other mentally sick woman post is radically changing appearances. Look at Glover, clean sporty look with a hat, party prostitute, and big hair. That kind of changing has never been good in my experiences.

  4. Lesson to men – your wife/GF puts her hands on you like that, you call the cops, you have her arrested, you press charges, you get an order of protection, you get her booted from the house, and you file for divorce. You then file a civil lawsuit against her for money damages.

    No way should any man, married or not, tolerate any woman putting hands on him like that, even if said woman is his wife.

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