The Great Refusal


I’ll cop to enjoying a cheap laugh at the expense of the joyless, and in that vein, I enjoy fucking with slut single-moms on dating sites. Especially great are those who claim to be holy and devout Christians, but who sport skank-ho tatts and who boast about taking their ex-husbands for all they were worth in the divorce courts.

In every state of the U.S., the divorce courts are open and public, and Joe Jackass is free to walk in off the street, and kick his feet up (metaphorically speaking) to watch the show… and quite a show it is. You can call it a freakshow, or you can call it a horrorshow, but in the end, it is theater, whichever side of the room you’re on.

If you are a man in today’s climate, and you do not yet realize that your children belong first to the feminist state, then I invite you to go sit in on a session, because you’ll quickly grok the truth there that you won’t believe from guys like me. The only person who counts in such a venue is the wimminz in question, be she the skank-ho who shat your kids out, or be she the skank-ho granny. You, as their father, come last in the court’s appraisal. Everyone intuits this immediately, and you should expect your own parents to sell you down the river in order to get into the good graces of the courts.

What all these parasitic faggots and useless cunts depend upon, in order to keep this scam running, is for men to continue doing what they’ve always done: putting the interests of their children first. You will see such men in the theater of the courts, and they all grovel before their masters…

Yassuh ya honah, I beez real good nigga from now on. I payz my chile support and allow this skank-ho bitch to move her a series of new men in dat house I continue to pay da mortgage on…

I have known many attorneys, and am related to dozens of them. It’s sort of a family tradition that I rebelled against. In my experience, divorce attorneys are the biggest losers of the lot. If you find yourself in the position to be in the docks of the divorce court, your own faggot divorce attorney (who is, first and foremost, an officer of the same court that owns your kids) will encourage you to adopt the slave-mentality, for the sake of little Johnny and Janie. He will tell you that your “rights” are at stake.

What your faggot attorney will never explain is that if they were, in fact “rights,” then they couldn’t be taken away from you. What you have are, in fact, privileges, granted by the state, in return for being its servant. Your so-called “rights” will be removed the minute you become “uppity,” first by your own faggot divorce lawyer, and then by his pal on the other side of the room, who represents your skank-ho wife, and finally by his colleague who wears a black robe, on an elevated podium, who is running the show.

Theater. That’s all it is.

The underlying problem, as Uncle Herb would explain, is that you can not put the best interests of your kids at the forefront — because they are not your kids. They are the property of the feminist state. As such, any time you obey the state’s decrees, you are merely rubberstamping the states trampling of your supposed “rights” as a father.

The more attempts you make, as a father, to “fight for your kids,” the more money you put in the pocket of your own corrupt parasite attorney, and the more power you give your skank-ho bitch of an ex-wife, and the more social validation you give to the process.

Marcuse would remind you that you can not win this fight.

You will not win if you get violent. That only gives the state new victims to whine over, and justification in painting you as the scumbag they’ve painted you as from day no. 1.

You will not win by emulating Thomas Ball, and burning yourself on the courthouse steps. That only gives skank-ho mommy free rein to talk shit about you to your children, for the rest of their lives, with no chance of an opposing view. The media will not cover your suicide. No one will care that you’re dead. The only people who will notice, will celebrate.

The only thing you can do is to refuse to participate.

You can say “No!” to the divorce courts. Those of us who got lucky enough to get a clue about the nature of the system, as it exists, can also say “No!” to any skank-ho bitch who has ever run a man through them.

Giving such a woman any of your time, spending any money on her, or otherwise being such a woman’s servant, is a direct rebuke against your father and grandfathers, and all the men who came before.

I am aware that all of this goes directly against all your hardwired programming as a man and a father. The great evil of the system is that it has twisted these healthy instincts against you. The idea of “being a good man” and “stepping up to the plate” is the same ideal which is being used to enslave you.


A more repressive and evil apparatus than the divorce courts does not exist. Greater evil never did exist, in the whole history of humanity.

Author: Boxer

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4 thoughts on “The Great Refusal”

  1. ‘You can say “No!” to the divorce courts. Those of us who got lucky enough to get a clue about the nature of the system, as it exists, can also say “No!” to any skank-ho bitch who has ever run a man through them.’

    I’m willing to give a man the benefit of the doubt if he marries a woman who was never married before. There’s at least some chance she may still like men or isn’t a complete feminist borg.

    If he marries/dates/or is involved in any way with a woman who has already put a man through the divorce meat grinder…I have no sympathy for a fool.

    Also from the link about feminism…

    Power states that:

    Feminist socialism would universalize these so-called feminine characteristics so that they were no longer specifically “feminine” at all but would characterize all culture, culminating in androgyny. Residual aggression would be channeled into “the destruction of the ugly destructiveness of capitalism,” in Marcuse’s rather neat phrase. “Feminism is a revolt against decaying capitalism” and will ultimately have to develop its “own morality”.

    In other words…women trade femininity for androgyny (which makes them ugly)…claim the patriarchy is evil and must be revolted against(which makes them ugly and bitter)…and developing ‘own morality’ is whatever they feel it is (mainly being a skank-ho and killing their children are seen as human rights).

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