Bond, Brodie Bond…


In this episode of Father Knows Best, we meet skank-ho wimminz Brodie Bond. Bond is becoming famous, at least in Australia, for behaving even worse than the average wimminz.

Death comes for us all. Some years ago (we don’t know exactly when), Brodie’s father kacked it. Dad’s will directed his estate to be divided between his heirs. Brodie’s father knew, better than anyone else, that she was a useless cunt, and as such he specifically left her nothing, in hopes that she would clean herself up, and quit playing the jackass.


As an empowered feminist wimminz, Brodie had no plans to take advice from the patriarchy. She secured a pro bono lawyer, and tied the estate up for years, until the rest of the family were finally so sick of her that they gave her a payout, in the amount of 220,000 AUD.

How did Brodie Bond spend her inheritance? We’ll let her tell you, herself…


When she finally received the money in June 2016, Ms Bond says she celebrated with a slab of Jack Daniel’s and vodka shots during a drug-fuelled night with a friend. She said: ‘Why not? It’s not everyday you get that much money.’


Mizz Bond went on to squander every last dime of her inheritance, and is now back on the dole. She is, of course, a real stunner, so it’ll be easy for her to find a man to foot the bill for her frivolities, for the rest of her life.


Admit it, boys: You’d love the opportunity to curl up to this looker.


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7 thoughts on “Bond, Brodie Bond…”

  1. Sounds exactly like the parable of the prodigal son…except it’s a daughter who hasnt learned yet.

  2. ‘Even though he hadn’t been in my life, he was still my dad, and the grief I was going through at the time, I should’ve benefited from that,’ she said.’

    Sad use of benefits.

  3. My dad has already told me: Son, I gave you a private high school, private college. I sent you to Europe for a year as an exchange student, I raised you the best I could……and you are a man with some integrity. I’m proud of you. Just telling you now, when I die there really isn’t going to be anything left for you. I’m spending the money of my life long labor that your mother and myself worked for. I’ll make sure some momentos and heirlooms are yours (wedding band, pictures, a few other items of sentimental value……..important things no doubt to me) but I’m leaving you nothing financially….and I know at this point in your life you are mature enough to understand this

    I understand fully.

  4. Oh, thank God. When I first saw the title of this post, I thought this Brodie had been cast to be the next James Bond. It would not have been the strangest thing to happen in cinema lately. Ghostbusters, Star Whores, Doctor Who….

    “Admit it, boys: You’d love the opportunity to curl up to this looker.”

    I wouldn’t pork her with a pitchfork. Good dates don’t remind me of “The Goonies”.

    “Son, I gave you a private high school, private college. I sent you to Europe for a year as an exchange student, I raised you the best I could”

    You got your inheritance when it could do the most good. Money comes and goes but childhood is only once and good character is forever.

  5. Boxer,

    I posted this at Dalrock’s, but then I realized it’s actually more appropriate for your blog.

    Divorced American mom marries Muslim terrorist, lives to regret it.

    “Sally’s journey to the former Caliphate begins in Elkhart, Indiana, where she and Elhassani worked at a delivery company. They lived with Matthew, her son from her first marriage to a US soldier, and their daughter Sarah.”

    That’s right. She married a Soldier, had a son with him, divorced him, then married a Muslim, had a daughter with him, and took off to Syria with the terrorist and both kids. Surely she got little Matthew’s dad’s permission to take him to Syria, right?

    As always, no mention of the boy’s father’s name.

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