Dating as Unconventional Warfare

guevara.smIndividual wimminz often do stupid things, and thus it is no surprise that when they get together, wimminz will collectively be even more ridiculous. This is easily predictable, as any group tends to be led by its loudest and most power-hungry nutters, who seize control at the first opportunity. An individual wimminz will complain about her thug boyfriend, who gave her Chlamydia, but collectively, wimminz will come up with shit like #metoo, which guarantee that decent men stay the hell away from them in increasing numbers. This translates to a smaller pool of men to choose from, and one which is heavily slanted toward containing a greater proportion of Chlamydia-riddled thugs.

Wimminz have proven themselves the enemy of men. One is thus forced to approach dating as one would strategize any encounter with an enemy. Fortunately, wimminz tend to be short-sighted and quite stupid (as the #metoo movement amply demonstrates), and thus a properly-motivated man can come up with counter-strategies to maximize the returns and minimize the risks of any encounter.

The wimminz strategy has been to collect social and political power, in the form of legislation and orbiters, to enforce her “right to choose” who she fucks. She has, of course, been aided by ruling-class men in this regard. They were motivated by the desire to fuck the wives and daughters of working-class men without consequence.

Since the wealthy have abolished monogamy and marriage (through laws like VAWA), and since wimminz have been lured into the ideological delusion that they have the right-to-choose, we take advantage of extant cultural practices, such as the one in which it is stated that men have the obligation to pursue, and we apply them in our own favor.

Our counter-strategy is to pursue as many wimminz as we deem necessary for sex to be constantly on offer.

Our enemies vastly outnumber and outweigh us. They can crush us in any head-on confrontation. If you don’t believe this, just try to tell a wimminz not to go out to the club on Friday night, and see how the police treat you, minutes later.

Thus men fight and win unconventionally, by using social praxis to their own advantage. While our enemies are strong, they are also bureaucratic, inefficient, stupid and slow. While we are weak, we are also mobile, quick, and able to think-on-the-fly.

In our culture, men do the pursuing, and women choose. Our culture happens to produce wimminz who are so fucked-in-the-head that only a few men are pursuing them at any one time. This leaves a surplus of wimminz available for you to pursue. It also leaves you to creatively pursue as many wimminz as you may want to pursue.

By “pursue,” I do not mean to spend all day tending to a wimminz needs. I mean merely to say “good morning” at some point between 9 and 12 am, via text message, every couple of days. Sending a random photo once in a while is enough. Most of these damaged wimminz respond better to this sort of neglectful, minimalist form of pursuit, than they do to traditional courtship anyhow. In this regard, the single brother can “pursue” 10-20 wimminz easily, at any one time.

Of those 10-20 wimminz, five will be getting their holes filled by someone else on any particular night. That, as the legendary AfOR will tell you, is fine and dandy. You should not feel put-out by this fact, any more than you should feel offended that someone else has used one of the parking spaces in the lot of the shopping-center you like to buy bagged salads at. It is of no consequence, since there are hundreds of other parking spaces available.

The “right-to-choose” ideology is just that: ideology, when a man approaches the situation realistically, as Uncle Che would tell him to. Out of the dozen available women who “choose” you on any particular day, you have the actual “right-to-choose.”


Author: Boxer

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3 thoughts on “Dating as Unconventional Warfare”

  1. and outweigh us. Nice.

    Our culture happens to produce wimminz who are so fucked-in-the-head that only a few men are pursuing them at any one time. This leaves a surplus of wimminz available for you to pursue.

    Real hotties get plenty of pursuit everyday, don’t ya think? Or do you ascribe to the most men too scared to chat up 9s and 10s school of thought?

    Blogging that meme right now.

  2. At first glance I thought that was a photo of Cantinflas.

  3. ‘In our culture, men do the pursuing, and women choose. ‘

    And what wimminz haven’t realized is we also choose who we pursue. They broadcast their red flags to where you can make the decision easily if she’s an easy lay or a venus fly trap you should stay away from.

    Pursuing a woman though is a lot harder….because they are much fewer and far between.

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