There is No Game


I begin this article by expecting that I’m going to hurt someone’s feelings. This blog is, primarily, a survival guide. In that respect I don’t teach game. I merely pass on wisdom that I learned from better men (AfOR is one, Chuck Ross is another) who have since moved on. Some of these men may have been afficionados of game theory, and some may not have. So, if you take anything I’m about to say in a personal way, then in the words of Luke Skyywalker, I don’t give a damn, because what I’m about to say is going to be very, so, true, I mean like very true… So if you don’t like it… Fuck you.

What bloggers like Heartiste, Roosh and Dalrock call “game” is often a few useful bits of socially-based wisdom, and I have no strong feelings about it. However, I do think, at this point, that most of the purveyors of “game” have raised their constellation of propositions into something closer to a religious movement, than a school of thought. In that regard, I think they are often doing as much harm as good. I often go into religious blogs noting that I’m not a member of any religious organization, and the game gurus will kindly note that I’ll have as much fun picking apart their religious theories, as I do questioning the true-believers of Christianity or Judaism.

Down below, seekr writes…


Wimminz will generally chase the leader, but men do this too. Human beings are social animals, and most of them enjoy being led by someone competent. The main difference between men and wimminz is that a man will know competence by judging core skill, and wimminz will simply assume competence by social position. Jack Donovan explains it well. Men test themselves by competing with other men. Wimminz simply look around and pick out whoever seems to be leading the men. It’s amazing how shortsighted these peanut-brained wimminz are, too. Nearly everyone has been thrust into a situation where he is one of a very few men in a large crowd of females, and he will note that suddenly he’s getting strange tokens of sexual interest from a great many of them. When a wimminz is at home or work, she idolizes her husband or boss, but once she’s with you, you become the object of desire.

What game gurus will say is that wimminz are hard-wired to fuck alpha males. The alpha-beta-gamma heuristic is one which is incredibly useful, for new guys who had no father or older brother to teach them the leadership qualities they needed to learn in adolescence. Even so, it breaks down rapidly under analysis, for exactly the reasons that seekr illustrates. The “alpha” in one scenario is the “gamma” in the next. Faggots like Theodore Beale (a/k/a “Vox Day”) and their religious disciples, like White Nationalist Cane Caldo, and False Child-Rape Accuser Sir Hamster, will tack on a plentitude of greek letters in a lame attempt to repair the unrepairable, and insist that the distinction still means something.

If “being an alpha” means something, then the nearest I can ever get to a definition is that an “alpha” is a man who gets his sexual needs met with women. This is an inconsistent definition at best. The wino who spends most of his life at the edge of the train tracks can get his needs met as well as I can. The fact that he has to get his cock washed by a toothless meth-head prostitute doesn’t disqualify him. Likewise, the married father of four gets his needs met too, with his wife. Vox Day and Heartiste will tell me that the first man is a “gamma” and the second is a “beta,” but will never go into detail as to why.

I generally do not find arguments with game gurus productive, because (like promoters of other religious movements) they have a variety of sophistic techniques ready to pull you back into their collective delusions. In the old days, I used to point out the concern I expressed above, and I’d generally get handwaved away with explanations that I was “a natural alpha,” and that I was born with a constellation of unique traits that let me get jiggy with women. This is, of course, bullshit. Other than the fact that I am tall (I’m 6 feet 3 inches) I have almost no qualities which wimminz find attractive. I was, before my present job, a research mathematician. Before that I worked in a bank. Before that I worked on various construction sites, getting dirty for very little money. None of these professions are seen as exciting or desirable by women. Compared to a scumbag spree-shooter, I ought to be invisible.

The reality is that I learned, early on, to simply ask for sex. Wimminz enjoy fucking, and if a wimminz is spending any amount of time with you, she probably wants you to fuck her anyway. If she doesn’t, then she wants to take advantage of you for money, so asking for sex and hearing a flat “no” gives you the opportunity not to get ripped off.


Author: Boxer

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5 thoughts on “There is No Game”

  1. Remember I was commenting on the woman who ran off to Syria after years of supposedly stable marriage and hooked up with some rebel creep, destroying her family.

    I’ve seen decades of this. Take Maharishi, a little 3rd world pyschopath monkey from a middle class background, brought to the west by an American businessman named Charlie Lutes in the 1950s. Maha had women lining up for his ‘special instruction’:

    He treated women as pets, as tools, and they flocked to him. He had never heard of ‘game’ but he sure knew how it works. His secretary later wrote the book, ‘Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus’. At one stage Maha may have been the richest man in the world, controlling enormous wealth and endless women. Physically he was a zero. I’ll bet his IQ was nothing special. But he was cunning like a fox and an eye for opportunity. He even had Nobel prize winner Brian Josephson as a fan. Many of his close followers were scientists, PhDs in hard sciences and mathematics were common, like his group’s present leader.

    I saw it first hand. The women who weren’t his favourites married his followers, often changing husbands ‘for their evolution’ always marrying up -hypergamy. I saw all this in the 70s but am glad now that others on the ‘net have started to see it too.

  2. Wimminz enjoy attention and validation and game basically teaches you things on how to be a man who garners it better. Hence why something like sex is probably something like a 5 on the validation list…going on dates and buying her stuff is like a 3 while hearts and likes on facebook because she’s showing off her yoga pants ERRRRRRRRRR her workout routine is like a 2. Expensive wedding is probably the 10 (whether she respects the husband or not isn’t important in her mind)

    It’s a fruitless waste of time to learn all these techniques so you can get your greek letter…I can tell within 3 seconds which wimminz want my attention and which don’t. They like it until they don’t.

  3. “Game” is a very abstract…more like a family of interrelated methods, practicies, schools of psychology and philosophies.

    Then, brought under a larger umbrella of sorts……….muscled up with “being a real guy” and “manhood” or “lad culture”

  4. “If “being an alpha” means something, then the nearest I can ever get to a definition is that an “alpha” is a man who gets his sexual needs met with women.”

    I’ve always understood this to be the textbook definition of Alpha, which is why I never took offense at being categorized Omega. A guy may be N=0 but that says nothing about his character, accomplishments, bank account or even if he wants to boink. That isn’t what Game is expected to help you with so it ignores that to be a toolbox for poon.

    But then the conflation started up. “Alpha” came to imply somebody who is respected and powerful in society. Vox Day himself reimagined his stereotypical Omega to be a hair-triggered murder hobo instead of a Cisco network engineer wearing birth control glasses… somebody who deserves to be disrespected and outcast instead of someone who isn’t pushing the right buttons. (The change happened about the time of the Eliot Rodgers incident.)

    Everybody loves a winner and hates a loser. An implication of this is that given a sufficiently large gap in status, men will act as hypergamous as women. This can actually be seen in Arab & African populations in which changing sides in a conflict to support a perceived winner is acceptable conduct. (So long as the conflict itself isn’t ethnic/religious cleansing, of course.)

    One wonders if that is the reason Game have morphed into its present form. Not only did Game gurus figure out the trick to bedding women, they simultaneously figured out the trick to running a successful cult. It’s the same toolbox.

  5. The terminology reminds me of the old saw about the Americans and the English being one people separated by a common language.

    Game, alpha, et al., are a bit confusing to a newcomer. Later they become more clear, you think. At one point I had settled on alpha as the man that women want to be with, and men want to be like, which I picked up somewhere along the way.

    Keep reading how many different men employ the terms and they prove to be amorphous.

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