Markis had Two Mommies

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Today in clownworld, we mourn Markis, (19) Jeremiah, (14) Abigail, (14) and Ciera, (12), who are dead. Two other unfortunates, going by the names of Devonte (15) and Hannah (16) are missing, but presumed to be dead. All the children were given the legal surname “Hart,” after two bull dykes were allowed to anally marry one another and adopt them.

From the New York Times:

After Jennifer Hart drunkenly drove a sport utility vehicle straight off a 100-foot cliff on the Northern California coast late last month, taking her life and those of her wife and their adopted children, at least two searches began.

One was for the missing bodies; another was for answers. How, those who knew the Harts wondered, could a family that looked so happy and normal in photos have hidden such a dark life from public view?

The word “normal” is the least appropriate term for these two hateful, murderous bulldykes. Jesus Christ. Look at this shit…

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We understand the NYT has an agenda, though; so, we expect such shenanigans.

Here’s a more likely scenario than the “tragic accident” or “irresponsible one-time-drunk-driver” narratives, through which this story is being excused away:

Suppose you were a filthy bulldyke yourself, and you decided that you wanted (out of boredom or spite) to ruin some vulnerable children’s lives. Liberal white wimminz like these are always permeated by hateful racism, and an incredible self-regard. If you were thinking their thoughts, you would naturally pick out some little negroes, as (at least in your dim wimminz peanut brain) you think that blacks are less likely to be believed, when they complain about your rape nights or vindictive beatings. You’d adopt those little niglets, and then the fun would start.

The problem comes when the babies grow up. You can terrorize little kids into submission for a while, and these two filthy bulldykes, filled with virulent white racism, insane feminism, and perverse sexual dysfunction did.

In a telephone interview on Wednesday, a woman who lived across the street from the Harts in Alexandria, Minn., described the parents as “real friendly girls.”

Still, the neighbor, Lorraine Fealy, 71, said she did not know their children well because the parents “didn’t let them out of the house very often.” When they did, the children were “very highly disciplined,” Ms. Fealy said.

“They’d all come down the steps single file and walk out in the yard single file,” she said.

The children’s behavior bothered her, she added, because “it wasn’t like normal kids.”

Eventually, though, little kids grow up into big kids. I think it’s entirely possible that one of the older children grew tired of hearing the younger children crying as their “two mommies” were acting out some sadean scene of sexual torture on her.

After having enough, perhaps Markis approached the two dykes with an ultimatum.

“Look cunts, either you leave little Ciera alone, or I complain to the cops.”

The cops, of course, had already been aware of these two filthy bulldykes and their family horrorshow, for quite a while…

Dozens of pages of reports released this week by child-welfare officials offer some clues. Taken together they paint a portrait of a pair of mothers — one dictatorial and eccentric, the other constantly working and seldom home — who doled out cruel punishments and perennially withheld food from their six children.

In the Hart household, any act of insubordination could be severely punished. The children knew this all too well.

“They are like trained robots,” one worried caller told the authorities, according to the newly released documents, which describe the family’s dynamics.

…even so, this might have been the motivation for the group murder they inflicted upon their children.

In any case, it ought to fill any sensible man with hatred, that our society has become so depraved as to allow two filthy, perverted dykes to marry-in-anus, and then pretend to be parents to children they torture, and end up murdering.

It almost makes me wish that I were a Christian. Then I could hope that Jesus would arrive, at some point, and burn it all down for me. Unfortunately, I’m not, and if we’re going to survive this, it will because we do the heavy lifting ourselves.

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  1. ‘Taken together they paint a portrait of a pair of mothers — one dictatorial and eccentric, the other constantly working and seldom home ‘

    What’s the common denominator…not even the remoteness hint of femininity in either of the dykes. They were at best LARPing as mothers.

  2. I’ve adopted three children. You can’t adopt a child from China unless one parent is female. I guess the notion is that every child needs, at the bare minimum, a mother. This exposes the inherent flaw in that thinking. Here were two women and no mothers.

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