Don’t Miss Dana!

your.girls.phoneAbout a year ago, I published a piece encouraging the young brothers to “always be closing.” It’s good to revisit certain concepts from time to time.

The notion of keeping one’s options open is counterintuitive to men, who find success in most areas of life by naming a goal, and working relentlessly for that goal. Sociobiology has engineered women to exploit male qualities, and this one has an inherent weakness. Men who go all-in for one single woman are at a competitive disadvantage, as women generally have more options than men.

In short, the game is rigged. In the game of sex, whoever cares most, loses.

Patriarchy re-balanced the scales with social sanction for sluts and playas, but patriarchy is gone. If you like having sex (I do) then you must learn the rules, as your feral mistresses have set them. The rules dictate that if you want to be successful, then you should always be closing. As it happens, I have an example, which occurred less than 24 hours ago.

I knew Dana (not her real name, of course) was a flake when I first sexed her, but she hadn’t flaked on me until yesterday. Let’s check out her work…


We had made these plans several days ago. Every day, Dana would send me a “good morning” text, telling me she was excited to meet me yesterday. Wouldn’t you know it… less than an hour before our rendezvous, she decided to make some excuses and cancel.

As I said in my original article, my standard practice is a one-word answer. Dana is probably used to desperate guys who beg to reschedule. I don’t do that. I merely move on to the next girl in line. We’ll call her Marie.


I had earlier told Marie that I had some vague shit to do yesterday. Once I got Dana’s cancellation, I told Marie I was free. I was out with a woman at 2 pm, and it wasn’t Dana.

Marie is not only cuter and nicer than Dana, she also drove across town, picked me up, took me on a hike at her favorite local park, and later she bought me dinner at a great little Chinese place she knew. This was all before I took her back to my place.

Oh, and Dana?


“Dana” might be telling the truth. She might have made her excuse up so that she could get horizontal with some other sucker. I don’t care either way. When it happens to you, it will make no difference. Your time is valuable, and you should always have backup plans when the primary ghosts out. In this case, Marie was younger, hotter, tighter and (most importantly) more compliant than Dana.

What is also guaranteed is that it will be a matter of weeks before Marie pulls some shit like this herself. On that day, the next girl in line will take her place. Rinse and repeat.

Today, Dana didn’t send me a good morning text. I don’t miss her. You shouldn’t miss your Danas either.

Always be closing.

Author: Boxer

Sinister All-Male Dancer. Secret King of all Gamma Males. Member of Frankfurt School. Your Fave Contrarian!

10 thoughts on “Don’t Miss Dana!”

  1. These traits continue on into marriage Today’s woman finds it easy to go for the divorce rape if she’s not getting a steady diet of negs.

  2. You guys who are married have my deepest respect. I hope that most of you are married to women, and not wimminz; but, as history has amply proven, I am incapable of telling the difference before the shoe drops.

  3. I think this points out why the hook up lifestyle is basically pointless.

  4. I think this points out why the hook up lifestyle is basically pointless.

    I think that’s a fair riposte. As someone much wiser than I once said, we’re stuck in the collapsed mine shaft of feminism, and we’re forced to stay alive by drinking from a leaky sewage pipe. For those of us who can’t fully sublimate our desire to have sex into more high-minded channels, I recommend following the safest possible course in this pointless pursuit.

    If you were to write about your journey to chastity, I would publish it. You realize this, yes? The fact that I don’t write about such stuff doesn’t mean I don’t respect it. We write about what we know. I think yours is an undertheorized strategy for young men, and I’d be honored to host whatever ink you wanted to spill on the topic.


  5. I suppose I could try once I get a little more free time.

    The first hint I found out why it’s actually beneficial is because it doesn’t repress your sexuality like many think it does but actually brings out what your God given sexuality is all about. If you notice feminism wants to screw that all up and often uses sexual immorality so that everyone is confused about it. I was certainly having more trouble figuring it out what it means to be a man during those times.

    It is a lifestyle choice as well. It’s something a person has to willingly embrace. Besides I’d like to see what would happen if some wimminz does the ‘fake rape’ claim on a brother and the comeback is…’I’m living a chaste lifestyle.’

  6. I kinda agree with Earl. The hook up lifestyle is fun at first, especially if it happens spontaneously. But then you get used to it, and kinda expect it, then the joy is gone. Then all the women kinda seem the same (i.e. selfish and flaky), then the novelty is gone. Then you realize that you spend so much time, money and effort on these women, only to see them walk a few months later. Then you realize that you’re only enabling them to ride the carousel and beta bux you at the same time. Finally, marriage starts to look appealing, but that’s a mixed bag too.

    I would enjoy reading a post containing Earl’s experiences and viewpoints.

  7. I never really engaged in the hookup lifestyle…but dating was pretty much similar. She’d be interested for a few weeks or a couple months then pull one of those. I knew it was done.

    Even if you are actively trying to find a spouse it’s just a callous creating as trying to find the next wimminz. I really have a hard time finding the motivation to even bother looking anymore if this is what keeps happening.

  8. All good women are great in the here and now; but they could, via enough manipulation, end up on a Bourbon Street balcony, kissing a tattooed lesbian while a drunken frat guy hurls a set of Mardi Gras beads at her.

  9. Boxer. This is all well and good if a persons’ morality doesn’t interfere (premartial sex) and if even if that is not a case for many a man….

    *You have to have the looks
    *You have to have the skills and game
    *You have to have other socio-economic factors going for you

    Don’t have these? Well, you will have to be content being in that 60-80% of men today who have to leverage something else that is remotely interesting about yourself to maybe get that rare date….and usually its down from your standing.

    This aint no “pity reply”………there was a time when I would have straight up jealous of this. I’m happy for you. Glad for you but life isn’t just about nailing women. I wasted a ton of time upping game, following advice, reading and in some aspects….like when I first took LSD (back in 1991) it”set me free” so to speak. Got some insights. Some ephinany I suppose in some matters….but to live on and hope for a reality in a LSD dream…..well, it was a madhouse……

    Same in some ways for men in my situation. Great. Improve yourself. Good. Be a man. Get a plan. Do. Learn. Get well rounded………..but for a man like myself……………and countless men in my situation (Christian faith aside)…….no matter what we do, we’ll be chasing this dream.

    One is born with “it” otherwise they will be frustrating themselves to the point of some forms of oblivion. I like some of these posts of late….but understand……it’s not a math equation conmcerning the complex creature called “women”


  10. @ Wayne; if you’re spending significant amounts of money on her(which is any amount you really don’t feel like spending), you are doing it wrong. The key is to use her more than she uses you, anything less and you’re getting a raw deal. Time, money, and effort spent should be hers going toward you, not the other way around.

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