Who Wants Her at Her Worst?


We’ve all seen that meme, haven’t we? That disgusting friend-of-a-friend BBW rhino posts it all the time, over on facebook. It usually features a photograph of Marylin Monroe (who, despite all her other flaws, was not fat, and was not a feminist), and reads something like:

If you can’t handle me at my worst, you don’t deserve me at my best!

The disconnect comes when you meet one of the disgusting wimminz who actually pushes this delusional meme. Should you be silly enough to attempt to have a relationship with such a wimminz, you shall rapidly realize that there is no “her” at her “best.” There is only a long downhill slide into ever more loathsome behavior. During this interval, the “best” will be promised, and referred to, and held out as a mythical reward, to appear at some future date; but, it will remain on the horizon.

Recreational drugs of all sorts –including alcohol– often involve intense feelings of pleasure and euphoria at first use. In the specific case of alcohol, inhibitions are lowered, and ordinarily shy and timid characters find themselves freed up to be more outgoing. With repeated use, the neurological machinery of the human brain downregulates for transmission. Neurotransmitters which signal pleasure, like dopamine, monoamine oxidase, and serotonin, may be manufactured in smaller quantities. The receptors to which they bind may begin also dying off. The human brain is malleable, and it resists modification.

The result is simple. The same wimminz who once consumed a glass of wine, to reach a novelty level of 1, will soon need a bottle of wine to reach that level. Shortly after this, she’ll need a bottle of liquor, merely to reach 0.5. The same sober wimminz, who originally sat at a 0 during her unenhanced hours, will come to have a novelty level of -2. At this point, she’ll be a regular boozer, and the pig will consume copious quantities of alcohol merely to feel “normal.”

The analogy I’m using here is alcohol, because alcoholism among wimminz is at historic levels; but, nearly any repetitive behavior will substitute. The epidemic of wimminz who are morbidly obese is another example. Eating food is necessary to human survival, and a good meal will entail the release of some of these neurotransmitters. It’s easy to see why this was adaptively advantageous in our early history as a species. Nature endowed us with a chemical reward, in order to encourage us to eat when we could. Now that society has ensured food to be on offer, the porkers just will not stop eating, often dying from obesity-related causes, after a lifetime of gluttony.

Another example is a side-effect of male technical competence. The last ten years has seen facebook become almost universally popular. Facebook has devolved from its original purpose: an online directory, containing a couple of photos and the contact information of its subscribers, into an arena with the specific telos of turning the average wimminz into a pathetic attention-whore. If you have a facebook account (and I did, until quite recently) take a look at the behavior of wimminz. Chances are excellent that even your own mother and sister are using facebook to garner the attention of strange men.

The commodity on facebook is male attention. Men give this commodity to facebook, for free, where it is repackaged and sold to wimminz. Facebook benefits monetarily by providing these wimminz as potential customers to large corporations. Everyone gets a cut, except the men who are exploited.

Getting back to the point, who wants a wimminz? Specifically, who wants a wimminz at her worst? At her worst she’ll fuck other men, get so drunk that she vomits in public, get arrested for shoplifting, and get fired from her job. You, as her “handler” will be expected to tolerate and foot the bill for all this.

Moreover, she’ll never, ever look like Marilyn Monroe.



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  1. It’s nothing more than a prideful statement…most likely born from all those sins of the flesh that we give into at our worst.

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