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Down below, I told the story of the redhead, a self-described “devout born-again Christian woman,” who is both the recipient of a generous divorce settlement, and who fucks random men on the first date. When a woman starts making demands, as she did, almost immediately, I convert myself into needy whiner, what game gurus call “beta male.” This allows her to eject (and the nastier the rejection, the better, from our point of view) and feel like she has had control the entire time.

If a man decides to treat a skank-ho wimminz decently, and is honest about his lack of interest, then this is the likely result. The following message was sent by a crazy little brunette that I banged a couple of times in the last month. Note that I dumped this particular piece of lackluster tail just to see what she’d do. She even managed to impress me. I thank her for providing my younger brothers of an(other) example of wimminz insanity.


Now, the chances that a wimminz will make a false complaint of sexual harassment, assault, stalking, etc. against a brother are minuscule, but those chances are greater than zero, and moreover, they are much more likely to come from the wimminz who is motivated to send you angry text messages, than one who thinks she dumped a needy whiner. This is true simply because the Christian redhead is now embarrassed to have let me fuck her, while the crazy brunette feels cheated out of her chance at romance and a relationship by a cad, who had sex with her and bounced. If she decided to make a false complaint, she would feel as though she were complain-bragging, whereas the first woman would feel like she’d be admitting to stooping to sleeping with someone who will always be beneath her.

Down in the comments, Gunner Q writes:

Reading your conversation makes me realize that whatever “it” is, I never had it with women.

I don’t think I and Gunner have any qualitative differences between us. If we do, then I would bet that he is the superior man, by a number of different metrics.

I often meet and fuck wimminz who will mockingly berate past suitors. They will laugh derisively at the guy who brings them flowers, buys them dinner, and treats them “like a lady.” Of course those guys don’t usually get a taste of the ass that I’ve just crushed, as she’s recounting her exploitation of these poor schlubs; whereas, I treat them exactly like the filthy, lying whores that they are, and I get everything that I want.

My guess is that, despite being a much better man, better potential husband/father, and more decent human being than I, Gunner gets passed over because:

  1. He has too much dignity to play the thug/trash role,
  2. He treats women with too much respect, and/or,
  3. He assumes women will respond to the signals his feminist Christian priest taught him to give.

Now, imagine that I had met the good Christian lady, mentioned above, and played into her frame. Suppose that I had taken her out to dinner, lavished her with attention, bought her flowers and other such stuff. Ask yourself if I had been more or less likely to take that cunt, as I did, only a couple of hours after meeting her.

Now, for a real mindfuck, ask yourself if her ex-husband, who she (only months ago) ran headfirst through the divorce courts, ever had the sort of sex I had with her. Do you suppose she begged to suck his cock? Because she begged me.

That was a man who committed his whole life to this woman, who pledged half of his property, and all future earnings to her. She thought nothing of betraying him. It’s hard to believe she cared much about pleasing him sexually. Certainly she was willing to do pretty much everything for and with ya boy Boxer, and she did it with what I imagine to be the skill of a professional prostitute, so I’m sure I’m neither the first nor the last recipient of her educated attentions, and I’m equally confident that her husband got little to no sex, in contrast.

Treating women well is both unproductive and potentially dangerous. This is one of the only things the game gurus get right.

Author: Boxer

Sinister All-Male Dancer. Secret King of all Gamma Males. Member of Frankfurt School. Your Fave Contrarian!

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  1. Oddly enough even in my so called ‘blue pill’ days…if I knew a woman was going that route I’d go the ‘self-sabatoge’ route so that she would dump me for that very reason. She feels like she’s in control instead of being in scorn (because we all know what scornful wimminz can do).

    ‘They will laugh derisively at the guy who brings them flowers, buys them dinner, and treats them “like a lady.”

    More proof that women don’t like being worshipped,’romanced’, or put on the pedestal…even if they think or say they do.

  2. Funny how wimminz who give up sex easily…get mad that menz only want them for sex. Who’s in control of the sexual access here?

    Again I know it’s logic, cause and effect, ‘mansplaining’, etc…which offends the emotionally based.

  3. ‘And I discovered more bitter than death the woman whose heart is snares and nets, whose hands are chains. One who is pleasing to God will escape from her, but the sinner will be captured by her.’ (Ecc 7:26)

  4. @ Gunner….if you never had ‘it’with wimminz…that could be why.

  5. Too many women cling to their worthless idols… the tingles especially, and validation sex, which is essentially self-worship.

  6. Wayne’s got it. The issue of idolatry is not talked about much in the sphere…it’s hinted at, even a system or game is taught how to play it…but it’s not brought out as THE issue.

  7. In my series of “Game Over” posts…the deeper narrative is moving to a climax of sorts that happens right before my own downfall to the demon drink and columbian marching powder……….

    There is no “game” in the end, only a culture devoid of responsibility of any sort to female behavior; catering, simping
    and playing along with it as normal…and calling it “Game”

    Good post here Boxer. You and I are miles apart on this, but I as always enjoy your musings and observations.

  8. Playing the beta male is completely new to me. Fascinating and seems smart. How risky it? Have any of these women responded with” that’s great, because I like you too!”
    I assume not, or you wouldn’t do it. What comes next? She is kind of asking you to say she isn’t crazy. Do you now wait and do nothing, or play your hand and say, “ok, no pressure, I will move on.” Or do you amplify and say, “we can make it work, won’t you please give me a chance?”

  9. Have any of these women responded with” that’s great, because I like you too!”


  10. This is why women don’t make good politicians: we don’tUnderstand long game. I mean don’t get me wrong I want to have sex too but I just want to be married the guy that sleep with. And then around trying to get married and because the horse like the one in the post above they don’t to..

  11. We’re all sexual beings. But there’s a right place for sex and a wrong place. Marriage and having it with your spouse only is the right place…pursuing selfish pleasure is the wrong place.

    And wimminz & cadz never seem to learn that fact after the 50th time they pursue it for selfish pleasure, validation, tingles, etc.

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