Comical Cuckold Complaints

These were submitted by anonymous sources. I found them humorous. It’s almost as though these people aren’t human any longer.


“I was raped by my wife’s boyfriend… My wife has broken up with him and will be visiting him one last time this weekend…”


Planned Parenthood whiners recently got thrown out of the halls of the U.S. Congress, after they tried to hold a disruptive sit-in. Paul Dillon appeared in the press shortly afterwards, to tell us that women will die if they don’t get taxpayer-funded abortions. He also told us that physiognomy is real.


Author: Boxer

Secret King of all Gamma Males, Member of Frankfurt School, Your Fave Contrarian!

3 thoughts on “Comical Cuckold Complaints”

  1. Example 5,892 of why cuckolding is death to a marriage.

    Any man who agrees to his wife fucking strange men while he watches – well, this is the kind of thing that happens.

    Paul Dillon…. ??

  2. ‘she loves me too much to leave me’

    Translation…he’s probably at least got a good paying job that she wouldn’t dump that to be with the unemployed thugs porking her.

    Bad things happen when both spouses have no self-respect.


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