Christian Fathers & The Electra Complex

zaspelToday we profile a gentleman named Fred Zaspel, who looks to be about as big around as he is tall. Freddy here wrote up ten of “Daddy’s Rules for Dating His Daughters,” which was edited by some faggot named Thabiti Anyabwile, and hosted at The Gospel Coalition. One really ought to check out the (source) before continuing, as it’s difficult to believe this neurotic, erotic trash is written by Christian fathers about their daughters.

As a bit of groundwork, we ought to review some old literature from classical antiquity. Electra was the protagonist of a play by Sophocles. In the narrative, Electra was the daughter of a man named Agamemnon, and his skank-ho wife, Clytemnestra. Skank-ho mommy had Electra’s pops murdered, so that she could finally shack up with one of the badboys that she was fucking down at the local nightclub on her “girls-nights out.” This made Electra upset, so she goaded her brother, Orestes, into helping her plot and execute the revenge-slaughter of skank-ho mommy and her playa boyfriend.

The play is a tragedy, but there is an undercurrent of celebration of killing this whore and the man she cheated on her husband with. This is consistent with a healthy civilization, and generally shocks contemporary students, who think it’s horribly unfair that a scumbag wimminz should ever receive appropriate payback, even for the most disgusting misbehavior imaginable.

freudFast forward a couple of thousand years, and we come to Sigmund Freud. Freud came up with a neurosis which he identified and named the Oedipus complex. He wrote about it in his 1898 monograph On The Interpretation of Dreams. A general definition of the Oedipus complex posits that a part of a young man’s development is a stage in which he feels he is in competition with his father for the affection of his mother. If the boy doesn’t have a same-sex role model to identify with, he can get stuck in this phase, and end up becoming a basement-dwelling incel, a flaming homosexual, or just a pathetic loser.

As an aside, Freud was probably the most ardent modern proponent of patriarchy, and he ought to be celebrated for this fact alone. Unfortunately, many people in the androsphere join with their feminist sisters in hating him. Closet-gay white nationalists like Cane Caldo hate him because he was (at least nominally) Jewish, while weird incels like Tamerlame hate him because he correctly identified many incel traits as defective. Feminists hate him because he was the ultimate deconstructor of all the specific neuroses that drive their ideology. No one in any of these various groups of looneys can ever make an argument against anything he wrote, of course; which is one of the primary motivations for me to cite him so often in their presence.

CGJungFreud’s favorite student was a man named Carl Jung. Jung’s contribution (at least for our purposes) was extending the Oedipus complex to girls. It develops along similar lines, and it’s called the Electra complex. Jung wrote about this in his Theory of Psychoanalysis (1913). It is not coincidental that he named it after Electra. We just went over the Electra story, so I’ll give you a quick synopsis as to how it relates to the psychoanalytic tradition.

A little girl comes into the world with a mix of inborn drives and tabula rasa opportunity to interpret and apply her instinctual drives in the intentional direction she’s taught. Suppose baby girl is born to two typical Cruxtoid dysfunctionals, who make a huge issue about church attendance, and who pretend to be devout and holy, but otherwise ignore all the good advice about being competent spouses and parents that St. Paul gave them in the New Testament. In that case, she’s likely to be born to a henpecked father, and a domineering bitch of a mother.

The temptation in such a case is for the father to transfer his libidinal feelings toward his little girl. He initially does this to spite his wife, who refuses him sex, affection, and respect. The wife gets a payoff too, as she no longer feels pressure to show husband affection.

As the girl enters her own phallic stage, she naturally reciprocates with daddy, by entering into protected, intimate, emotional space with him. It’s impossible to blame a little girl for this, however her mother and father are, by encouraging this form of displacement, completely fucking her up psychologically.

A bit of disambiguation: The Electra Complex never entails physical sex between father and daughter. In fact, if father and daughter are actually banging each other, it’s an entirely different form of neurotic dysfunction. The sexual impulse becomes completely sublimated on both ends. Even so, while the Electra Complex might be socially acceptable, it is no less damaging to the psychological state of the child than renting her out as a prostitute, or locking her in a box for years on end, or beating her nightly with a horsewhip. The father who is in the beginning stages of falling into this trap ought to seek out a priest or a therapist (probably both) quickly.

By encouraging her to remain in an arrested state, the father of Electra takes on the emotional role of husband to his little girl, and the mother finds herself newly free to fuck other men on the side, and waste money, and play the jackass, without the level of performance that would be expected of a decent wife. As the daughter grows up, she begins to accrue short-term benefits (all to her eventual detriment) – like access to daddy’s wallet, and gratuitous displays of affection and attention.

The end result is a weirdo like Fred Zaspel, who rents out his little wives to neighborhood boys on dates, with exaggerated threats to show his ultimate authority of pseudohusband. Symbolically, he is something between a polygamist with a bunch of child-brides, and a pimp, running a stable of underage hookers. This is the natural consequence of ignoring both religious advice (like that in the New Testament) and psychoanalytic wisdom (like that you get from Freud, Jung and Adler).

Of course, when this poor girl finally comes to adulthood, she will be doomed (without intervention, either by a priest or a psychoanalyst) to never having a fully functional relationship herself. Symbolically, daddy is her husband, and no mortal man can compete with his father-in-law.

Note: Such a woman might end up a “devout Christian woman” who runs her husband face-first through the divorce court, after a three-year long attempt at being a wife, and subsequently gets down on her knees to beg to suck my cock, two hours after I met her.  The redhead in question was constantly talking about how her “dad has to meet” anyone she likes (what’s “like” mean? fucks more than three times?), and how much daddy’s approval means to her. (Surprise surprise, she told me that her dad was himself divorced multiple times.) Daddy also pays her a monthly allowance.

Getting back to the topic, let’s go through Zaspel’s rules for renting one of his hoez.


Rule Six is especially intriguing. Apparently, if you rent one of this pimp’s daughters, you have a positive duty to be exclusive with her, until she’s done using you as her own personal source of money, dick and attention.

I chuckle to think of this roly-poly geezer, who probably can’t walk 100m at a stretch, trying to enforce these silly rules, but let’s continue.


Rule Nine is likewise hilarious. Sorry, Fat Freddy, you do not “appear” to be a potbellied old faggot. You are a morbidly obese caricature of a man, who sets yourself up as “god” while pretending (poorly) to be a Christian. No one is afraid of a Cruxtoid like you. Your daughter has already likely been run through by every cat in the ‘hood, and you know it, or your public protests to the contrary wouldn’t be so overblown.

There we have it, gentlemen. The Electra Complex. If you ever decide to marry a woman, do yourselves and your daughters a favor, and don’t fall into this trap.


Dalrock has an excellent take on Zaspel which just appeared.

Welmer wrote, ten years ago, about Jung. Credit to “imnobody00” for this link.


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  1. ‘The redhead in question was constantly talking about how her “dad has to meet” anyone she likes (what’s “like” mean? fucks more than three times?), and how much daddy’s approval means to her. (Surprise surprise, she told me that her dad was himself divorced multiple times.) Daddy also pays her a monthly allowance.’

    Yeah the other thing I was thinking…overprotective and spoiling daddy often leads to promiscuous daughter.

    And a child of divorce…well Boxer I can say you easily find the terrible case studies of wimminz to be one with.

  2. Any way you can ascertain the age of the daughter? She may be much older than merely teen age.

  3. Dear Anon:

    Any way you can ascertain the age of the daughter? She may be much older than merely teen age.

    Great question!

    “Two grown children” is what his bio says. I have no information as to when Zaspel wrote the claptrap above, so one or both may have been kids when it was authored.

  4. Zaspel’s Facebook page is here:

    He has one son, and one daughter. His son appears to be a functional guy, married to a Chinese mail-order waifu, with at least one kid in tow. His daughter appears to be cresting thirty, and lists herself as being “in a relationship” – no other information is available.

    Edit: Zaspel’s daughter is no longer among the living

    Note that while Fat Boy Freddy has made himself a legitimate target of critique, and he has, in fact, opened up a discussion of his children by his public boasting, his children are private people. We respect the privacy of such people on this blog. Posting photos or identifiable information of the relatives of this monstrous kook is grounds for banishment.

  5. You called it, Boxer. Zaspel’s rules are definitely projection of his sexual insecurities, alternating between demanding the suitor try as hard as he did, raging at his wife’s new lovers and living out revenge fantasies.

    “All that most maddens and torments; all that stirs up the lees of things; all truth with malice in it; all that cracks the sinews and cakes the brain; all the subtle demonisms of life and thought; all evil, to crazy Ahab, were visibly personified, and made practically assailable in Moby Dick. He piled upon the whale’s white hump the sum of all the general rage and hate felt by his whole race from Adam down; and then, as if his chest had been a mortar, he burst his hot heart’s shell upon it.”

  6. These “tough” Christian fathers are a joke. By the time the current guy comes around she probably has already slept with the “praise leader” and the top 20% of the alpha boys that are left in her church. Dad has no clue. Most parents don’t.

    My parents had zero clue I was on drugs or doing them when I was home on breaks from college

  7. What a sad ending but in the light of Boxer’s excellent essay I can only wonder whether Miss Zaspel’s ailments were not in some way brought upon her by her own overbearing father’s possessiveness. I should know as it happened to my own hospitalised sister (but she lived).

  8. What a terrible and difficult life for the parents. Thank you for these updates. May God bless and comfort him.

  9. Is this fat grotesque piece of fetid shit serious?
    No wonder the world doesn’t take Christians seriously, we are a laughing joke and deserving of contempt and ridicule

    I would do anything to date his skank whore daughter so I can have great delight in breaking every single one of his mother fucking retarded rules. …then I’ll send him a pic of my dick buried half way down his Christian daughters throat
    Fuck off and die you fat CUNT

  10. @Boxer
    Why redact the girl’s data, out of curiosity? I don’t think I violated any tenet of the comment policy, and I did have a look once more to make sure.

    Dude, you are unhinged.

  11. I’m arguably too sensitive. I want people — including my enemies — to feel free to come and argue around here without fear of real-world reprisals, or defamation of their dead kid. You did nothing wrong.

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