Part of the fun of online dating is trolling outspoken feminists, be they progressive or conservative. Dolores here was especially funny. Her profile and photos suggested she was on the young side (22-23). She’s a student, majoring in, of all things, wimminz studies.

“Just looking for friends” says Dolores, as she flashed everything but the nips on PoF. I found that funny enough to text the number she gave me.


Dolores “would love to be mine.” For those of you older, chaste, Christian brothers, what Dolores is saying in the above message is that she wants to have sex. At this point I imagined that this was straight up prostitution, and ignored her for a few hours. In that span, she convinced me that she lived alone, on the other side of town, and that she could “be mine” without a straightforward monetary exchange, but that she would like to meet me at a restaurant first, the next morning.


I guess the old saying about feminism ending when the bill comes has some truth to it. I respond directly, in this message, by telling her that a 15 dollar pancake special breakfast, at the end of a half-hour commute, is too high a price to pay for Dolores’ cunt. Despite her age, her pics give her a hard look, and I’m sure there’s about ten years of wear-and-tear on that thing.

Needless to say, Dolores didn’t text back after this, so I moved on to Tinder, where the pickings are always entertaining…

I know lots of you brothers would like a shot of this prize-catch of a himminz. Zhir’s waiting for you.


And what the fuck do you think you’re doing here, you stupid bitch?


It’s one thing to have no pride in yourself, but another to embarrass your husband, kid and dog. Could someone please call this poor sucker and tell him what his wife is up to? Thanks in advance.

Author: Boxer

Sinister All-Male Dancer. Secret King of all Gamma Males. Member of Frankfurt School. Your Fave Contrarian!

6 thoughts on “WTF?!”

  1. Brother boxer
    So I’m gonna try to and explain this from his protective : met ugly girl with nice breasts( that would be me aka Rene ) Looks kind a retarded but may be a quick hit. We went for a walk I told her that I just want to cuddle with her she told me that he did not believe in sex before marriage she did not let me hit it on the first date
    should I waste my time pursuing her. I asked her if being a Christian is really that big of a deal to her she said it was. I told her to text me this week she contact me three times I have not responded she supposed to meet me tomorrow night tomorrow I did not give her location.
    OK so now what do Rene I do I have to work overtime. Both Friday night and Saturday morning

  2. As Fr. AfoR would say, “You’re just a fuckin’ fat bitch, innit?”

  3. Sister Rene:

    I doubt you look retarded. Even if you did, you should shitcan talking yourself down like that. It’s not attractive.

    If you start fucking random dudes you’re just going to make yourself less attractive to the set that’s down with marriage, so don’t do that.

    If you’re fucking random dudes now, stop it. Just as important: if you’re hanging out with sluts, weird trannies, or flamboyant homos, stop that too. Socialize only with other women who are married, or who are seriously looking to get married.

    Once you do these things, start telling the serious women you hang with that you’d like to be married. Serious women are always related to serious men. One of them has a brother or nephew who will probably make you a great husband. Don’t worry about it if he’s not perfect. Find some average schmoe, and make something great out of him. That’s what our grandmothers used to do, you know, in the old days of patriarchy.



  4. ‘For those of you older, chaste, Christian brothers, what Dolores is saying in the above message is that she wants to have sex. ‘

    I’m aware of how women say they want the sex without saying it. I had one in my youth flat out tell me she wanted me to take advantage of her.

    Also if they are feminists…sexual immorality comes with the territory. That’s how they think they are empowered and control men. It’s a really stupid delusional ethos they convince themselves to believe in if you think about it.

  5. As Fr. AfoR would say, “You’re just a fuckin’ fat bitch, innit?”

    Probably he would. It’s not entirely uncommon that I see such bullshit. Usually I suspect the husband is in on it, and that as you’re fucking the hotwife, you’re likely to get an intrusive surprise from behind. In this case, I doubt it. He looks like the sort of clueless blue-collar guy who is out busting his ass to get his wife and little girl the extras… all while skank-ho mommy posts family pictures at the corn maze in order to attract some side action on Tinder.

    All this time I thought being a mother meant you were supposed to be a family type person who set a good example, and refraining from offering up no strings sex to strangers on the internet would be part of that. The fuck is this world coming to?

  6. Welcome to the gynocracy. You’d think being a wife and mother stops women from finding some side cad…not when they can do no wrong and everything is based off feelings.

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