Samantha Sally: American Traitor

Credit to our brother Oscar for finding this gem of a wimminz. Let’s see what her story is…


Bitch grows up in a nice family in Indiana, then decides to join ISIS and wage war on Americans. We all know that women are more moral and ethical than men are, so I’m sure her bad decision is all some man’s fault.


Yes, of course. It’s her husband’s fault. (It’s always the husband’s fault, isn’t it?) Her husband took her to Morocco, and somehow they ended up on the Syrian border. This happens to me all the time. I start out with one destination, and then end up in an entirely different one, thousands of kilometres away from where I should be.

She has a son, an ex-husband (apparently a loyal American veteran) who is her son’s father, and a family in America. Betraying her people and nation was “the only way to protect her daughter…” We all believe that. Poor dear.


And this is as close to the story of her little boy’s father gets. Her son, who was beaten into compliance, and made to perform in ISIS propaganda videos, does not get to see his father, even after all this time.

Read the rest of the story of this disgusting traitor here.


Author: Boxer

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8 thoughts on “Samantha Sally: American Traitor”

  1. Oh this is gonna make a great made-for-TV-movie on the Oxygen or Lifetime networks……..”a brave womans horrowing journey and struggle for identity and coming to terms with her life as she fights for her rights and defends her actions in hostile world far from home…..”

    Or some such nonsense like this

  2. Dear Jason:

    Yeah, I can totally see that. Look at the insane spin on the msn dot com piece, linked above. She’s the poor victim in all this. Her son? Her family? Fuck them. They don’t matter. The only other sympathetic characters are her daughter, and a couple of slaves she purchased for her husband to violently rape… (other wimminz, naturally).

    True feminist hero, right here.

  3. This is the part that me: visit with women actually want Be seen aas at all times
    t is navigating that delicate balance between “unknowing victim “and “deft manipulator” that will decide her fate.

  4. For as much as we loathe the branch swinging divorcing wimminz and the cash and prizes they get from the state….in a sense justice always seems to come in some form to them when they split up their marriage.

  5. The case of Patty Hearst, always bothered me how they wanted to explain how ‘abnormal’ it was yet I saw women doing this to a lesser degree all around me: aligning themselves with strong males. Then they invented ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ for similar situations. My first question has always been ‘how many women are in the group?’ So also for society, the more power women have, the more we have to swing towards and tolerate the ‘bad boys’ the women are lusting after.

  6. PS, all the theories of ‘cult brainwashing’ go out the window if you divide the cult followers by sex: women join to surrender to the ‘hot’ dominating leader, men join persuaded by the hot chicks around the leader, hoping to get sum ‘o dat.

  7. Btw, did anyone else catch the line about her contemplating leaving her daughter at the mercy of ISIS? Yep, men may be a bunch of perverts and rapists, but it doesn’t stop women like her from sacrificing her own daughter.

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