Burn Them at The Metaphor

The little green book says it was 02 March that I met Amanda. She seemed pleasant, as I chatted her up at one of my usual haunts, and we almost immediately went off to her place for some fun.

Ya boy Boxer has gotten slack of late, and he did almost no due diligence before running off with this wimminz. He also broke another rule, in that he let her take him to her place.

After the deed was done, Boxer started to grok the neurotic tendencies of this ho’. She has an insane attraction to all manner of drama and lunacy.

Amanda has a married female family member, and Amanda was actively engaged in destroying that marriage, through double-talk, rumors, and general witchcraft. She introduced me to her sister and brother-in-law, who, while I’m sure isn’t perfect, seemed to have absolutely nothing wrong with him.

As a historical note, I’m starting to see why the puritans burned witches at the stake. The witch is not someone who has literal sex with the nonexistent devil. That’s just a metaphor. The witch is a wimminz like Amanda, whose loyalty is to novelty and troublemaking, at the expense of high culture and civilization.

What’s a boy to do, when he is in such a situation? I do the slow ghost. I reply politely to every attempt at her communication, but never initiate. When pressed, I delay for a couple of hours, and then reply with an apology that work is hectic.


Every word I say (my text is in blue) is accurate. After I’d text her an apology and an explanation about how hectic work was (also true) she’d text back a one-word answer like “OK” or “Sure”.

Her general tone in this conversation will be confusing for the young brothers. She’s acting here like she’s some sort of goddess. She wasn’t. She was a troublemaking ho’ who was attractive, but by no means beautiful. On her best day, she might have been a 7.

Learn this well. If you follow a woman (like a dog) to her house, she will consider you a supplicant. In the end, it was just as well, because it allowed me to eject via this (cowardly but safe) method.


The careful reader will note that I demanded specifics, and she immediately shifted into “I’m gonna dump you” mode. This was entirely predictable, and when it happens to you, this is what you want.

The most humorous part of this looney charade comes at the end. Amanda was truly “old school” when she was down on all fours, with a stranger, in her cluttered bedroom, less than two hours after he met her. That’s really “old school,” no?

And if you think I’m the first person Amanda took home, my man J.T. will tell it to you straight…

Author: Boxer

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9 thoughts on “Burn Them at The Metaphor”

  1. She’s old school for who initiates dates, new school for hook ups.

    Either way you keep playing with fire, you’ll eventually get burned. She’s probably got a voodoo doll constructed now.

  2. Sheโ€™s old school for who initiates dates, new school for hook ups.

    I don’t think there’s a propositional difference between “date” and “hook-up” with women of her generation. I chatted her up originally, suggested bailing for someplace more private, and she said her place was closer, so I accepted. What I think she wanted was for me to grovel around, trying to get another couple of hours with her.

    Either way you keep playing with fire, youโ€™ll eventually get burned. Sheโ€™s probably got a voodoo doll constructed now.

    May the screams and whines of the feminists bring us mirth and laughter. May their curses strengthen our bodies and spirits!

  3. It’s an addiction I’d suggest getting out of if you can. Much like taking drugs…there’s going to be one time that’s the OD. Wimminz, especially of that variety, have the power of the state and if they dabble with the witchcraft/occult…can take a person down.

  4. I see that Boxer is an unrepentant fornicator.
    Interesting, and so many of the people from Dalrock’s blog hang around here.
    I pray Jehovah, burn it all to the ground as you did Sodom.

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